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July 2014



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Jul. 25th, 2014

Threats and intimidation 2014

Bermuda is in a debt trap.
$2,305,000,000 [billion] in Debt between 2004 and 2013
from ten consecutive years of plp  financial incompetence & non-management.

BIU's Audited financials are non-existent!
Union bosses ought to be ashamed of themselves

BIU’s increase amounts to 16.5 percent while the executives enjoy their bloated salaries
and the workers languish in wage freezes

history repeats: plp/BIU inciting riots
Erat Brown will be the guest speaker at the BIU's Labour Day banquet

confused Mullato race hustlers.

Sen.Marc Daniels: waiting in the wings to depose Narc bean for plp leadership, so he can line his pockets as Erat & his crew did, for 14 yrs

CURB :approves of anti-white racism
patronizing divisive race baiters

This condescending and patronizing thinking will have blacks taking zero responsibility for their own reprehensible conduct.

prc problem was started by Paula Cox & plp

this is a plp political march,nothing to do with unions !
This isn't the peoples movement...its the PLP's movement.

Peggy Burns,a Mulatto career race hustler

Threats and intimidation mean a general strike at the height of  tourist season!  .
Yet again,the union executive is using their donkey retard sheeple for a political march
Premier Michael Dunkley and  OBA Government given an ultimatum on its position on PRC holders within seven days or face further public unrest.

UN-ELECTED Hamilton councilor  john Holdipp III holds a Xenophobic racist poster

plp leader,Narc bean’s wife is JAMIACAN!!!The Rev. Tweed is on a work permit!
Rev. Tweed is no more a man of God,than race hustlers Jackass Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton
Tweed is another plp “Mulatto elite” as is Sen.Marc Daniels,who is waiting in the wings to depose Narc bean for plp leadership, so he can line his pockets as Erat & his crew, raped looted & stole for 14 yrs,and  left Bda Inc. BANKRUPT owing BILLIONS!

“Christ” furbert’s threats echo Lois Brown Evans incitement to riot in 1977, 3 hours before the rioting started they stood on the steps of Parliament and said 'Don't blame us for what happens next'.
Chris Furbert After March On Cabinet, July 25 2014:“But I’ll say this to you. This is just phase one and I want you to pay attention because this is just phase one and because phase two can be completely different to this phase here. Take that to the bank. Stay tuned for part two.”

The economy is circling the drain,yet these plp anarchists are trying to stage a political coup. For that to work they need people to suffer more than they already did during the last 14 years of their incompetent plp administration. They care nothing for their country, they care nothing for their people - they just can't stand that they lost the last election
just announced today,Bermuda Sun  to close after 50 years ! Bermuda Press and MediaHouse to merge

Premier:The world is watching’ Exercise your freedom to protest

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