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Threats and intimidation 2014

Marc Bean needs to be supported ,he has show courage & principles by exposing the thievish antics of Zane DeSilva, Burgess and former UBP leader flip flop  Furbert,

BIU-PLP black anarchists try shut down OBA govt.
Karma is a bitch:So much for "functional unity” "Brown threatens Bean with legal action"

Look Carefully at Who is Doing the Shouting  BY KEVIN COMEAU

criminal Indictment of Bermuda’s Former Premier?Lawyer Kevin Comeau’s reasoned analysis and prediction

POLICE confirm they have received a formal complaint from House of Assembly Speaker Randolph Horton against Opposition Leader Marc is alleged,Speaker Horton's complaint accuses Opposition Leader Marc Bean.
of Blackmail !

first Narc bean,then zanebo,now burt,kick all the plp crybabies out

deliberate attempt to crucify Harold Darrell “Son of the Soil” ?
Could this be a deliberate attempt to crucify Harold Darrell ?, A.K.A. “Son of the Soil” ,

the author of BHC (The Bermuda Housing Corporation Scandal)
documents that exposed plp govt. &  Erat brown’s web of deceit & corruption?

What about David Burt’s shenanigans ?.Burt was  plp 2007 campaign manager & Ewart Brown’s hatchet man,
their Joseph Goebbels ,master of plp race pimping ,head of Plp’s gestapo,
the ministry of propaganda & disinformation, the mastermind behind the most racial bitter campaign in Bermuda’s 400 + year history.
-July 27 contractor Burt Construction Ltd is the latest company to go out of business.questions about pension,medical,tax & social security payments.

-Jamaicans, have filed complaints with the Department of Labour, the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Immigration against Burt’s Top Grade Contracting (BTG)
-David Burt used his plp positon to get secret non-tendered contracts & leases, similar to those awarded to John Jeffries ,Zane Desilva ,Jane & Dennis Correia,Walton Brown,Donal Smith & other plp friends & family

Morgan’s Point Development :How PLP Govt Destroyed Bda Tourism
lest we forget .. How PLP Govt Destroyed Bda Tourism..
ignore the sanctimonious BS being spewed ,from followers of  plp-biu "we had to deceive you"
 liars & thieves who destroyed & stole Bda inc. into bankruptcy

No promise of Morgan’s Point construction jobs.. since it is impossible to build unless cheap/skilled foreign labor does the hard work.

Do Not Run And Borrow Money Again:another great  Larry Burchall analysis
Scuttling back to the money markets in 2016 will rapidly create a disastrous long term national consequence.
One from which Bermuda, like Jamaica, will see no real recovery.

They STILL dont get it ! Bermuda’s sovereign credit rating in trouble
Last month Barbados was downgraded, and as such a local insurance company
that has been domiciled in that island for 170 years has to move
because the rating agencies rules state that a rated institution
cannot reside in a jurisdiction whose rating is less than the firm's.

this is too much thinking for plp-biu retards,
even with Larry Burchall’s sence of humor, they STILL dont get it
Win? Lose? Bermuda Races The Raters.
The kitty is empty: who doesn’t get it?

Govt Plans To Borrow Again This Year ..

Wake up plp/biu retards!

Premier: Expense Reductions Not Fully Reached
Very disgusted in the cowardly silence from black churches & silent majority
let’s see reaction to unions wanting $5 million deducted from financial assistance,
 meddling with schools ,Ag show etc.  Etc…

This is nothing about workers, it’s a power play by plp-biu zealots,
Alaska hall manipulation, and Erat browns crew of black beret anarchists

workers  were not polled ,just lectured to and prodded with sticks to stay in the Pasteur,
the workers, are not that stupid & passive ,especially parents of young children.

Premier Michael Dunkley tweets he’s ‘”deeply disappointed”that unions have jumped the gun on “agreement” that has yet to be ratified this was all about “Christ” furbert & Rev tweedy bird’s ego trip

appealing to the useful idiots to make themselves celebrities   .
trying to make themselves MLK  ,but this isn’t the movie Selma   …
they love scaring White folks,it’s their greatest thrill………..
neither speak for BPSU,who never polled their members

If you want another 1981, you can have it’"Christ" furbert wants to burn baby burn!
BIU calls for general strike in all but name !

if the plp/biu want chaos, sue their assets into bankruptcy.
“The Act makes it clear that once such Notice is gazetted all irregular industrial action should cease….”
OBA have the guts to face plp-biu ignorant thuggery :Government remains resolute on furloughs
Plp/biu racist anarchists distribute pamphlet to boycott Dunkley’s Dairy

an un elected thug leading a lynch mob of useful idiots has bullied an elected Govt. into bending over ?
that's how Hitler took over Germany

plp donkey retards stage scripted mass protests to sabotage OBA,and create chaosplp Lawyers stage shock Supreme Court walkout to stick it to DPP Rory Fieldtrade unions to shut down island Monday

plp crybaby  fake protest.…does mommy know ?

Corporation Of Hamilton Suspends Meetings
after Erat brown plp gang threatens Mayor ,demanding  he resign..But he refuses .

plp/biu intent on sabotaging the OBA, and the America’s Cup.

BIU President On Unemployment Statistics the anarchist racist buffoonery from the biu/plp will sink Bda Inc.below Jamaica’s ghetto.

ex NLP, UBP,newly elected plp MP,”Judas” jamal simmons pulls the race card again
Porky pig has never missed a meal in his life, he’s not suffering!

Plp Politics sabotage Americas Cup
porky pig grunts for his meal ticket

Oink! now ex NLP, UBP,newly elected  plp MP, “Judas”  jamal simmons claims AC jobs ‘hidden away

4 Arrests Made: Suspicion of Firearm Possession .
Good job Bermuda Police,and THANK you Governor for reappointing a PROFESSIONAL as DPP Director of Public Prosecutions.
The only moaners & complainers are an ex-convict lawyer who makes a living off thugs and plp independence gombey retards
The elected governments of UBP, plp and OBA cannot provide citizens with law & order, leave it to the UK to put an end to plp generated corruption and  violent thuggery

Sad state of social -Facebook to “new” media
3 has-beens & wannabes set up their own web sites
Ceola Wilson, Carla zuill, A-hole  ayo Johnson:
Nothing but plp propaganda BS posing as “new” media

Champagne Jennifer :the Diva goes to Harvard
“champagne Diva Jennifer”  goes to Harvard
Women’s rights my ass, lesbo rights is what she promotes,
all she did was travel & party,with her sidekick,”Handbag” Col.Burch.
She failed miserably she blew her chance as first plp premier.
“I don’t know what Bermuda will do with me,”..…….she has an ego as big as Erat, who led the mob to kick her out! LOL

What has she done since? Besides run up a weekly bill at Miles gourmet Deli,that would feed 20 families for months on her $120,000 /yr.pension

Barry O, the Hawaiian beach boy shows he’s a socialist stool
Obama’s made a deal with the devil

very bad news for the revival of Bermuda tourism & Caribbean islands.
Cuba opened up, will wipe out the whole region. Not only with its dirt cheap prices,
but mainly because of its widely available sex tourism. Cuba was known as the whorehouse of the Caribbean
and it gained a reputation as the capital of American vice after the start of Prohibition in 1920.

Narc bean & Lil Pimp zane desilva : Dumb n Dumber!

Corruption of lawyers & jury system finally exposed!

(Lawyer Worrell, is accused of conspiring to have witness give false evidence that led to acquittal of 2 murderers)

No surprise the jury acquitted drug dealer, thug & murderer Prince Edness, a few weeks ago.

But Karma caught up to him last night, when he was shot and killed.

This the rotten fruit of  14 yrs. of plp soft on crime policies, corruption, and preaching victimization & entitlement. Still maintained, by the lunatic fringe : Narc Bean, Z desilva, HATE radio talk shows ,Facebook , & weekly opinion columns by C Famous & his plp  propaganda  crew to spew their vomit.

Zane Desilva (who used to called himself "Head Nigger") creates drama, to distract from his thievery

Official: Bermuda To Host 2017 America’s Cup
The ink is not dry on the contract yet plp racist retards are crying & complaining already
that  Team Bermuda are all lilly white crackas !

Eron Hill, plp columnist & prospective candidate, posts photo comparing OBA to KKK

Bermudians Passed Over For plp
Derrick Burgess who was deputy Premier,
he had 14 yrs. of power to block this practice by the Fairmont Princess hotels,
his former EMPLOYER,but they did NOTHING!
 the plp opened the floodgates, permitting overseas workers to do menial jobs that just about any Bermudian can do

plp candidate Wayne Caines  is supposed be a youth mentor & inspirational speaker,
tryin to compete with sharpy, so what's he sayin kill de white cracka  cops?

Wayne Caines Speaks At Mike Brown Rally In US

Bleating Bullshit from plp Walton Brown on Immigration

Terry Lister former plp MP, NOW BACKS OBA!
Terry Lister endorses OBA in Sandys South bye-election
"Bermuda is in crisis. We need steady hands.We need people who have shown an ability to start righting the ship "

plp created a full blown depression in Bermuda

Gov gross debt stood at $2.185 billion
constant declines year after year after year. This is not a natural economic cycle,

which plp claim a recession is defined as, this is a depression.!

These 2 thieves became multi-millionaires from under the table contracts & ripping off taxpayers

another plp putagee crook
Correia Construction has been charged with failing to provide an employee with health insurance.
asn’t this firm stolen enough millions from taxpayers?

Auditor Criticizes plp Port Royal Cost Overruns
$24 million which was spent during the years 2007 to 2011
 a project the Auditor said was initially budgeted at $4.5 million in November 2006.

Narc bean,not only runs his mouth on the street he goes on plp propanga HATE radio today
trying to spread more hate & venum about Ms Daniels complaint to police & the by election next week
Narc bean is best thing the OBA have going for them politically, he wins the golden pig award

Flip Flop Judas Jamahl Simmons said worse & he's plp candidate & will soon be MP!!

In a profanity-filled tweet, Vinita Hegwood, who teaches English at Duncanville High School in a Dallas suburb, stated:“Who the [expletive] made you dumb duck a– crackers think I give a squat [expletive] about your opinions about my opinions RE: Ferguson?”
She then made a suggestion: “Kill yourselves.”

Narc bean’s reckless mouth meets the Chief Justice!

Ian Kawaley is a very wise scholar, whereas lawyer Eugene Johnston,
a paid plp race pimp & wannabe Perry Mason, is way out of his depth

legal action between Michael Dunkley and Opposition Leader Marc Bean over an online post
continues in the courts.The Premier launched legal actions against Mr Bean last year
after a series of posts by the Progressive Labour Party leader on the “Bermuda Election 2012” Facebook page
in September 2013, complaining that the content of the posts was defamatory.

Police investigating Narc bean, plp, leader’s foul mouthed attack on OBA Communications Chair Toni Daniels
Gutter GHETTO politics from porky pig aka.Flip Flop Judas Jamahl Simmons Polling Station
Narc bean was alleged to use the F word and called her a yella C***
 this is a replay of Narc bean's attack on OBA MP Nandi Outerbridge early this year
"Bean said many disgusting and disturbing things that, if heard, the people of Bermuda would see in a poor light."

even Comrade Starling says  ” A Failure of Leadership.…. There’s long been a misogynistic streak within the PLP, …the undermining of Jennifer Smith as Leader in 2003, or the undermining of Paula Cox as Leader……

the image of Mr Bean as being reckless and prone to vulgarity and misogynistic statements.

Porky pig gets his snout in the trough again  
he achieved his main goal; he got a pay check and pension!
You can’t fix stuck on stupid

Just who does Simmons remind you of?

Flip Flop Judas Jamahl Simmons
When he was campaigning with UBP KEEP HATE ALIVE! Plp pushes a HATE monger,Judas
who has sworn allegiance to 3 parties,
aka  plp’s porky pig wants his snout back in the trough

BIU/ plp staged buffoonery
scripted dog n pony show at sage town hall meeting
Communist tactics that Barry Obama, Saul Alinksy disciple & his Democrap party use

Disruptive and disrespectful
how do these ignorant BIU/plp retards expect to get
medical services,& a pension,when Bermuda dollar is devalued
  Jamaica $1 =$112 US

Bean loses Jetgate lawsuit !

5.30pm today [Sept 27] there was a shooting
Shots Fired At Car, Car Crashes entrance of the Fairmont SP
wait for the feedback from 100's of visitors &  travel agents
& kiss your standard of living goodbye
14 yrs, of plp thievery ,left Bda Inc.with billions $ of debt,bankrupt economy
50% youth unemployed ,criminals run wild after 14 yrs of plp soft on crime
brainwashing their retard followers in victimization & entitement black beret BS

PLP were never a Socialist Party. They are Limousine Liberals,
aligning with Black radicalism not labor or empowerment.
selling tickets $125, $250 that only the black  bourgeoisie elite can afford
Sh** will hit the fan by 2017
Bermuda owes $2,185,000,000.BILLIONS!
Bermuda has an annual interest cost alone of $111,852,500
or $306,445 a day.
after 14 yrs. of plp thievery &  non-management.
in 2010 Bermuda started losing part of its existing political independence
by surrendering its 300 year-old financial independence,
Bermuda now is entirely dependent on the calculations of foreign banks

Anarchy & sabotage at the plp backed CoH !

theft of new parking signs secretly instigated by Deputy Mayor Donal Smith and Alderman Carlton Simmons.
the same race pimping promoters of Black Mayors Conference
that swindled $150,000 from taxpayers & was declared bankrupt.

Black apartheid, again!
Artist Manuel Palacio's take on plp/Erat brown's,racism distraction, .

OBA Respond To Dr. Ewart Brown’s Labor day  Speech
Reading into the reckless stupidity of Brown’s speech. He admits he is still being investigated by the Police
over 3 years after [the Bolden testimony implicating Dr. Brown]
Hence police  investigation is still ongoing.
His only chance of stopping the criminal investigation against him
is to immediately take back the Government so that
he and the new PLP Government can end the investigation.

RACIAL ATTACK by Desai Jones  WHY isn't he charged with a HATE crime?!
Jones assaulted Filipino guest worker;a brutal and unprovoked beating,
suffered a broken and dislocated jaw ,the attack has left him scared to go out on his own.

Joey Prevendido the President of the Filipino Association of Bermuda
was attacked on a Hamilton street on the evening of May 13
THIS IS WHAT PLP/BIU CREATED with their xenophobic racist vitriol
Where are CURB, & their white apologists & the black churches?

"We Must Unite " this from the US carpetbagger,with the long knife,
who led the mob to overthrow Jennifer Smith & Alex Scott
The corruption under Premier Ewart Brown and its ongoing legacy.
Puppet master returns to the stage: Minister of THIEVERY & Hate Erat-Farakhan-Brown
Erat stirs up anarchy at plp/ BIU Labour Day that he can get back in govt ,to STEAL EVEN MORE!
Erat pulls the strings behind “Narc” Bean & “Christ “Furbert’s rantings
“We must return the Government to the PLP. I’m calling for an organised effort to take back the Government,
right now, right here.We can’t afford to wait three more years for an election”

What a difference an election makes!

Superman to the rescue :Jeff Baron OBA National security Minister and former Policeman, & UN peacekeeper

Plp National security Minister Col.-Handbag- burch

FOLLOW the MONEY! a politician without a paycheck,is like a prostitute without a d**k
After years of race pimping rhetoric like a broken record,Former UBP Leader
Kim Swan Joins The PLP  as Flip Flip #2  
I joined the PLP and all I got was this lousy GANJA green T-shirt

Bermuda is in a debt trap.
$2,305,000,000 [billion] in Debt between 2004 and 2013
from ten consecutive years of plp  financial incompetence & non-management.

BIU's Audited financials are non-existent!
Union bosses ought to be ashamed of themselves

BIU’s increase amounts to 16.5 percent while the executives enjoy their bloated salaries
and the workers languish in wage freezes

history repeats: plp/BIU inciting riots
Erat Brown will be the guest speaker at the BIU's Labour Day banquet

confused Mullato race hustlers.

Sen.Marc Daniels: waiting in the wings to depose Narc bean for plp leadership, so he can line his pockets as Erat & his crew did, for 14 yrs

CURB :approves of anti-white racism
patronizing divisive race baiters

This condescending and patronizing thinking will have blacks taking zero responsibility for their own reprehensible conduct.

prc problem was started by Paula Cox & plp

this is a plp political march,nothing to do with unions !
This isn't the peoples movement...its the PLP's movement.

Peggy Burns,a Mulatto career race hustler

Threats and intimidation mean a general strike at the height of  tourist season!  .
Yet again,the union executive is using their donkey retard sheeple for a political march
Premier Michael Dunkley and  OBA Government given an ultimatum on its position on PRC holders within seven days or face further public unrest.

UN-ELECTED Hamilton councilor  john Holdipp III holds a Xenophobic racist poster

plp leader,Narc bean’s wife is JAMIACAN!!!The Rev. Tweed is on a work permit!
Rev. Tweed is no more a man of God,than race hustlers Jackass Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton
Tweed is another plp “Mulatto elite” as is Sen.Marc Daniels,who is waiting in the wings to depose Narc bean for plp leadership, so he can line his pockets as Erat & his crew, raped looted & stole for 14 yrs,and  left Bda Inc. BANKRUPT owing BILLIONS!

“Christ” furbert’s threats echo Lois Brown Evans incitement to riot in 1977, 3 hours before the rioting started they stood on the steps of Parliament and said 'Don't blame us for what happens next'.
Chris Furbert After March On Cabinet, July 25 2014:“But I’ll say this to you. This is just phase one and I want you to pay attention because this is just phase one and because phase two can be completely different to this phase here. Take that to the bank. Stay tuned for part two.”

The economy is circling the drain,yet these plp anarchists are trying to stage a political coup. For that to work they need people to suffer more than they already did during the last 14 years of their incompetent plp administration. They care nothing for their country, they care nothing for their people - they just can't stand that they lost the last election
just announced today,Bermuda Sun  to close after 50 years ! Bermuda Press and MediaHouse to merge

Premier:The world is watching’ Exercise your freedom to protest
citizen journalist

Bermuda's Resurrection from 15 years of plp thievery & corruption

Fat boy Judas Jam heel, needs to chill, what time does Lickin Chickin open?.......fatso's a  wannabe Sharpton,he needs a grease refill PLP spokesman Jamahl Simmons resigns over offensive tweets :shooting people in the back of the head and burning down Bermuda !

ONLY IN Bermuda:a former expat Canadian ,KEVIN COMEAU now living in California,has the guts to expose 14 yrs of plp corruption. he also managed the Bermuda: Corruption In Paradise blog
understand what caused the Island’s economic collapse

Our Budget time bomb is ticking!
This is right out of the Ewart Brown/ LoisBrownEvans plp/BIU  playbook, lies repeated in Parliament, cannot be sued for defamation Let's see Bean repeat it out of the protection of Parliamentary privilege! Let's go to the tape:any bets the phone call was recorded ?Premier Craig Cannonier would never reveal this,even if it were true ,to the Opposition leader Marc Bean
Premier told me of casino bribe offer — Bean
Premier Craig Cannonier revealed  his business interests were “in severe financial difficulty” and that, once the payment was made, he “would be free from these rich, white UBP boys”, according to Mr Bean.

WHY NO ACTION ON ERAT' FIRING STAFF?Staff who were sacked from Ewart Brown's clinic claim officials are dragging their feet over a probe into alleged intimidation at their former workplace.

Dr Brown: Medical equipment restrictions ‘aimed at my practice’Former Premier Ewart Brown has “no doubt” that moves by Government to restrict the importation of “new, high-cost health technology” are aimed at curtailing his medical business.
Bingo ! Why don’t you start the Erat Brown Bank from the millions you stole from Bda Inc.? And what’s the result of the BIU dispute with the 2 employees you fired?

CoH ,Donal Smith & his Race pimping aceboys got SUCKERED by  Vanessa Williams, Black Mayors scam artist! owes millions to creditors

John Jefferis keeps buying awards from his caribbean slaves ,he  has enough millions looted from Bda taxpayer's ,from plp-Erat brown's thievery, to retire in luxury, as we sink into 3d world misery ,burdened with BILLIONS of plp debt

Sandys 360,yet another monument to plp incompetence .

National Debt currently sits at $2,324 million [$2.324 billion]. When the final $50 million is taken up, Debt will rise to $2,374 million [$2.374 billion]. Given an average rate of interest of 5.2%, the annual interest cost alone will be around $124m.

‘stark reality’ of up to 3$billion pension shortfall

Sick pay costs $10 MILLION OF BORROWED MONEY / year:
 its a BIU-plp "social engineering" they stacked the civil service with all their supporters,  the same mob who lived  parasitically off hotels/tourism,now have jobs 4 life, nothing managed,no accountability,a free for all, why Bda Inc. is in social/economic death spiral into a Jamaican ghetto .

"Marine and Ports workers complained last week after being asked to bring a private vessel onto a Government slip " It's a shame when their regular goofing off time is interrupted to do a little work.looks like in addition to their 6 weeks vacation and 14 weeks sick leave, the M&P workers want to whine during "working" hours.
The marine Slipway is owned and maintained by the Bermuda TAX PAYER and not the Blood Sucking Government Workers whom produce "NOTHING"
And Government is still borrowing $300 MILLION DOLLARS/ pay the Politicians and Civil Service at a payroll of $750 Million /yr.

RIOTS THREAT FROM  BIU-plp, George Scott,another BIU ex-hotel doorman,turned politician,like Derrick Burgess. BIU-plp threats & intimidation to start riots , as the city court jesters try to justify their shakedown of taxpayers City Councillor labelled Minister ‘a dictator
Brock: CoH lawsuit threatens existence of Ombudsman “This is really unprecedented — this is a major, major case that determines whether the Ombudsman survives in this country.”

Your tax dollars - gone up in smoke.wastefulness, poor leadership and inefficiency of the public sector

SAGE report: A public sector out of control:Bloated departments and staff benefits, a lumbering and inefficient bureaucracy, a shocking lack of accountability

‘Bermuda is a hard sell’ — Morgan’s point co-owner.
Overpaid pigs at the trough..
Coming to Bda : Detroit's Bankruptcy
Bda Inc. already has the same per person debt as Detroit
a result of failed leadership, corruption and over-bloated spending and concessions in the past..The Truth About Detroit's BankruptcyMore whining & moaning from the SAME DONKEY RETARDS that have not submitted Audited Accounts for years!Why are BIU union's financials not reported in a timely and legal manner? AFTER TAXPYERS BAILED THEM OUT OF $9 MILLION DEBT after Cedargate failure?

PLP "Somfin fo nuffin " politricks :More moaning & crybaby antics from the same plp donkey retards  who put unborn taxpayers in the chains of debt slavery ,this is all  about "Somfin fo nuffin "  for the most pampered, lazy parasites in Bda Inc.'s 400 yr history. Overpaid, overfed pigs at the trough

plp crybabies :SAGE a ‘declaration of war’ :stirring up riots,and class hatred after looting Bda Inc.into Bankruptcy

MORE E-RAT BROWN corruption exposed :We are still denied the full facts of this matter and an honest disclosure of who was making the money and why. The fact that it is alleged that senior hospital management are and were involved is why!   HPL awarded themselves a percentage of the amount that they billed for physician services, despite being salaried hospital employees.Healthcare Partners Limited A medical services subsidiary of the Bermuda Hospitals Board was dogged by “serious concerns” since it was created, Health Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin told MPs.
Clinic was farcical battle - SAGE war is next:" with numbers in the way that Bermuda’s National Debt figures are currently being played with is a strong reminder - a too strong reminder - of the kind of subterfuge, shenanigans, and chicanery of the final months of the previous administration.  "
Thieves carry on with impunity :
Minus brains Minors, ex MP Patrice Minors, now a regulatory official with BMA, one of the most incompetent MPS' next to Cog, in the plp's rein of last 14 yrs., still has a big paycheck in her new job at BMAEx-Minister quizzed in court over paid testimony and potential conflict with regulator role
Murderer & thief ,Justis Smith, still free to create havoc Justis Smith, who murdered, tortured & mutilated Becky Middleton, but got off to commit more crimes !
still a busy criminal..Justis Smith fined $1,000 for heroin possession..
:Father of murdered teenager Rebecca Middleton feels let down by legal system.
Yet another Black Bermuda jury lets Black  thugs walk free!Three men accused of a home invasion using an imitation firearm walked free this evening, after being found not guilty on all counts.Following a lengthy trial and hours of deliberations, Jerome Mader, 25, Justis Smith, 34, and Tyun Smith-Ming, 25, were all cleared of aggravated burglary and use of a fake gun at a North Shore, Pembroke residence on July 24.

Corporation of Hamilton corruption:Their racist & opportunist lawyer,Eugene Johnston ,is set to make a LOT of (taxpayer) money on endless litigation.
Ombudsman issues scathing report on CoH. report also revealed that City of Hamilton ratepayers forked out $2,319 for two suits, shirts and ties purchased by Mayor Outerbridge and  a retroactive tab for cell phone roaming charges incurred by councillors.
city run by just Mayor, deputy mayor and a councillor.[Mayor Graeme Outerbridge, Deputy Mayor Donal Smith and councillor Keith Davis]
Ombudsman says plp hand picked COH " rampant maladminstration"
262-year Waterfront lease deal should be scrapped because the process was littered with irregularities.
CoH SHAKEDOWN $7000/mth , extortion plot blocked by OBA injunctionThis is what plp thuggery in Gov. looks like ,taxpayers are the victims of these racist  thieves

Your dollar is worth less than you think This mess that’s been growing ever since the Seventh Minister for Finance took over in 2003. Now, in 2013, it’s a monster mess,today’s Bermuda Government dollar is an 86c dollar. Not a 100c dollar.
The ex-thief in charge, E-rat Brown, should give back the millions he, and his friends & family stole, along wif de turkeys!
This is what China does to the Muslim Uighurs that E-rat Brown illegally brought here, harming relations forever, meanwhile CHINA INVESTS BILLIONS IN THE BAHAMAS & CARIBBEAN!! Police shot 14 dead  in A Uighur Muslim town

PLP’s  leader Marc Bean to open a betting business!! His silent partner is Ewart F. Brown?
 Great plp role model,shows plp family values by exploiting his own followers, de sheeple will waste what money they have left on gambling to enrich Bean & his investors

A tale of cash-sucking vampires ! 2013/14, Public Debt stands at 272% of Revenue. Out of every $100 of tax revenue, the first thing that Government does – and that Government is forced to do – is to send $13.92 out of Bermuda as an Interest payment on its $2,374,000,000 Public Debt. Government then spends the remaining $86.08 in Bermuda on Personnel Costs and Operations and Services.Today’s Government dollar is a devalued dollar.

Frustration and anxiety mar seasonal distribution event: Desperation and anxiety, some senior citizens being pushed out of the way as the doors opened “people are angry, it’s a totally different scene from last year. We saw desperation, “It’s the worst I’ve ever seen and I’ve been here more than 23 years.”. More than 1,400 families signed up for the annual programme..Result of 14 yrs. of plp waste, corruption & stealing !!

As you try to follow the twisted logic of Rolfe Commissiong ,the ex-convict bank robber, ponder the $millions  this Trinidadian carpetbagger & thief  made from taxpayer’s under Erat Brown as “race adviser”

little grinning turd, ex doorman Derrick Burgess still hasn't figured it out: YOU LOST DE ELECTION !

Bermuda's Iron Lady: former MP Louise Jackson, dies at 83

China is  investing $ billions in the Caribbean,building hotels & casinos,but China has not invested a dime in Bda.but Erat has no regrets! Thanks to brown's arrogance and the  unconstitutional & illegal importation of the Uyghurs, and despite Flip Flop's promises & trips to China ,Uyghurs presence here not only angering the Chinese,but also stole jobs from Bermudians
Government must fork over $149m – over $12m a month - in order to  feed the $149m Elephant. wait till interest rates rise.the noose will tighten around taxpayer's necks This Elephant will not go away.Just a matter of time.
Fed up with the BullShit

15 yrs. of plp corruption

What’s needed is for UK to send Scotland Yard to uncover 15 yrs. of  plp entrenched corruption , that has ruined Bda Inc. &  many lives:who was in charge of running the Island’s hospitals was a question asked by former Shadow Health Minister Louise Jackson back in 2008.Mrs Jackson raised the issue after leaked documents showed that an informal ‘Saturday group’, whose members included then-Premier Ewart Brown, then-Health Minister Michael Scott and BHB CEO David Hill, was meeting to discuss hospital business. Mrs Jackson said that the meetings amounted to political interference, an allegation that Mr Hill denied.In the past seven years there have been five chairmen of the Bermuda Hospitals Board and six Health Ministers.Former BHB CEO David Hill is  yet another foreigner who leaves Bda a millionaire, set for life with massive pension & perks, as are the former & STILL current BHB executives :Jonathan Brewin &  CEO Venetta Symonds

The hospital’s bill for medical salaries has shot up by more than 75 percent in the last seven years, from $33.1 million in 2005/6 to $58.5 million in 2010/11.

Grand Atlantic site has devolved into a “residential ghetto “Instead of a ‘five star’ hotel and spa with ‘luxury’ tourist residences, we got the ‘no star’ unattractive scar ...‘A luxury hotel we wanted, a ghetto we got’

Over 2,000 Bermudians are registered at the Department of Workforce Development (DWD),Who cares what lisping fool Roban says, or "Bud" as he calls himself on forums, his gang of thievish plp fumbling buffoons had 14 yrs. to create jobs,best they came up with was "Handbag Burch's "Hustle truck" & a  lame “potwashing” scheme last yr. Ask the hotels & restaurants how that worked out,none their prospects lasted a week!

We either brake now or smash later:by Larry Burchall,Debt Service Costs & Government’s Personnel Costs are way too high ,we either work together and together climb out of the Debt Trap and Tax Haven Morass or we suffocate

The ONLY  thing plp can successfully organize: tributes to THEMSELVES! “Champaign Premier' Dame Jennifer tribute, whose weekly bill at gourmet shops would fill a stadium full of families .The only thing she & Cog were famous for is extensive travel, they acted like  they were royalty, strutting around the globe like bantam roosters in fancy hats , with her sidekick ,Handbag Burch,  ….( Ms Cox came to the tribute fresh from a speaking engagement in South Africa) where was  Ewart Brown? Who infamously stabbed Dame Jennifer in the back, before sticking it to Alex Scott
Anger as expat is handed top golf role : Why is Flip Flop & the PLP moaning? they brought Andrew Brooks here in the first place... same as Uighurs, .under cloak and dagger. OBA has to kick start & get results NOW; PGA is coming in a few months, while  the economy is deader than a graveyard from the waste, corruption & BILLIONS in plp debt  that’s strangling Bda Inc.

Bravo Ms Gordon Pamplin!  Health Minister takes predecessor to task for ‘defending the indefensible’:…. “a culture of fear” developed during Donald Thomas’s controversial five-year reign as the hospital’s chief…. fully qualified staff had been “blackballed” because of personal dislikes and “asinine, outrageous” allegations and that “we have seen an institution in which there was a culture of fear that had developed”…

Our debt: six scary facts: FACTS. No spin. No lies. from former plp campaign manager Larry-Burchall

Detroit  bankruptcy filing! Bda Inc. is next.not the last black controlled govt that stole,looted & raped taxpayer's into bankruptcy
The once mighty city of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy with public debts of around $18 billion.  With Detroit’s current population of 700,000 that works out to around $25,000 in debt per resident.Tiny Bermuda will soon have public debts of $2.3 billion.  With our population of 60,000 that works out to around $38,000 in debt per resident.

Correia earns recognition from Continental Who’s Who:Construction veteran Jane Correia has been recognised by Continental Who's Who as a Pinnacle Professional in her field. It's a vanity award,Jane Correia paid $750 to be listed.  After stealing millions, despite shoddy work on Heritage wharf,Erat's pal ,Correia has ripped off  Bda taxpayer's ,and used these millions to expand his empire all over the Caribbean.One of Correia Construction's pinnacle jobs was to be awarded a contract to design, build and tender the cruise ship dock at Roatan, Honduras

Mom denies threatening teachers :I’m going to find you and get you. I’m going to get you. Watch your back. I’m going to look for you when you’re outside and get you. Better watch your back.”
this kind of dysfunctional parenting  produces these criminal gangs :Gangs having a machete  brawl in front of kids flying kites at Rangers :

Pay cuts: big sharks snacking on small fry,by Larry Burchall,Personnel Costs must come down by at least fifteen percent.

African Diaspora Heritage Trail loses charitable status,exposed as a scam & a fraud !! in the past 5 years, the plp Government has wasted $200M on failed tourism schemes, this one alone wasted at least $1.6 million in grants from the Department of Tourism since it became a charity in 2007.Civil servant LeYoni Junos was unlawfully sacked from a $89,000-a-year job as administrator of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT) Foundation,due to political interference by Premier Ewart Brown,for exposing his close ties to US company Henderson Associates Inc.that was publishing "false and fraudulent information" about the foundation. Firing of civil servant is ruled unlawful..

arrest rumour Government MP Nandi Davis. Plp rats are trying destroy her because she’s black ,young & beautiful & represents the future of Bda Inc. She probably damaged some females car from being slandered & provoked. She has been trashed on FB ,talk shows by the despicable plp donkey retards desperate to force a Bi-Election, thinking they can win an extra seat.  Just a few weeks ago,plp gestapo thugs scratched slurs on her car!  they spray painted her election posters last December,now insults scrawled on her car over her Facebook account being hacked

interim report from the SAGE Commission is out:the total unfunded liability for the three pension funds run by Government is close to $3 billion...if you are in your 30s, you probably won’t get a pension 

Shadow plp Finance Minister David Burt is at the centre of a probe into the illegal sale of bootleg bottles of rum swizzle on the internet.The Department of Public Prosecutions is aware of the operation and it is also understood officials from Consumer Affairs are now investigating possible breaches of licencing, trademark and health and safety regulations.A Gosling’s representative said the company was treating the matter seriously.

Burt has a long history of corruption & controversy :
-David Burt, plp 2007 campaign manager & Ewart Brown's hatchet man, A.K.A .Joseph Goebbels ,master of plp race pimping ,head of Plp's gestapo, the ministry of propaganda & disinformation, the mastermind behind the most racial bitter campaign in Bermuda’s 400 + year history.-
-July 27 contractor Burt Construction Ltd is the latest company to go out of business.questions about pension,mediacl,tax & social security payments.
-Jamaicans, have filed complaints with the Department of Labour, the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Immigration against Burt’s Top Grade Contracting (BTG)
-David Burt used his plp positon to get secret non-tendered  contracts &  leases, similar to those  awarded to John Jeffries ,Zane Desilva ,Jane & Dennis Coreia,Walton Brown,Donal Smith & other plp friends & family

More plp corruption comes out: Safety sacrificed for speed at court worksite.  Wonder who got a cut of the $200K kickback that was doled out for the court project?  The liable case in a Canada Court will expose Works & Engineering Minister Derrick Burgess & Ewart Brown's role
The RAT Returns! Dr Ewart Brown booted off website,He’d had spirited exchange with lawyer Kevin Comeau on issues such as corruption:Comeau's blog, Concerned Bermudians

'Brace yourself for 2,400 job cuts this year':Statistician says the five-year slump will continue into 2014...The Bermuda economy could shed as many as 2,400 jobs in 2013, or 6.8% of the workforce, if current job trends continue. This would follow on the heels of nearly 2,000 jobs lost in 2012, 5.2% of the workforce.  The economy shed nearly 5,000 jobs from its peak of just over 40,000 in 2008, to 2012. The current forecasted job losses, if they actually pan out, would indicate that the 5-year recession has not yet run its course and will continue into 2014.15 years of plp corruption, thievery, world travel, award ceremonies and parties have dug a deep sink hole.”. interest on the PLP created debt costs us over $250,000 per day ...debt service for fiscal 2012/13, at $974.7 million." almost twice as much as Payroll Taxes.339.2 million and Customs Duty, accounting for $171.2 million.”"
Bermuda is in a ‘debt hell-hole’ as  bad as Detroit! Detroit has a population of about 800,000, about 13 times as much as Bermuda — and with roughly the same debt level
Good job OBA,get rid of more deadwood civil servants collecting big paychecks while loafing on the taxpayer's expense!Government’s top accountant ,Accountant General Joyce Hayward ,has been fired, almost nine months after being placed on administrative leave.Auditor General accused the department of failing to submit financial reports on time. And earlier this year it was revealed that it had collected just ten percent of the total debt referred to it by Government departments in 2010/11.
Canadian judge dismisses Brown, Burgess lawsuit against civil servant. Now  Ewart Brown and Derrick Burgess need to payback to the  Bda Govt. for $100,000s in legal fees! there should be a full investigation into the corruption, cover up & overruns of the whole project with all names exposed
Ministery of Tourism to be abolished : Transition to Tourism Authority
Good Riddance!
Let the deadwood parasites learn what “working for a living” means! Next get rid of  Works & eng, and Dept of Edu & PRIVATIZE!!! Hopefully that includes the Head of DOT ,Barbadian buffoon Billy griffin, send him back where he came from !
Labour Day hijacked by plp propagandist BS by Prejudiced Lying Pilfering Party!

Ayo Johnson,former Erat brown/plp PAID  propaganda writer,now back at royal gazette spews plp buffoonery.
police complaint against BIU:union has not submitted its annual returns since 1997.Two years ago Mr Russell, a long-time BIU critic, demanded to know how the union’s cash assets had plummeted from $1.5 million to just $75,000 in five years and  what happened to $3.18 million which he said was unaccounted for at the union’s wholly owned subsidiary Union Asset Holdings in 2007-08
criminal thugs run wild: Michael David Carroll's video tells it like it is:Creepy A** Negro's
Thugs sent cafe owner to KEMH; restaurant owner was battered by two helmet-wielding thugs after he refused to serve a customer after hours following Harbour Nights
Bermuda’s youngest murderer imprisoned :only 15-years-old when he murdered another teenager ,photo shows he's got a smile on his face,as led from court,because he's goin to the Westgate Spa & resort for gangsta training,not a real prison for punishment, and he knows he'll be free in 5 years!

while most Bermudians are living below the poverty line,unemployed,under-employed,dependent on charities,churches,hand outs for basic necessities :Cabinet Secty :Donald Scott  $204,774.82..drives a Mercedes !!Civil servant lifts lid on Government waste..

Secretary To The Cabinet Scott Donald $204,774.82(drives a Mercedes !!
Assistant Cabinet Secretary Tyrrell Rosemary $179,572.88
Assistant Cabinet Secretary Hall-Bean Judith $187,606.18
Permanent Secretary Francis William $179,572.88
Assistant Cabinet Secretary Azhar Majiedah $179,572.88
Assistant Cabinet Secretary O'brien Florence $179,572.88
Financial Secretary Manders Anthony $204,774.82
Permanent Secretary Jones Warren $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Monkman Kevin D $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Rochester Randolph $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Richardson Francis $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Binns Dr Derrick $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Carey Wayne $179,572.88
Secretary National Security Telemaque Marc $204,774.82
Permanent Secretary Whitter Cherie-Lynn $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Webber Ross $179,572.88
Civil servant in hot water over SAGE entry:They’re going to crucify this young man, Magnus Henagulph, because he’s WHITE! He never mentioned his boss, Beverly Lottimore, who STOLE a flat screen TV, and only returned it to the office after the Auditor exposed it, why wasn’t she charged with theft and FIRED? Instead she sits in a luxurious Wash DC office for Bda govt. polishing here nails.As for Sen. Burt, the “Goebbels” Minister of  plp propaganda & disinformation, his corruption has been well documented. Apr 11-2012 ZBM revealed Govt. Dept Communications,ie; Erat browns propaganda machine,Dept head, Beverly Lottimore ,stole a $12,000 TV, then paid govt back ,when the auditor found it missing & exposed it!  Govt. rules were not followed,big payouts over $50,000  could not be accounted for !
Ex-Thief in charge , Ewart Brown ,is trying shut down free speech again,to cover up & intimidate the many critics  
Erat and Dunkley 2013  Politics makes strange bedfellows:People who would normally dislike and avoid one another, will work together if they think it is politically useful. :Ewart Brown Making more millions off suffering taxpayers & Bda Inc. Bermuda HealthCare Services open house Sept 8 to unveil their new MRI system
Stagflation: incomes fall as prices rise. GDP growth actually fell by 4.9% in real terms as Consumer Price Index (CPI), increased 2.4 percent.The GDP per capita income  at $84,381 per person, means nothing to the vast majority of Bermudians,who are below the poverty line,unemployed, under-employed, dependent on charities, churches, hand outs for basic necessities,many struggle to afford basics:food,rent,medicines,insurance ,thanks to the plp leaving the economy in ruins
It’ll hurt, but we must cut deeper:Dwindling Government revenue and spiralling costs raise the spectre of financial ruin.."the basket of goods and services that cost $100 in April 2006 now cost $122".In 2013/14, Government has $113m LESS spending money than it had seven years ago in 2006/07 Government is trying to achieve something that is mathematically impossible.Without consistent massive and rapid increases in overall tax revenue,. Therefore, more and deeper cuts are inevitable.
BEST Comments on Tucker’s Point receivership
Tucker’s Point Resort Goes Into Receivership owing in excess $150 million!The 88-room hotel, beach, golf and fractional residence club, managed by Rosewood, employs around 238 people.The loan outstanding is more than $100 million to HSBC the principal lender and $50 million is owed to Argus and BF & M .In 2011, Tucker’s Point fought a heated public battle for a special development order (SDO) to expand and build dozens more luxury multi-million-dollar homes on the property that it said would be sold to help repay an $85 million loan with HSBC Bermuda.
This is what we waited two years for! 5,500 Bermuda resident policy holders of failed British American Insurance get peanuts
Bermuda is heading for bankruptcy, Bermuda’s deficit at a yearly rate of 20 percent cannot continue, economy shrank by 4.9 percent and was heading for a fifth consecutive year of no growth.. only four countries had slower growth than us, and this puts us in the same class as South Sudan and Greece. in ten years the debt is going to be about $5 billion.
We could go bust in 2016:Ex-Accountant General latest high profile figure to issue stark warning about our economy
How we got into such an awful mess-Bermuda’s once-thriving economy stopped advancing in 2008. by Larry Burchall
Despot & dictator :  ZBM says Bermuda Healthcare Services : Erat Brown’s office staff are being beaten down & blocked from joining the BIU, with lawyer’s threats, hostile treatment,  even causing staff sickness from the stress!

Second worker at Dr Ewart Brown’s medical practice has been fired amid efforts by staff to become unionized!
Ex-THIEF–in charge, Ewart Brown,premier of  plp the  “labor govt: standing strong for workers”  , the carpetbagger from California, who stabbed two elected plp premier’s in the back to get his dirty hands on the taxpayer’s bankroll, knifes his own workers in the back, who pushed for unionisation ,his deceit & thievery is endless
S&P lowers ratings  HSBC Bermuda and Butterfield Bank with negative outlooks,thinks there could be “significant losses within the hospitality and construction loan portfolio over the next few years.
Truth behind Bermuda’s population fall by Larry Burchall

view SAGE Commission meeting videos on youtube, for a dose of reality! Bda Inc. is Bankrupt! Unless radical cuts are made in the civil service, entitlements & pensions, it end up like Greece, or like the rest of the Caribbean, dependent on IMF for loans!
Bermuda cannot possibly spend much  more of its Revenue on Debt Service — and remain a stable society.Debt costs could destabilize Bermuda!
Erat Brown's pal Kwame Kilpatrick  who Brown invited here in 2007,at Bermuda Taxpayers Expense,former Detroit Mayor ,Sentenced to 28 Years for racketeering, bribery, extortion and tax crimes.

Taxpayers to pick up tab of underfunded pensions:Imminent retirement of senior civil servant provides a perfect teaching moment..senior civil servant will receive $104,435 a year/$8,703 a month — for life! that's why he drives a Mercedes!!
Now the slimy thief can pay back the millions he stole from Bermuda taxpayers!
English carpetbagger John Jefferis, ," hotelier wins 10th straight World Travel Award"
We’ve wandered into Wonderland !
Erat Brown & his plp henchmen were milking the health system for millions!Plastic surgeon Christopher Johnson, in a $1.2 million civil lawsuit filed against BHB claims of ‘unethical tactics’ in lawsuit against BHB
Bermuda can’t afford to continue on this path:a monthly pension liability ($8,703) that Bermuda taxpayers’ face, just for one single  civil service employee’s retirement
SAGE Commission Submits Final Report..

Uighurs in Limbo Mark Steyn nails Ewart Brown and Obama
Obama did a backroom deal with Bermuda’s then premier, a devious cove named Ewart Brown.What Obama has done is roughly analagous to, say, Hugo Chávez negotiating directly with St. Thomas or Vermont to take a bunch of unwanted troublemakers

trick or treat :Pay us or you’re fired: administrator left “reeling” from the incident
Imitating Barry Obama & the Chicago way, the Erat’browns plp thuggery persists
In breach of municipality regulations, Hamilton Corporation officials spent ratepayer funds on tickets to attend last week’s Progressive Labour Party banquet

Dunkley sues PLP’s Bean over Facebook remarks plp thuggery is the Democrap Chicago way,Mau Mau ,shake down victims by lies & intimidation
Michael Dunkley issues writ against liar plp's leader marc bean, after bean expounds on video link ,the plp propagandist ,CT Famous ,posted on FB ,of fired ex cop larry smith ,defaming Dunkley after two of his employees were convicted of importing drugs... Mr Bean had turned down a request to withdraw the comments.

Our private sector must grow, to expand tax base:only 3 private sector workers left to carry each Government person
Throne speech highlights
OBA are doing their best to stimulate the economy, but the wild card ,is always the behavior of the donkey retard plp-BIU antics, from wildcat  strikes, racist,and  Xenophic vitriol that scares away investment & stability

Fed up with the BullShit

The chickens of the former PLP Government coming home to roost!.

Fitch downgrades Bermuda; outlook to negative!
a terrible legacy:By Brian Duperreault SAGE Commission:This year, the Bermuda Post Office is estimated to lose $8.9 million; Marine and Ports, which operates the ferry service, will lose $12.4 million; and Public Transportation, which operates the bus service, will lose $12.9 million.  As of March 31, 2012, Government was owed $204 million in taxes and fees...
Bermuda’s financials :For thirty-eight months, between October 2010 and December 2012,the PLP government spent vast amounts of time and energy creating financial untruths

Bda Inc. is BANKRUPT!
We're a banana republic with no bananas !
The chickens of the former PLP Government coming home to roost!.

Government last night rushed through legislation allowing it to borrow an additional $1 billion
saying it needed to act quickly before it ran out of funds!
That would have left us with a shortfall of around $70 million,
which meant that we would have been unable to pay essential government
costs such as payroll at the end of the month.”"
Slump fuels loans crisis : one in ten loans,including mortgages,are in arrears

The legacy of the former PLP Government coming home to roost!
Another plp disaster!Grand Atlantic halted,BHC can’t afford ‘financial strain
3000+ houses, apartments, and condos are now vacant.
500 homes on the brink of foreclosure,Banks have repossed many more
Newstead Belmont Hills, in receivership for more than two years,offered for sale.
60-room four-star fractional hotel, and/or water shuttle, 18-hole golf course,
five adjoining town houses; seven residential lots, and four golf course cottage

Grand Atlantic housing complex could be transformed into tourist accommodation  Motel PLP...$40 MILLION wasted on an ugly, big white elephant .with no elevators, no pool, or playground. they wouldn’t  even pass code for tourist rental, plus they would compete with small hotels & guest houses who are struggling to survive.
Three dozen face axe at HWP.
BHB to axe eight jobs
Butterfield Bank has cut 8 jobs:Butterfield had offered a total of 56 employees more than nine percent of its Bermuda workforce voluntary early retirement, citing the economic slowdown

This a Monty Python comedy skit ,not the  House of Assembly: banana republic plp politrics!Ex con bank robber, Rolf Commissiong as substitute speaker, anarchist ex hotel doorman, and jackass ,derrick burgess trying sabotage  speaker Randy Horton

Moniz and Burgess clash over reference to BLDC payout to Pastor Leroy Bean .Jackass burgess, de donky retard’s spokesman, as usual turns the House of Assembly into a gutter with his vulgar mouth. It is always the thief, caught in his lies & deceit, who makes the most noise!
Vermin, like Burgess, rule the world, they do so because people refuse to cast avarice out of their hearts. Bermudians are going to have to learn to see greedy plp liars & thieves as the criminals they are and stop making excuses for this thuggish BIU-plp behavior. The churches and institutions should condemnation the corrupt thievish plp antics of "Pastor Leroy Bean”
Where are rest  plp gangstas? Erat brown has mansions all over the world, “Dame” Jennifer, Cog, Lister,set for life, retired to Caribbean  ,or Florida, millions in  the bank, plus generous pensions for life thanks to suffering taxpayers.

40 years ago today March 1973 : assassinations of  Police Chief and Governor

1977, Black Berets Larry Tackly and Erskine “Buck” Burrows were hanged in Bermuda for assassinating the islands’ police chief and governor.murderers were hanged :setting off riots, tourist deaths & "burn baby burn"

Mel Ayton's   Assault on Law and Order in Bermuda: book charges the PLP with inviting “radical” speakers to Bermuda to deliver “ideologically-biased versions of black history and culture

During the 1970s, a black power organization in Bermuda conspired to bring about social change “by any means necessary,” including assassination. This is the first full account of the murders and the Black Beret Cadre, the revolutionary group whose activities resulted in mayhem throughout the island.
those implicated in the incident, include former Attorney General Phil Perinchief, Ottiwell Simmons jr, former Premier Jennifer Smith, Mel Saltus, Bobbie Greene and Charles De Shield.

In 1972 the Black Berets began to compile a “hit-list of the Bermuda ‘pigs’ ” they intended to execute. They also began to stockpile weapons including pistols and shotguns
-  Tacklyn had fled Bermuda after the assassination with Black Berets Ottiwell Simmons Jr. and Charles De Shields.
-  The Scotland Yard files do not simply infer a conspiracy to murder the Police Chief and Governor. They actually name a third person, the son of a powerful Bermudian politician, as a participant who was directly involved in the assassination
-  Black Beret leader John Hilton ‘Dionne’ Bassett had been seen practice firing a .38 revolver, the same type of weapon used to kill the Governor.
-It would behove black leaders like Jennifer Smith, a former Premier, to cease characterizing the Black Beret Cadre as “freedom fighters”.
"Following the racial turmoil of the 1970s Bermuda's social, political, and economic institutions remained relatively stable but the increasing prosperity of Bermudians did not prevent Bermuda from suffering the same fate as most western nations ~ fatherless children, degrading educational standards, high prices for even the basic of existence, burgeoning and increasingly violet crime and growing sense of fear for the future.
"Since that time the island has been awash in cocaine and heroin and during the late 1990s the new PLP government did nothing to effectively stem its tide or the corruption and crime. As the Mid- Ocean News observed, "The widely publicised looting of the Bermuda Housing Corporation coffers, the multi-mullion-dollar Berkeley Institute boondoggle, the grace-and-favour terms of the Coco Reef lease and the widening pension fund scandals leave little room for doubt there's more corruption in Bermuda's Government than you'd find in the average graveyard."

Lister proud of Wedco legacy: what a pile of ignorant BS, Lister has taken the millions he pocketed back to his St Kitts home.Dockyard  cannot handle tourist & moving ships from Hamilton has crushed both Bda Tourism & Hamilton.Political parasite Lister,never had a real job in his life,except race pimping for plp thieves,the  Pigs at the trough, from lining his & his plp pals pockets to the Heritage Wharf fiasco, OBA is now studying legal action against contractors Correia Construction:

Legal action against contractors Correia Construction: This is just the TIP of the iceberg of Ewart Brown's corruption,PAY-TO-PLAY kickbacks,looting & thievery by the plp since 1998

PLP=‘PRIVATE PROFIT MACHINE’:When is Erat brown & plp thieves going to be jailed for their 14 yrs of thievery & corruption?

Erat brown's pal Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick,was convicted today of a raft of crimes, including racketeering conspiracy, which carries a maximum punishment of 20 years behind bars. He was portrayed during a five-month trial as an unscrupulous politician who took bribes, rigged contracts and lived far beyond his meanswhile in office until fall 2008.

More corruption!! Grand Atlantic plans mysteriously disappear

This is the BIU/PLP game plan, Create chaos, a General Strike.Force an election, desperate to bring BIU/PLP back to power.

WILDCAT STRIKE Marine & Ports staff shut down ferrys."Christ Furbert sabotaging Bda Inc. yet again, it’s not just tourists & locals,  Marine & Ports staff are some of the laziest do nothing parasites on TAXPAYER'S PAYROLL .Stop the complaining and get to work! privatize public transportation!! .plp-BIU race baiting & strikes have murdered tourism,CEO's & investors are watching, keep stirring the pot, and even More IB will disappear, with good paying jobs.

Jefferis wins Hotel of the Year award : then this slimy crook, John Jefferis can pay back Bda taxpayer's for millions he & his plp pals ripped from Bda Inc. Coco Reef Corrupt-Pay-to-play payoff robs Taxpayer's AGAIN !!!!

Threats to free speech legislation against attacks behind pseudonyms on blogs, talk radio and in newspapers.
So much for truth about race .What's next burning books & newspapers?
OBA are a new govt. and want to STAY in power, they will pander to the race pimps & ensure it remains a profitable cottage industry The Plp-BIU's vindictive,spiteful race baiting  & strikes have murdered tourism, and  destroyed Bermuda ! CEO's & investors are watching, keep stirring the pot, and even More IB will disappear,Bda Inc. will end up bankrupt same as Jamaica, & Detroit !

Ombudsman to investigate City Hall!OBA will need to bring in UK forensic auditors & a Royal Commission, to dig through the past 15 yrs. of plp corruption. Deputy Mayor,Donal Smith, Erat’s cousin, who now want to pay themselves hugh salaries,now refuses to co operate with Ombudsman!
Controversial Healthcare Partners Ltd  could be dissolved soon, The Royal Gazette has blocked comments, again ,from fear of Erat Brown using legal system to prevent the truth about his & plp institutionalized corruption.Another reason the Scotland Yard & a Royal Commision inquiry of corruption need to begin digging into Erat Brown &  Bda Hospital Board finances.
plp achieved what the Black Beret revolutionaries of 60s did not do:they stole,raped,pillaged Bda Inc. into bankruptcy!
Bean overruled DAB in favour of PLP colleague, PLP Senator Marc Daniels ,who was  granted Planning permission for a five-storey, Apt block, on protected land

Deputy Mayor Donal Smith ,Erat brown’s cousin, & front man (AKA Mayor in waiting, once they get rid of Graham Outerbridge) another racist carpetbagger who lined his pockets under plp- Erat brown  era, getting under the table contract for govt services, TCD emissions company bldg. etc.  He is a Trojan horse, for Erat brown’s friends & family to erect a gambling casino in Hamilton. The Ombudsman is investigating, but that’s not enough. What’s needed is for UK to send Scotland Yard to uncover 15 yrs. of  plp entrenched corruption, that has ruined Bda Inc.

fitness studio Curves,goes out biz,another victim of plp term limit suicide.number of jobs on the Island has fallen from around 40,000 to 35,000 in the last five years!
PLP's legacy: 'A bloated budget, thousands of jobless, unsafe neighbourhoods'
Premier Craig Cannonier  we were close to not being able to pay our bills as a Government – this is something we inherited.: Frightening what's been happening to our economy':
S&P revises Bermuda’s outlook to ‘negative’Bermuda’s credit rating could be downgraded should the Island fail to turn its economy around.
2,000 jobs lost last year.
Bermuda’s unemployment rate has almost doubled in the past three years: but the Actual rate has to be double this estimate ,at least 20-25% ! Debtors’ cars ,Taxis,motorbikes parked in compounds around the island seized by banks

Bermuda in 'dire financial position' (SAGE) Commission  chairman Brian Duperreault
Charity sees more people struggling to pay bills...but Ewart brown the "former thief in charge" who led the looting rape & bankruptcy of  Bda. Inc. wins African Diaspora award
After14 yrs of plp looting & pillaging , Bda inc. is left  bankrupt! Bermuda's money supply is falling as prices go up, STAGFLATION has a strangle hold on us. More & more small biz are closing , next yr. when KEMH finishes there will be NO WORK for construction trades!

Ewart Brown sends racist slur to businessinsider reporter !the former "Thief in charge" attempts to divert world attention from new OBA govt. & Breakaway arrival , good timing Erat,the Carpetbagger who get away with stealing millions & bankrupting Bda Inc. tries to sink Tourism revival!
Now l’ll pimp liar & thief; Zane DeSilva ,tries to upstage positive surge of OBA, in completing Heritage Wharf on schedule, fixing the plp mistakes, corruption & incompetence replacing their mess with good governance

The UK has made it clear that the Uighurs are Bermuda's problem to solve. Erat is grinning, after he created a problem, then dumped it on the OBA to sort it,while he & PLP retire wealthy & satisfied leaving the Island in a mess, after filling their "snouts" at the TAXPAYER’S trough!!

Bermuda’s crime/ gang crisis is due to failure of black leadership,plp,churches,& families, don’t blame IB,slavery,schools,regiment,courts,judges,look in de mirror!
The failure of black leadership, Farrakhan, & other con men, who plp invited here to stir up hatred & distract from their looting the treasury

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg "new OBA Government in Bermuda is like night and day."

Ignoring the elephant for the mosquito: Bermuda’s public debt ! at least $171 million annual interest charges.
Corrupt Hospital scam set up by plp &  Erat Brown to be scrapped!Bermuda Health Advocacy Group accused hospital bosses of trying to sweep previous controversial decisions and practices under the carpet...$175,000 review of the Island’s hospitals has been branded a complete waste of money !
The big ugly facts of debt spending:Huge increases are on the way with payment due on the hospital in 2014.Government will borrow 31c out of every dollar ,will soon balloon to 40c ,it predicts no real growth in revenue in 2014, BUT there will still be at least a $27 million jump in Government’s overall costs.This insanely high level of borrowing began nine years ago in 2004. Unchecked and unstopped, it’s now dangerously high.
BIU_plp continue to sabotage OBA & the economy:arriving yacht crews felt ‘unwelcomed’

When pigs fly over the sound ! Morgan’s Point resort first phase could open in 2016:for some background:How plp gov't communists & shakdown artists destroyed Bermuda tourismBermuda author Don Grearson USS Bermuda – The Rise and Fall of an American Base : The meeting where the Morgan's Point dream died ...
Dire warning that pension crisis could sink Bermuda:Government's own pension is underfunded by over a billion dollars.Gov’t spending must fall for OBA’s plan to work
Fed up with the BullShit

Bermuda's Resurrection 2013:Suicide or Sanity?

BIU-plp have accomplished what beret's could not do, converted  a once peaceful thriving island paradise into a third world ghetto: billions in debt,over run with gangs,drugs,shootings,mass unemployment, BIU-plp would make Mugabe & Idi Amin proud.
Justice Denied [Paperback]

Publication Date: February 1, 2013

This book is the first full account of th 1972/1973 assassinations of Bermuda 's governor, Richard Sharple, and police chief, George Duckett The book includes a foreword by Dr. Carol Shuman, a former journalist with the Bermuda Sun and Mid Ocean News.

During the 1970s, a black power organization in Bermuda , which modelled itself on the American Black Panthers, conspired to bring about social change by any means necessary, including assassination. The struggle for equal rights in Bermuda during this period both imitated events in the US and was heavily influenced by them. This is especially true for the role American black militants played in encouraging Bermuda 's youth to challenge the white power structure on the island. Bermuda became the first nation to suffer the violent effects of the importation of 1960s style American Black Power militancy. As a result, Governor Sharple, Police Chief George Duckett and others were murdered.

Justice Denied points the finger of guilt at a faction of the black militant grouped by the Third Man , who controlled the convicted assassins. The author named the Bermuda businessman, a convicted drug dealer, who assisted the assassins in financing their political aims through drug deals and bank robberies. He also concludes that the real story about the assassinations was whitewashed by consecutive Bermudian governments in the interests of racial harmony.

plp Donkey march on Parliament this Friday!
2 years’ probation is an outrage for this crime! plp Donkey retards are marching over Term Limits, while gang thugs are knifing and shooting & killing

Fahy refuses to apologise says he was taken out of context -This is all about racial intimidation The emotional trigger to create chaos,that  plp strategists thrive on. They did it to Dunkley, Gibbons & Trevor Moniz  for years, You didn’t see donkey retards marching after Erat & handbag Burch imported 4 terrorists & gave em homes & jobs. Erat & plp need to apologize for leaving billions of toxic debt worse than the chemicals dumped at Morgan's Point!
Video of plp-BIU Mob protest At House Of Assembly, Mar 1 2013
Minister Fahy's speech was  drowned out by the crowd cheering for him to apologize and/or resign. Todays Donkey  “lynch mob” act ,from the plp-BIU racist anarchists,on parliament is a great PR for Bda Inc. just what we need as the economy circles the drain! …   I'm sure IB  & investors  & hotel developers ,get it loud & clear!

Bermuda credit rating cut imminent!Bob has promised the impossible. No one,can run an operation on 2013 costs while receiving 2006 revenue.

End of the road for Bermuda!  If Government does not start paying down the debt within five years!Jamaica defaulted yet again last week on their debt..15 yrs of plp has turned a once prosperous Bda Inc. into a  3d world Jamaican ghetto !

VAT is coming soon, following all Caribbean-EU-Canada tax systems. 17% tax on all goods & services ,creating yet ANOTHER govt bureaucracy
There is an elite class of bourgeois politicians, landlords, owners of monopolies, civil servants,who are bleeding the rest of us into poverty.We are in the real world of stagflation,taxes,brutal competition.They are in the fantasy world of tenured professors,civil servants,monopolies who can't be fired,and get massive pensions & full pay while on leave,as the Accountant General.
Accountant General’s failings:yet another overpaid,incompetent civil service moocher.

plp disastrous legacy:$2.5 billion is $62,500 debt per Bermudian

BS from David Burt PLP’s reply to the Budget. OBA's response

David Burt:Arrogance, ignorance and narcissism of this deviant shadow minister of finance on display to feed his donkey sheeple, but  under  plp this steaming pile of excrement & his greedy father lined their pockets, ripped off their Jamaican cousins, who have filed complaints with the Department of Labour, the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Immigration against Burt’s Top Grade Contracting (BTG)."Demonic" David Burt ,AKA Joesph Goebbels ,master of plp race  pimping ,head of Plp's gestapo, ministry of propaganda & disinformation, used his plp positon to get secret non-tendered  contracts &  leases, similar to those  awarded to john jeffries ,zane desilva ,jane & dennis Coreia,Walton Brown,Donal Smith & other plp friends & family. David Burt's companies,have been one of the many non-tendered Government contracts that have been issued to friends and family...Not to mention the real deal on the Dockyard wharf…..The Emissions Centre $10 million rip off…..The Berkley School fiasco …..the cedar beams…..The four Uighur deal ..etc. etc. etc.   Government borrowing..In just two years, without even a “Hey, you guys”, the Finance  Minister Cox borrowed a grand total of $1,175 million ($1.175bn). In just two years!

Heritage Wharf is ‘full of defects and deficiencies’ :more fallout from 15 yrs. of plp corruption & incompetence. The stench of Ewart brown's plp  government's culture of corruption continues :Correia Construction & Dennis Correia should be sued for shoddy work!
Erat clearly timed this vanity profile to compete with  Randy & Lister's defection & the opening of parliament,it's always about ME with this narcissistic psychopath .The plp propaganda machine will distort every word &  preach their ignorance to their donkeys & sheep ,but the  plp  government's culture of corruption under Erat Brown cannot be wiped away with his history revisionist BS &  bravado

Ewart Brown's pal Kwame Kilpatrick ,Detroit's disgraced ex-Mayor did what Brown,plp friends & family did to Bda Inc. There should be a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the looting & thievery that has plunged Bermuda into billions of debt & made a once thriving economy Bankrupt!

Exce spreadsheet ; plp Government's spending and revenue's 4th qualified audit:Financial chaos leaves Bda Inc. Bankrupt soon Bermuda will have an annual interest bill of $95 million.. unborn generations burdened with plp statement show the Government’s revenue for the year ended 31 March 2012 was around $914 million, while total expenses were around $1.26 billion — a deficit of around $343 million.
result of 15 yrs of plp financial destruction: cant rent em,cant sell em, o buyers came to  auction and there were no bids. roperty remains seized and unsold.
Randy Horton sworn in as speaker.he went from 60's Black Beret revolutionary,plp  Era
t brown supporter, to speaker of the second oldest parliamentary democracy in the western hemisphere ! Randy went from wearing a black beret & clenched fist to a speakers wig ! He & Erat & th Black Berets instigated Murders that shook Bermuda 40 years ago,when  Governor Sharples was shot dead

Auditor General critical of Govt accounts!financial horror of $2.4 billion debt ,unknown corruption & waste $2.4 Billion = $2,400,000,000 -NOT included,are the billions in unfunded liabilities, that are off the balance sheet in this current statement. The hospital, the pensions, the quangos, etc real debt is more like 5 BILLION

Zane DeSilva & Island Construction have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!Building collaps EMTs took too long, safety protocol NOT FOLLOWED Bean, 47, died when part of a building collapsed on him at Morgan’s Point,"before you start [work], the Health Department has to say it’s safe. Those buildings are old and decrepit and more than likely fairly safe — but if you are walking in with no safety equipment,"

15 years of plp/ Erat brown looting & raping the taxpayer begins to be audited!.OBA need to expand the search for waste &  institutional corruption to the cruise ship dock, the courthouse, Port Royal, the Berkeley project etc. etc.Auditor General To Review Hospital Finances and that their Chief Financial Officer Delia Basden has been put on Administrative leave.

BIU threaten hospital industrial action, postal worker down tools,Auxilliary nurses may take industrial action"Christ" Furbert takes his ignorant anarchist communist rants up a notch plp legacy Imports decline for tenth consecutive quarter continues to decline!more business close.

Walton Brown today accused Education Minister Nalton Brangman of lying about his academic achievements.Walton Brown is the last man who should be talking:he's a paid race pimp HATE radio host,history revisionist/propagandist, lecturing others on ethics ,LOL

He had to be sued for ripping off his staff & investors.Walton Brown’s financial dispute with a former employee ,been accused of harming an educational charity Brown's Bermuda Network News (BNN),sued in  2008 for $10,500 .Walton Brown Erat's cousin & plp political hack :used his plp positon to get secret non-tendered  contracts &  leases,at Airport,"consultant"$4000/mth govt fee

Both PLP "senators" Marc Bean and Ewart Brown's cousin,Walton Brown, are PAID CONSULTANT TAXPAYER FEES  $7000/month ontop of their Senator's salary !Senator Walton Brown was paid $62,000, for a visa project "to secure visa-free access to Bermuda passport holders" As Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Bermuda College, Brown extended Coco Reef lease from 50 years to 120 years.plp PAY-To-PLAY PAYOFF to owner John Jefferis,in return for his financial backing of the PLP that helped them win in 1998.Jefferis is just another foreigner who has made multi millions by selling off Bermuda taxpayer owned land,nor has he trained or employed any Bermudian staff

redevelopment of Hamilton’s prime waterfront:I smell a  Erat brown :“we had to deceive you” plp corruption and cronyism ! OBA needs to trace the roots of this scheme;  Smells like Erats Stem cell ,Generic drug Laboratories, (he’s still milking the public purse through our hospital) ,Cedargate,DLE Court bldg.,Correia’s  heritage wharf -Zimbabwe cement co, -TCD emission bldg, & numerous Zane desilva fiascos, so far all we see is defunct plp flip flop promoting it,and why isn't OBA setting up a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Ewart Brown/plp corruption,from the BHC scandal to latest Auditor General Report?shooting near Belvin’s store on Happy Valley Road   2 men shot DEAD!
OBA needs to enact martial law to shut down guns & gangstas

Gov't might have to slash personnel costs by 25%:Personnel Costs and Debt Service Costs =75.9% of govt revenue!

Lawyer recalls pledge that Uighurs would receive Bermuda citizenship.Burch’s remarks ,we will grant asylum. We will begin process to make them Bermudian well within year’.”The men left Guantánamo Bay in the early hours of June 11 2009, and arrived in Bermuda at 6.25am humanitarian intent and content’ rings hollow by ex plp Atty Gen.PHIL PERINCHIEF

“We had to deceive you"Erat Brown crawls out of his hole the carpetbagger from LA & Jamaica, who rose to power back stabbing & race pimping,spent half million of TAXPAYER”S $ ere
cting the Sally Basset Slave  statue
has enslaved these 4 men, they left a Cuban prison for a stateless  twilight zon Uighurs’ lawyer to Premier: Give them an anti-Ewart Brown rally 3 years ago,plp campaign chairman Larry Burchall, said  Brown had been "dishonest" when he told residents the four Uighurs could only be brought to the Island in secret."Dr. Brown's biggest contribution to Bermuda's 400 year anniversary is sneaking 4 Uighers into the country."Warrants should be issued for the immediate arrest of Brown and Burch for illegally transporting foreigners to our island
despite thes depression stats, in last yrs election 48% of donkey retard plp sheep voted for plp suicide! they said everything's peachy!!

why di Correia Construction  get away with doubly screwing taxpayers? plp friends & family are set for life from millions they stole,Correia ,like Erat Brown have moved their fortunes to other countries,it would take an army of auditors,police investigators to find a small amount of it,thats who the consultants OBA need to hire ,not BS artist elitists

Corey Butterfield has been hired for one year and will be paid $120,000 in his role as ‘Policy Analyst and Special Advisor’
$120,000/yr that’s $10,000 ./mth $2,300/WEEK that’s WAY too much  for this BS artist &  former PLP Public Relations Officer! When armies of civil servants are available eating up 46% of every dollar govt spends
thanks plp,besides bankrupting Bda Inc. you created a 3d world ghetto!Two Shootings In 20 Mins, 28-Yr-Old Man In ICU..

Grinning thug ,Josef Smith accused of burgling a woman’s home while armed with a fake gun wa cleared after the victim refused to testify!unless OBA send these wannabe gangstas off island to a REAL prison, there will be no law & order or peac Man Remanded Charged With Threatening to kill Premier Craig's daughter,Mikaela Pearman

Plp ran a Pigs paradise! 46.8 percent of Government expenses are related to employee compensation and benefits,” Government’s net debt had risen by $154.3 million in the first six months of the fiscal year, as of September 30 last year, to stand at $1.39 billion.Debt rising at 23% /year..The trajectories of deficits and debt we found are simply not sustainable.

Govt running much bigger deficit than forecast,plp govt revenues plunged  ten percent in the third quarter of last yea

Visitor spending down $2.8m from the third quarter of 2011.Total sales revenue for the hotel industry fell 5.5 per cent to $78.4 million in the third quarter. Resort hotels earned $3.9 million less in sales this quarter due primarily to fewer business and convention visitors during the period.Cottage colonies and small hotels experienced declines of 25.5 per cent

what a crock of S***T  from this jackass Former -by accident-Premier Start by investigating the Proactive debacle you  masterminded,putting doofus Devent in front to take the heat!     Alex Scott proposes independent Anti-Corruption Commission ith investigatory powers, strong penalties for corrupt behaviour among public officials and whistle-blower protectio

Bazarian: Termination of lease ‘improper’mor lies & "we had to deceive you" from plp judas jackass Flip Flop urby

48 continual months of decline! Depressio is a Recession that lasts a long time.Bermuda Facts indicating a depression BIU don't care!
Docks at a standstill in layoffs dispute!Much needed medical supplies, perishable goods and other imports sat stranded on the Hamilton dock
on strike AGAIN!    

This isn’t even a small town; it’s a village outpost, BILLIONS in DEBT!  totally dependent on shipping for survival. But the dumber n dogshit plp-BIU sabotage & cut off the life line of commerce, because 50% of a bloated salary to sit home is not enough extortion, when they don’t even earn an honest day’s work for 100% pay they get for loafing on regular workday

New Government has the support of 52% of the population,that means 48% voted for suicide! this tells me, to forget any rapid recovery from the plp created depression , the donkey retard plp will sabotage anything OBA does and what developer-financier would invest long term with the plp-BIU record of strikes, xenophobia , soft on crime ,racism etc

From 2008 to now, Bermuda’s reported and recorded GDP has fallen.Bermuda is now in an economic depression! But let's not forget 48% voted for plp suicide, they said everything's peachy!

PRIVATIZE tourism & take politicians & consultants out of i this is what OBA need to hire consultants for: to find the millions plp thieves stole MAYOR TOOK BRIBE IN BATHROO Ewart Brown's pal Kwame Kilpatrick took $10,000 bribe in a restaurant bathroom.the money came from developers and was solicited by Kilpatrick

Dodwell Appointed ourism Authority Chairman,now Corey Butterfield, appointed consultant

Big mistake the OBA promised to remove politicians & consultant from DOT,that’s strike #2 against Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell,

first he hires ex UBP politician Tourism Minister Dodwell now BS artist Corey Butterfield,
Was Butterfield's job  put out to tender? Did they get at least three competing bids according to Financial instructions ?

Dodwell  was useless as Minister of Tourism,
one of the main reasons UBP keep being defeated!
Tourism Director William Griffiths needs to be sent back to Barbados
where he came from,
DOT bloodsuckers need to be fired and
replaced by a truly independent Tourism Authority
Jim Woolridge was the only successful Minister of Tourism ,
everyone since has been an abysmal failure & embarrassment,
wasting billions sending gombeys & entourages of buffoons on worldwide tours .
An independent Tourism Authority  must be paid based on performance.
The DOT parasites need to be fired, they get massive salaries & civil service pensions & benefits for doing nothing,the reckoning ,Bermuda's debt, will soon balloon into $ half million/DAY just on interest payments.

one o Erat's former hatchet men-message boys,Permanent Secretary Mark Telemaque ,now has to work for Dunkle is that why he's smirking? Lawyer Mark Telemaque is poster boy for the institutionalized corruption of 15yrs of plp govt.As Cabinet secretary,he blocked media & opposition access to Ewart Brown & plp friends & family secret deals & corrupt practices, while living large on his $160,000 salary,GP car ,perks ,travel junkets etc. Anywhere else he'd been fired or sued for malpractice,as one  of his partners Andre Curti !
Mystery continues to surround status of Govt’s top accountant
Where is the Auditor General? is the OBA legal-audit team working overtime?
plp donkey retards are still in shock, they think they can force another election,
by pulling some judas  flip flops across the floor,
OBA have wisely chosen ex beret randy Horton as speaker,
 this gives OBA a 3 vote  majority .

Marc Bean Elected New PLP Leader.
like most plp politicians,ex taxi drivers,like Marc bean, who inherited Erat brown's seat ,
he  likes to make outrageously ignorant comments ie:
1)we should abandon US $ currency for gold,
2)invite long line fishing from foreign ships to destroy the environment,
3) white businessman purposely set up black education to fail etc.
although he tries to look mainstream ,wearing a suit & cutting off his dreads ,
he's still a Rastafarian separatist showing his true racist identity
pandering to the PLP ghetto mentality with his race baiting gutter rhetoric .

But the old sow Evil hodgson now attacks new PLP,claims not radical socialist/communist enough

 The plp disinformation/propaganda machine,includes CURB

CURB, which is 99% Cordell Riley and plp activists,is attempting to "Mau Mau" new OBA leader,and premier, so he can extort TAXPAYER FUNDED  govt. grants to maintain his profitable race baiting cottage industry,ie: selling their  books,polls,seminars, trips, imported speakers,etc
otice,Riley,makes no mention of the plp racial slurs during pre-election months or the lates FaceBook slander of a white businessman

New Cabinet sworn in,pledge to take pay cut!!
Finally PROFESSIONALS running Bda Inc.

One Bermuda Alliance has ended the Progressive Labour Party’s 14-year hold on power

"Christ" furberts dumbest comment yet "I think they didn’t win the Government, the people of this Country who didn’t vote gave the Government to the OBA."

 Corruption & plp:Bermuda Cox family directly involved with HSBC bank regulation,via Premier Paula Cox & Jeremy Cox ,responsible for Bermuda Monetary Authority, which regulates HSBC .
Bermuda independent candidate call for investigation of former PLP Premier Dr.Brown his brother Phil Butterfield, Chairman of HSBC Bermuda
U.S. prosecutors fine HSBC $1.92 billion .HSBC became bank to drug cartels! ocal drug lord referred to the bank as the "place to launder money,"

This is why hustlers & carpetbaggers McKeeva Bush,Misick,Erat, get into politics: because that’s where the easy money is
PLP & Cox clique hiding behind HSBC  "one of the world's largest banks, HSBC, spent years committing serious crimes, involving money laundering for terrorists; 'facilitating money laundering by Mexican drug cartels'; and 'moving tainted money for Saudi banks tied to terrorist groups' "US decided not to take action against HSBC for its fraudulent behavior because it was considered so big that it could damage the financial syste
Eve of election :more corruption exposed:Minister "Minus brains" Minors has pushed through a construction project bid that was 28 percent more than a Civil Service-recommended bid— and after the Minister herself had presented that lower and fully vetted bid to Cabinet
rmed cops on election night
• Huge police presence to protect voters, ballot boxes,The vast operation will involve “every officer” plus Reserve Police, who will swing into action on Monday morning and work late into the nigh
Police warn they will be out in force on election night to protect law & order ,as some plp zealots threaten to start burning & rioting if plp lose !
LP rally was an “endless stream of negative attacks"!
while plp race baiting with Cog ramping up the anti-white revolutionary rhetoric, desperate to maintain their gravy train paycheck
inister on gang violence: We were ‘caught flat-footed

plp candidate Bean connection hindering Street Safe..“A lot of them did propose to offer funds, but made it clear that they would not align their companies or their funds if Leroy Bean of CARTEL was involved in the project,

plp fear tactics scare investors away from Bermuda!
Think carefully before you vote: your job is at stake

Fed up with the BullShit

Bermuda Election 2012:Suicide or Sanity?

Bermuda Election 2012:Suicide or Sanity?
plp legacy
"The Leaders thrive on contempt, crisis and chaos": Behind the scenes plp strategy from plp consultant Michael A. Markham:Continue reading at Bermuda Election 2012:Suicide or Sanity? | NowPublic News Coverage 

The TrapDirty politricks financed by their LITTLE WHITE BOYS :It's time for integrity and accountability: vote OBA : Dennis Correia Construction-Zane Desilva-Island Construction,John Jefferis -Stonington-Coco Reef- who imported  Roy Boyke as the PLP strategist in 1998 & along John Deuss paid off plp Alaska Hall Mortgage .plp race pimping propaganda tries to cover up their record & result of 15 years of looting & raping 
When are Bermudians going to see Erat Brown & plp thieves arrested for looting & raping Bda Inc. for past 15 years?
Michael Misick arrested:Erat Brown's pal,former premier of Turks and Caicos,arrested after fleeing Caribbean islands with $180m fortune! Erat has stashed the millions he stole from Bermuda all over the world,during taxpayer paid champagne & caviar  trips as Tourism minister & premierPLP's candidate Makai Dickerson Caught With Marijuana ,HATE radio race pimp prince,de thug's aceboy,caught kickin with known gangstas,but never told plp party  new plp logo
Ms Piggy gives herself another, taxpayer funded,vanity award:“a cog in the wheel” is a fraud ,she has presided over financial ruin for this island economy,now a 3d world ghetto ,billions in debt from her incompetence
As election day looms:Racists & Champagne Socialists, the professional plp paid race pimps are coming out of their holes, because their gravy train paycheck is threatened :Renee Webb,Cordell Riley,tricksters,liars, thieves all of em 
Youth earn $10,000 less than they did just two years ago
Unemployment among young Bermudians has doubled since 2009.
BLDC fiasco: Alarming questions remain unanswered,yet the Premier continues to fully support Mr Burgess and has fully endorsed the BLDC’s ex Deputy for the next election.

Continue reading at Bermuda Election 2012:Suicide or Sanity? | NowPublic News Coverage
 Election Dec 17, as usual the race pimps are flooding Facebook,talk shows & media with their usual claims of racism to mask incompetence & thievery,race baiters like Judas Jamahl Simmons, former NLP,UBP now PLP a very confused negro! Move on fatso we all know your story, the old ubp are over.

No election will be called until Ms Piggy "Cog" gets her 2 years in office ,so she can collect a big fat pension for life,this ontop of her $212,887.00 salary,plus perks,trips ,her Finance Minister salary $160,000 and her token Insurance job $200,000 paycheck
While she is off blabbing at conferences and accepting awards she ignores problems & fabricates  cover up to her disastrous record ,as Finance manager, too busy thrusting  her snuffling snout in the taxpayer's trough 

Ms. Piggy, Flip flop & entourage slurp champagne & caviar, posing with Bubba Clinton cost Bermuda TAXPAYER'S $!00,000, sucking up the limelight in NYC. Inflation rises as income falls=Stagnation, the deadly quicksand that Erat Brown & his gangsta plp govt have put Bda in!
PLP Election candidate,former Erat brown campaign mgr. ex convict, fraudster & thief, Andrew Curtis is back in prison, after being sent back to prison for non-payment of bills  and he's  whining he'll  miss out on four weeks of canvassing !!

plp's putagee pimp Zane DeSilva  Liar & thief "lil Pimp"    Zane stirs race card !!Uncle+Tom+
Zane DeSilva:"I am head nigger in charge of Bermuda."
Continue reading at Bermuda Election 2012:Suicide or Sanity? | NowPublic News Coverage
Longtime Washington Mall retailer closing..
Tears and disquiet as bank sheds 13 jobs..
dual demons of debt and departing expats,undermine Bermuda's struggling economy:How it adds up...fixing the PLP’s binge will take generations.
Using taxpayer’s money to promote its village idiot plp candidates for the coming Election, deceitful sound bites and self-promotion, symbolizing the difference between marketing and managing. Using propaganda TV station.Government’s CITV “In the Know” featured Premier Paula Cox, 

Vote plp Piggies
Flip flop:Bermuda's Joe Biden NY TV interviewer can't even remember Flip Flop's name.

Ms. Piggy, flies off yet again,to the Global Women’s Forum Memphis, TN, at the deluxe Peabody Hotel..

 LIAR! Bazarian says work could begin on St George’s hotel by end of year
hotels are going to break ground soon, promise!  

Condo prices plunged 29% this year!

 Hamilton has more than 600,000 square feet of empty office space that could accommodate up to 4,000 city workers.
British American Building on Front Street has had its selling price lowered 46% !

Park Hyatt resort has been terminated.Why blow Club Med up in the first place? Typical PLP. Lots of big talk and boasting… A loud explosion… Lots of smoke and dust.more "we had to decieve you" BS!!
Club Med Bull shit
Resettled Uighur  desperate for work
We had to deceive you Erat Brown smuggled these guys in here,Ewart Brown can now Fix it.

Unemployed woman feels  after two years without work,she no longer belongs in her own country!
Mortgage defaults /Non-performing loans  rise 
 Kevin Petty is being sued ...Jackass Jamel Hardtman joined the Bermuda Sun
 This is why Bda Inc. is in the toilet, when a hard working developer, Kevin Petty,invested millions of his money into Newstead/Belmont,only to be bushwhacked by Banks & plp govt,while a draft dodging,HATE radio plp propagandist Jamel Hardtman, gets promoted at Bermuda Sun,are they that desperate for govt advertising?.

More layoffs at HWP,One of the last things a permit holder does is sell cars,bikes,boats on eMoo currently 93 ads cars For Sale,86 boats & 132 scooter ads.meanwhile:Minus Brains  Minors,Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, is  partying  in Barbados,thanks to TAXPAYERS at the African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference.

Continue reading at Heavy job losses in Bermuda after 14yrs of plp govt incompetence | NowPublic News Coverage
Servicing debt costs Bermuda $220 a minute!
Bermuda’s National Debt is now $1.4 billion

Continue reading at Bermuda Election 2012:Suicide or Sanity? | NowPublic News Coverage

Erat Brown corruption seeps up from the sewer,his pal Kwame Kilpatrick and others flown to Bermuda and on a lavish shopping trip 

 MP's car firebombed! Firebombing of M.P. Ashfield Devent ,a victim of a personal vendetta by plp zealots,for his attack on ex-convicts running for election (Ewart Brown's campaign mgr,Andre Curtis,and  armed bank robber Rolf Commisiong )Devent says fears the attack may have been politically motivated."plp candidates "We have a convicted armed robber and a fraudster. What's next?”area  MP Ashfield DeVent

More layoffs at HWP,One of the last things a permit holder does is sell cars,bikes,boats on eMoo currently 93 ads cars For Sale,86 boats & 132 scooter ads.meanwhile:Minus Brains  Minors,Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, is  partying  in Barbados,thanks to TAXPAYERS at the African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference.

  Major concrete company has shed 40 percent of its staff in the past two months "Those not involved in the two major projects, KEMH and Waterloo, are fighting over scraps to stay in business."

'Bermuda, so much more ......HSBC sues Wayne Furbert! UBP bailed him out last time for $40,000!besides being a travel ponzi scheme con artist he's a deadbeat .."Pat Ferguson :: August 13, 2012And while at it, can someone tell me if a certain former UBP leader who crossed the floor ever paid back the 40 some thousand dollars he (allegedly ?) borrowed from the UBP? "Continue reading at endless stench of Bermuda's plp ex premier E Brown's corruption | NowPublic News Coverage


 DeVent describes his "fellow" P.L.P. representatives as one being a "fraudster" and a "convicted armed robber" he left out DEADBEAT!!

Fat Pigs at the trough don't give a rats ass about unions or business:sabotage a whole block :  Foul Smelling Liquid Floods Bakery Lane,this is the result of Black Beret terroist plp govt , as Handbag Col.Burch said "We don't care what you think!

Fat pigs with big paychecks are the only ones marching on Labor Day , there has been NO 5% Piggy pay cut ,they are still living large, spending ,travelling, attending bogus award ceremonies and conferences! Premier Cog , PLP Cabinet Ministers and party followers have an awful lot of nerve and should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, but guess what, they are not.

31th Labour Day has morphed into a plp black power agenda, nothing to do with labor,no labor leaders from abroad as guest speakers,just paid political race pimps from corrupt Caribbean banana republics.I bet all the 5000 unemployed & laid off workers from Willowbank and Whites would love to have a gourmet meal like these pigs at the trough

Axed workers ask: Where's our cash?Angry ex-grocery store staff still waiting for wages 
 Some say they can no longer afford to pay their rent
Fraud Cops Look at Furbert's Firm:
Former UBP leader Wayne Furbert officially introduced YTB to Bermuda and is believed to the firm’s top earner on the island. He was called in to meet Fraud Unit officers, who are convinced YTB is a pyramid scam

Movie dedicated to Flips Flops

Wayne "Flip Flop" Furbert "whats inna for ME", besides being a travel ponzi scheme con artist is a deadbeat !
"Pat Ferguson :: August 13, 2012 
And while at it, can someone tell me if a certain former UBP leader who crossed the floor ever paid back the 40 some thousand dollars he (allegedly ?) borrowed from the UBP? "
Flip Flop's a pathetic Cry baby !!
Critics are not spitting on Bermuda were spitting ON YOU ASSHOLE!!!
Flip Flop's trying to be a dictator,and shut down free speech, from all these TAXPAYER FUNDED trips to China, where he is known as "Chin too fat ",has gone to his pin head !
Attacking freedom of speech and blaming it for the downfall of Bermuda in all aspects is a sign of desperation .Face the fact,that the current Gov absolutely has no clue what so ever how to fix the economy and deal with the serious level of crime.
A broken Bda keeps the tourist away, not freedom of speech.

PLP has has 14 years to implement the 100 day tourism recovery plan touted by Dave Allen. And you blame anonymous bloggers for the failure? This is one of the lamest PLP claims ever.
the plp legacy is a mirage sandcastle on the beach ,Bermuda is $billions in debt,plus $3 billion unfunded entitlements,the economy is crumbing,worsening daily,1000''s unemployed,more bankruptcies,crime & gangs out of control

Sign the petitionEdward Zacca ordered proceedings in his courtroom not to be recorded, despite it being standard practice in the UK.the arrogance of judge Edward Zacca “vile and racist comments” ,who called,ex civil servant LeYoni Junos ,a stupid woman,in open court ,emboldens the fascists in plp, this west Indian jackass needs to return to his banana republic

COVER UP:KEMH chief of staff,Erat Brown's pal, Donald Thomas,suspended with big pay check!

"if the plp tried to organize a cow crossing,not ONE COW would get across".. Dr.John Stubbs,MP
40% of Buses & ferries out of service,now they shut down the airport causing massive traffic jam as people rushed to get on flights! 
The economy is crumbling. The situation is turning more hopeless by the hour. The more government gets involved, the worse it gets. 
The hole dug by the PLP is so deep there is no getting out of it unless oil is discovered in Harrington Sound.

Flip Flop,aka "Chin too Fat" FAIL!! .
Cluck cluck cluck, the chickens have come home to roost.

Flip Flop lives in Fool’s paradise:Air arrivals down by 6.5% or 5,276 for April to June this year compared to last year in spite of the bump from the Newport to Bermuda Race. The last three years have been the worst in recorded history for air arrivals  Tourism Arrivals Decline By 1.4% :flip flop says he is ‘happy’ with these results....Batman, I know where the Joker is !

DOT is a pay-to-play club for plp friends , Millions have been wasted on travel for gombeys ,freebie junkets on borrowed money funded by the suffering taxpayer, first class travel, credit cards, 5 star hotels,how sweet it is,for plp friends@family

Debt Levels Grown Over 700% Since 2005
Harsh truths about our national finances-Larry Burchall

now that  John Jefferis has bought himself another pay-to-play award,from government of Trinidad and Tobago ,he can pay back  Bermuda TAXPAYER'S for millions he mooched from Stonington deal,free belco paid by Bercol,hotel & public land for cents on the dollar,given to him by plp politicians,paid for by taxpayers!
Continue reading at

24-Year-Old Man Shot Dead In SandysNew plp Bermuda: From "all you need is love"John Lennon Tribute Concert  to  Murder assassination in one weekend ! Feel the Love .So much more!
Gang's now use machine gun!  thug holds gun to rivals head,in crowded bar at Woodys Drive in,but it jammed...could have resulted in a massacre!
Tourist shielded daughter during bus attack

plp rule#1 when chaos,despair  & economic collapse is everywhere,distract & BS the brain dead ,bring in ya carib cousin  from another banana republic,Antigua ,as corrupt as T&C & role model for how plp have looted,raped & destroyed Bda Inc.. "Greed, political Incompetence, corruption and spitefulness have ruled Antigua and Barbuda"BIU/plp Import another race pimp to stir up hatred & resentment , thats how they get reelected .Besides, plp Govt has  a long record of making "vile and racist comments"  in the Senate & House of Assembly.  History of Corruption and the Stanford Case:Allen Stanford’s Ponzi scheme, which used Antigua and Barbuda as a base of operations, has raised questions about the history of corruption in that country’s banking system. 

31th Labour Day has morphed into a plp black power agenda, nothing to do with labor,no labor leaders from abroad as guest speakers,just paid political race pimps from corrupt Caribbean banana republics.I bet all the 5000 unemployed & laid off workers from Willowbank and Whites would love to have a gourmet meal like these pigs at the trough
Racism has been and will continue to be the cornerstone of PLP electoral strategy - it is the only card they hold.The PLP has actively fostered racial resentment so that their gullible followers will ignore the real issues, hate whites and vote black and this speech is just more of the same from one of their cronies.14 years ago Bermuda was the envy of the world the jewel in the Atlantic - now it is circling the drain! 

Nobody needs trade unions-Bob Stewart
Axed workers ask: Where's our cash?Angry ex-grocery store staff still waiting for wages • Some say they can no longer afford to pay their rent
Depths the BIU stoops to ,Louis somner,BIU’s American race baiting communist agitator, is now after West Pembroke Pentecostal Assembly, having failed trying to boycott  KFC,White’s is bankrupt,nobody wants to but it,86 workers added to unemployed lines,but this fool’s trying to start a war with a church over closed Nursery and Preschool!

Construction is DEAD, lectures from liar & thief is BS from the lil plp pimp Zane DeSilva,his company,Island Construction,has benefited from plp friends & family,pay-to-play non tendered contracts,made him a multi-millionaire,likewise Dennis Coreia's Construction,both of these companies are NON-UNION!

White & Sons Warwick stores,Southside & Haywards forced bankruptcy,85 jobs lost!

Whites ,now Belvin’s stores sued by supplier!   after more writs filed against Fresco’s Restaurant group, yet another group of grocery stores being sued into bankruptcy! 11 percent of registered voters had lost their jobs in the last 12 months,Job situation prospects dim, say business leaders

zane Desilva plp pimp
Same Erat brown & friends shaking down scams are the cause of KEMH skyrocketing costs!former 
CEO of Manhattan’s Hospital  busted ;he took $1.4 million in kickback scheme

Continue reading at Bermuda Election 2012:Suicide or Sanity? | NowPublic News Coverage
Sign the petition: Bermuda Healthcare Advocacy Group: Commission of Inquiry into Bermuda Hospital's Board 
Bermuda Healthcare Advocacy Group [BHAG] feel the report released by Health Minister Zane DeSilva is nothing but a smoke screen BHAG contends that you can fool the people sometimes, but you can’t fool the people all the time…countless letters of complaints from persons and families who have experienced less than desirable medical care and attention."
Futurecare is unsustainable.
Look at the math,millions lost weekly in subsidizing a thievish scheme to enrich a select few,led by Erat Brown,. Who would you believe?, Desilva,the l’ll pimp who referred to himself in “son of the soil” BHC documents  as ”head nigga in charge of Bermuda” Bermuda General Truckers Assoc President called him a “liar & a thief”because of  illegal trucking at Desilva's Island Construction..also accused DeSilva of killing his father through his actions .Desilva has used  his racist & ignorant mouth to inflame emotions for the plp sheep, that's why he was made mega millions in secret Govt contracts as a PAY-TO-PLAY reward for his race pimp services.
Pay to Play with the Devil
Continue reading at endless stench of Bermuda's plp ex premier E Brown's corruption | NowPublic News Coverage
citizen journalist

Feel the Love : murder & mayhem is now commonplace

vBulletin tracker
  New blog Bermuda: Corruption In Paradise  
The corruption under Premier Ewart Brown and its ongoing legacy.,exposes corruption with photocopies,of cheques & documents,media reports
 UK media expose Ewart Brown's corruption ,UK MP  Andrew Rosindell  calls for   an investigation into corruption  

ex Bermuda Premier Ewart Brown's son GUILTY! on 21 sex assault charges!!

ex Bermuda Premier Ewart Brown's son GUILTY! on 21 sex assaults!! | NowPublic News Coverage

Ex-Premier Gibbons says CARICOM irrelevant to Bermuda
plp race pimps throw out bait: sure sign an election coming
Race pimp propagandists flood Facebook,Bernews ,newspapers,talk shows,etc to stir up the race card,since they cannot run on their dismal record.
Col.”butty mon“Burch, Vanz Chapman,& his moonbat mommy LaVerne Furbert
see video link

Premier Ewart Brown wanted share of companys business court told

Businessman David Bolden claimed a Government Minister told him the Premier wanted ten percent of his wireless technology company, and for Wanda Henton Brown to be placed on the board.
 Financier Mr Bolden also stated under oath in Supreme Court that the former Premier asked for a 60 percent share of the commission he earned from work on Bermuda’s public pension funds.

Ammo & $10 Million Worth Of Drugs Seized
island  copies Jamaica's criminal chaos : another young black man murdered in gang war!
Bermuda is now  Certified Ghetto Fabulous!
13 yrs of plp & Ewart Brown ,this is what you voted into power. the April fools joke is on you!

An 11 minute video appeared on Youtube yesterday afternoon [Mar.15] during which the guest worker says he was robbed at gunpoint the night before in Bermuda and made the video "to share the story so that the rest of the residents and tourists/guests will be careful." His face shows visible bruising in the video.
'I said to myself, Oh no, I am going to die'

after attracting so much attention the video was closed to public viewing,probably due to fear of retribution,people are traumatized & terrorized into silence !!
 murder & mayhem is now commonplace, thanks to plp "softly,softly" policy of  pandering to criminals, politically appointed magistrates,and jury nullification, after 13 years of plp govt. of corruption ,looting & thievery! ,
once a peaceful paradise, Bermuda has descended into a Caribbean ghetto.

with this  buffoon "Handbag Burch"  Minister of Public safety, anarchy rules
Larry Burchall's critique
"A black government dancing to a white man's tune!
another sissy fit from Colonel Cranky to stir up racial baiting & intimidation
look at today's headlines: whenever the plp  are threatened with a backlash, they let Colonel Bitch out of his cage
-SDO Tuckers Point blocked
-Island's billions of national debt
-Retail sales plummet to a five-year low
-govt. charity funding dries up: for LCCA,Pals,Family Center
-HIP & senior health costs explode

The silence is deafening: the lunatics are driving the bus off the cliff
Larry Burchall: Spinning and spending,while Bermuda's foreign exchange earnings plummet
yet another  Ewart Brown Pay-to-PLAY scam  backfires
BHB cuts short multi-million dollar Kurron contract to save money ,foreign consultants earning "$700,000 a year, $21,000 a month"

new Auditor General Heather Jacobs Matthews.a patriot ,as her predecessor Larry Dennis,who was imprisoned by Ewart Brown's corrupt & criminal PLP,
Shocking  Ewart Brown's corrupt ministerial interference exposed

New TCD building - costs tripled,contract given UN tendered,to  Dennis Correia
Accountant General tells of pressure to sign off TCD contract
Taxpayer's are paying for the utility bills, maintenance fees and repairs for the equipment at the TCD emissions testing centre despite the fact BECL's $2.4 million annual operations fee stipulates the company should pay for them.He estimated the company is receiving between 20 to 30 percent profit from the $2.4 million annual contract.
Auditor General believes former Cabinet Secretary Marc Telemaque should be fined for disregarding Government’s rules

Walter Roban, the Environment Minister ,the MP who  tabled the Tucker's Point SDO is also a Vice President at HSBC,the bank that  loaned 100's of millions to Tucker's Point ,is using the Bermuda Govt. SDO to force sell off  TAXPAYER"S land to pay for it !

moral degenerates,Handbag Burch &   Walter Roban

Bermudians Against SDOs!
also on Facebook
SDOs should either be banned or their application process made to be much more strenuous.First there was Southlands, then there was Warwick Long Beach, and now Tucker's Point? If there was a three strikes rule SDOs would be out! Tucker's Point,  already has A LOT of property. Why do they need to dig up the conservation area? Why not just build onto one of their golf courses?

Bermudians' Fury as new jobs are found for Uyghurs

Unemployed Bermudians' Fury as new jobs are found for Uyghurs

 Premier Ewart Brown ,who illegally ,and secretly brought 4 terrorists in the dead of night,without even notifying his own govt.,then  claimed he was a humanitarian? ,WikiLeaks," The cables reveal the desperate attempts by the US administration to find homes for former Guantánamo Bay detainees.American diplomats pressed other countries to resettle detainees, they became reluctant players in a State Department version of "Let's Make a Deal."

Wikileaks sparks worldwide diplomatic crisis

Former AG Mr. Perinchief  calls for transparency over Uighurs
"People are questioning whether the jobs the Uighurs now have are jobs that were advertised and turned down by Bermudians or were beyond their competence.

"Further, whether what the Minster of Labour has facilitated is in keeping with or contrary to his policy and the law of giving jobs to qualified Bermudians over non-Bermudians."

The Governor today urged people with information on any Govt. criminal activity to contact Police

Auditor General Heather Matthews' special report has revealed a $10 million overspend on the TCD project, ministerial interference from the outset and a lack of accountability 


Email:  UK foreign affairs committee at

to demand a Royal Commission to investigate the criminal,corrupt Ewart Brown PLP govt.

 Retail sales have fallen to their lowest level in 18 years

4% pension increases for retired public sector workers, MPs and senators leave the average senior even further behind.unfair that former legislators will now get an even greater portion than the person off the street.

former Atty Gen.Senator Kim Wilson thinks that Ministers are exempt from parking tickets " only the little people pay taxes "

Police probe two gun incidents in 24 hours
Man and woman charged with gun-related crimes
Woman spat, kicked and racially abused police
fugitive for double shooting son of Cabinet Minister Glenn Blakeney Minister of Youth, Families
Handbag Burch : no wonder the island is sinking in crime & drugs this sissy fool is Minister for public safety

Former AG Perinchief on Premier:   Brown Put Bermuda on Brink of Financial Disaster

"Brown's tenure and administration is littered with broken, disappointed and heart-broken would-be successful Black entrepreneurs, particularly Black male, in imminent danger of losing their homes and livelihoods. So much for Black empowerment under his watch. Dr. Brown's tenure shall be immortalised by memories of all the stealth-by-night subterfuges, deceiving colleagues, 'smoke and mirror' contracts and other superficial political gadgetry and trinkets. He shall also be remembered for the extravagant and ostentatious gala events, the UBP of old ' glitz and glitter ', the hoop-la of million dollar songsters, golfing events etc., at prices the average PLP member and supporter do not earn in a week. This group has been banished to the side-lines by the Brown administration. ".

"Brown will also be remembered for his lack of good taste and manners. Swathed in infamy, he doesn't quite know how to leave the stage gracefully and silently. He would prefer those of us who fall into the category of "you can't fool ALL of us ANY of the time "to actually thank or feel beholden to him for the misfortunes he has brought us. All praises! Clearly, the Premier is a personification of "narcissism on steroids ".

Three visitors experienced a vacation nightmare

I thought I was going to die
Visiting couple relive bloody knife attack in hotel - he was stabbed repeatedly, wife was knocked out cold
They were woken in the middle of the night to find the masked man at the end of their bed, waving a blade and demanded money.

if you have not suffered enough,it is your God given right to suffer some more !
Burgess grinning like a cheshire cat

Trick or Treat

meet your new leaders:Paula "Cog", who signed the checks that increased our debt to $ billions and a former hotel doorman,union race baiting Jackass!

Bermuda Books :

Kill Me Once...Kill Me Twice: Murder on the Queen's Playground
 ISBN-10: 1452035962
 ISBN-13: 978-1452035963
Getting away with murder in Bermuda:Kirk Munday & Justis Smith (convicted of assaults against other women) are free walking amongst the islands 60,000+ other inhabitants and their tourists ...

New book on 16 year old Rebecca Middleton's brutal murder in Bermuda.a true story of murder, collusion, conspiracy, and cover-up designed to protect the secrets of privilege, and hide the poverty, violence and drugs that darken Bermuda's tranquil pastels

Bermuda's economic GDP output shrank by 8.1 percent last year a dramatically worse recession than Government forecasts.
Result of the
plp orgy fueled by Bermuda TAXPAYER Money.We will be paying for it for a long long time.

Pimps night out on the Bermuda TAXPAYERS
EB's Ace Boy,disgraced Mayor of Detroit, indicted for accepting bribes (the use of private jets to Bermuda)

Ewart Brown,now a multi millionaire after looting & pillaging leaves Bermuda in shambles,billions in debt,in crisis on every level:poverty,crime,drugs,business failures & unemployment
for every ONE cent that came in from Taxes and Duties, Government spent an additional FIVE cents.

Bermuda's Black Beret: the PLP Govt.since 1998

The Black Panthers: Their Dangerous Bermudian Legacy
Assault on Law and Order in Bermuda, 1972-1973: The Assassination of Governor Sir Richard Sharples and the Related Killings [Paperback]
Mel Ayton
ISBN-10: 0786448814

citizen journalist

Bermuda: Inconvenient Truths

hit counter

you can dress gangsters up in 3 piece suits,but the same thugs never change their game
one of the most racist of  E-rats ace boys ,lawyer,ex convict,Charles Richardson ,who served time for armed robbery  & shooting ,was arrested this week for possession of drugs & scales
The end-game is very obvious.If you expand the bureaucratic class and you expand the dependent class, the radical black power PLP can put together a permanent electoral majority,by a combination of mind-control,disinformation, and deceit .

Billions of Taxpayer's $ wasted in plp failed PAY-TO-PLAY projects

Buses can’t be adapted for wheelchairs’
"Totally useless" and "a blunder" Handicapped Association is calling the delay in getting 15 wheelchair-friendly buses equipped to service Bermuda's disabled.
Tourism advertises for managers at New York office after firing long-serving Bermudians in the New York office replacing them with a US firm that failed miserably and had contract canceled
Guantánamo Bay four terror suspects have been given work at Port Royal :jobs were not offered to Bermudian's first as required by law .employers must  ensure that no qualified Bermudians are available
terrorists are well taken care of by taxpayers, from free housing,free medical, free food... everything's on us, they now have jobs at Port Royal Golf Course, when seniors cannot afford medicine,hundreds of Bermudians are struggling to pay rent and basics, and many cannot find work and are homeless

terrorists golf course job stories all over internet make a mockery of Bermuda, while E rat travels the world on our dime

Paget man shot in broad daylight

Bermuda in the world's top ten countries for murder rates.

shocking statistics behind Bermuda's spiraling homicide rate.quarter of murder cases never get as far as a trial and less than half end in a successful conviction
Public debt
The cost per Bermudian head is around $72,000 each ($3.4 billion divided by the Bermudian population of 47,000).
1. Government debt per 2009 budget 539 $ MILLION.
2. Deficit on Legislators' pension fund 10 $ MILLION.
3. Deficit on Civil Servants' pension fund 760 $ MILLION.
4. Deficit on Social Security Fund 1,774 $ MILLION.
5. Total Government Debt 3,083 $ MILLION.
government spending accounts for 75 per cent of the economy.the statutory borrowing limit was increased to $1 billion in the 2009-10 Budget, Government already expects to owe $640 million and has another $200 million listed as a liability as a result of the Butterfield Bank liability.
the reported debt is but a fraction of the real debt. When you add what is owing to (or missing from), government sponsored pension funds the total amount of Bermuda Government debt should be alarming

Bermuda's public debt ratio is set to reach ten percent by the end of the year

Berkeley Institute sub-contractors still waiting to get paid,three years after the Government project was completed." Derrick Burgess was heavily involved in the project from the start as BIU head,now he  is Minister for Works & Engineering and has effectively slammed the door in our faces.
Stuart Hayward :
Download the report of the cess pool of corruption in Turks and Caicos
     7/24/2009 Local lessons to be learned from report into corruption in Turks & Caicos The final report of the 'Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) Commission of Inquiry 2008-2009' is in and Bermuda should pay attention.
CORRUPTION... the very nature of corruption defies precise definition. Like a rot which can, unseen, destroy the fabric of a house before coming to the surface, corruption grows and spreads out of sight, only occasionally revealing itself. When it does, it reveals only its presence, not its extent or when it started.

Another term that turned up repeatedly in the Report was
"malfeasance in office". In the simplest definition I could find, " ... any public officer who being prompted by corrupt or dishonest motives, does any act as an officer which he is not by law authorized to do, in such a manner as is likely to deceive and mislead others, commits the offence of malfeasance in office."
While defenders of Bermuda's current government complain when the word 'corrupt', is used, the number of incidents in which policies or practices fit into the above definitions ought to change their opinions. As examples:
* Awarding of major government contracts without and, in some cases, despite a transparent tendering process.
* The recurring and continued awarding of contracts by a labour-government to non-unionised contractors.
* The ongoing and varied attacks on those offices most closely mandated to monitor and remedy malfeasance in financial and service-delivery processes - most notably the offices of the Auditor General (parallel TCI) and the Ombudsman.
* The most egregious process and abuse of power whereby the Bermuda Cement Company was ripped out of the hands of its owner(s) and handed over to new owners.
* Instances where Ministers have caused or directed others to proceed illegally with development projects and either overturned or ignored the law and or established practice.
* Ministerial interference in the hiring, firing and job stability and security of low-level and senior civil servants.
* Ministerial interference in the Human Rights Commission's exercise of its mandate.
* The accelerated construction and passage through parliament of legislation favouring the interests of certain Ministers/Ministries (for example Transport & Tourism) and the retarded pace for legislation favouring or protecting the public's interest (for example, access to information [PATI], anti-corruption laws, and whistle-blower protection).
* The increase in Bermuda's debt from $175 million in 2004-5 to $680 in 2009.
The most frequently occurring core point in the TCI Report was that Ministers and Members of Parliament from both political parties "... repeatedly failed to make full and accurate declarations of their [financial] interests to the Registrar of Interests, as required by the Registrations of Interests Ordinance."
This failure to fully disclose sources of income was the keystone that allowed illegal income (from bribes, deals, kickbacks and so on) to be solicited, paid, accepted and hidden.
The longer the U.K waits to initiate such an inquiry locally, the worse it will look for them (especially after being taken to task for tardiness in the TCI inquiry), the harder the task will be and the more Bermudians will suffer.
Bermudians should read this report and flood the U.K.Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee and Governor Gozney with letters urging a similar inquiry here.

This whole Farrakhan meddling was set up and staged by Rock Newman and EB public relations firm in Washington distract from recent marches demanding his removal .Farrakhan has done nothing to help or support Police or the community, except pander to thug mentality

Here are the complete lyrics of "F— the Police," which could have been written by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.


 the Carpetbagger's clown and race pimp ,Calypso Louie stirs up conspiracy by  discrediting police
Louis Farrakhan was a calypso singer. He performed under the names The Charmer and Calypso Louie. 
who can resist lyrics like these songs he recorded .."Me donkey want water.
This donkey want whiskey,Wine wine wine. The 69 cent kind!
so much for a call for unity, 25-year-old man was shot in broad daylight in Warwick yesterday
conspiracy charmer claims police and other Govt officials are now the ones in charge of dealing drugs/guns and not the innocent gang thugs
:Farrakhan and Bermuda Music Festival promoter Rock Newman accuse police of conspiracy"Someone does not want to see peace. Someone does not want us to stop the flow of blood and maiming each other," he claimed that he had not been treated by the Police with the respect an international figure deserved. "There were no Police I know of who offered anything to help with this visit; not with security, not to move our convoy through traffic ..."

Crime & corrupt Government leadership top survey
disillusionment with Dr. Brown has now reached such a height that 'Poor Government Leadership/Government Corruption' is the second most serious issue troubling people

E rat  needs to distract critics away from him, his US lobbyist firm in Washington D.C.brought in Sharpton,now The black Hitler, Louis Farrakhan,at TAXPAYER'S expense ,to incite negative emotions,stir up Hate against whites,Governor,U.K. and the thousands who marched for 3 weekends for his removal
an extremely cynical move by Brown who it  is trying to add further fuel to the fire of discontent and  deliberately trying to start civil unrest by the  use of hate filled racial rhetoric

Minister of HATE Farrakhan's quotes:

"The Jews don't like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that's a good name. Hitler was a very great man."Murder and lying comes easy for white people." "The white man is our mortal enemy, and we cannot accept him. I will fight to see that vicious beast go down into the late of fire prepared for him from the beginning, that he never rise again to give any innocent black man, woman or child the hell that he has delighted in pouring on us for 400 years."
"I called them [Jews] bloodsuckers. I'm not going to change that. Our lessons talk about the bloodsuckers of the poor in the supreme wisdom of the Nation of Islam. It's that old no-good Jew, that old imposter Jew, that old hooked-nose, bagel-eating, lox-eating, Johnny-come-lately perpetrating a fraud, just crawled out of the caves and hills of Europe, so-called damn Jew. . . and I feel everything I'm saying up here is kosher." (Speech in Baltimore, MD, February 19, 1994)
"Who are the slumlords in the Black community? The so-called Jews. . . . Who is it sucking our blood in the Black community? A white imposter and a white imposter Jew." (Speech at Kean College , NJ,
"You see, everybody always talk about Hitler exterminating 6 million Jews. . . . But don't nobody ever asked what did they do to Hitler? What did they do to them folks? They went in there, in Germany, the way they do everywhere they go, and they supplanted, they usurped, they turned around and a German, in his own country, would almost have to go to a Jew to get money. They had undermined the very fabric of the society." (Speech at Kean College, NJ, November 29, 1993)
"Tell us you lost 6 million. Historians, scholars, scientists, they went to some of the death camps. . . . It wasn't 6 million, it wasn't 5 million, it wasn't 4 million, it wasn't even 3 million. . . . Some of them say we'd be hard-pressed to get 1 1/2 million. Reports on the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis were bloated, exaggerated, probably fabricated."
The Dallas Observer recorded this dialogue between Nation-of-Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and an audience he was preaching to:
    Farrakhan: "Is the Federal Reserve owned by the government?"
    Audience: "No."
    Farrakhan: "Who owns the federal reserve?"
    Audience: "Jews."
    Farrakhan: "The same year they set up the IRS, they set up the FBI. And the same year they set up the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith… It could be a coincidence… [I want] to see black intellectuals free… I want to see them not controlled by members of the Jewish community." (Source: Dallas Observer on-line, August 10, 2000)

Dead man walking
"The Premier's popularity with his Progressive Labour Party MPs appeared at an all-time low, with not a single one offering support when contacted by The Royal Gazette." 

Breaking News:  E rat's Dictator rule is over
last night, in 
Parliament  : PLP MP's L James,T Lister,R Horton,W Perinchief,call for Brown's resignation.

Big Trouble in Little Paradise: the Turks and Caicos
Bermuda's political elite are just as corrupt
The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office  must conduct an inquiry into corruption and misconduct
Download the report of the cess pool of corruption in Turks and Caicos

his latest "we had to deceive you" trick to sneak passage of gambling bill was soundly defeated
Seven PLP MPs vote against the bill
Renee Webb to whites: Speak up, it's your country too

"He took a pleasure in calling me the 'Minister of White People' because I have white friends and I know white people. It is seriously deep, the level of discrimination". 
E rat is a vile racist , bigot
Human Rights Commission alarmed at 'vitriol' dividing Island

Shocked by MP's arrogance and racist vitriol and intimidation


Roban & Handbag Burch & Wentworth Christopher
PLP Perverts of Political Privilege
E rat's Hate Jihad plan is to divide & conquer,to distract the sheep,stirring up emotional hatred
while his friends & family  line their pockets and leave the sheep who defend him to pay his bills

Third week of Huge protest outside Cabinet


second demonstration within four days, rain fails to dampen protest ,crowd even larger!

As Martin Luther King Jr. once said:
He who passively accepts evil is as much involved with it as he who helps to perpetuate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

Michael's last date :
Handbag Burch
as Minister of Public Safety,he's been a total disaster Four gun-related incidents in one week
as immigration  Minister Burch  said  the Bermudian people did not deserve to have a say or participate in the decision to take the Gitmo prisoners.

 Bermuda's Policy being directed by  a Black US lobbyist firm in Washington D.C.
proposed Uighur asylum to E rat, Art Collins, DC-based Public Private Partnership Inc was officially hired on April 1, at an annual cost of $200,000.$16,666.67 per month plus  out of pocket expenses.In paperwork filed with the US Department of Justice, the company's purpose is described as strengthening the relationship between President Obama's administration and the Bermuda Government, including political developments and advising Bermuda on public policy."

Ayatollah E-rat and the PLP Black Beret Revolutionary Guard attempted act of intimidation towards some of the organizers of the recent demonstrations latest dirty trick :
a package containing an unknown powder caused Freisenbruch-Meyer Insurance staff to be quarantined and a portion of Front Street closed for nearly two hours in a not so obvious copycat of the anthrax letter scare,as a message to Janice Battersbee,who works in that  building,one of the organizers of the rally,and speaker who dressed down Ayatollah E-rat in public .

E rat has to go You Tube rap video

UBP motion of no confidence defeated: The Rule of Law is dead in Bermuda: Shame on the worthless collection of freeloaders who choose to line their pockets ignoring the public's will.They never have know the value of money, have no work ethic,not interested in the suffering of seniors,or the majority who are struggling to survive. People's party my ass,they endorsed an american carpetbagger snake oil salesman, his family & friends clique,are looting the treasury  and converting  Bda Inc. into a third world ghetto !

Organizers of the rally:Janice Battersby, Erica Rance-Cariah, Gilbert Pitcher, Pat Ferguson, Anne Hyde.
It took a black female, Mrs. Battersbee,who read the speech, to tell EB about himself, to his face,in public!
She has more guts than the whole cabinet of useless incompetents ,EB herd animals blindly following his steaming excrement!

-Dale Butler,who demanded E rat apologize,then quit as Minister
Wayne Furbert,Darius Tucker, Mark Pettingill of the UBP who did not vote to censure E rat
 the  worthless  PLP cabal of thieves and liars who  call themselves MP's but spit in the face of Bermudians and their supporters who elected them
send E rat & his  useless tribe of incompetents to Guantanamo

 in desperation ,E rat sends for Race Pimp Sharpton to stir up marches and mayhem

Sharpton's Skeleton Closet
fraud,(Tawana Brawley fiasco)Jew hater, riot instigator,accessory to murder (Freddie's Fashion Mart)tax cheat,owes nearly $1.5 million in taxes, other penalties,HBO sting shows he is a dope dealer
Caught on an 1983 FBI Surveillance Tape Discussing a Cocaine Deal,(HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel)
Sharpton got $500G in illegal cash during White House run, Federal Election Commission audit says-November 14th 2008
Crown Heights riot of 1991, and a 1995 arson attack on a Jewish Harlem jeweler that resulted in 8 deaths. That attack came months after Sharpton made remarks about the "white interloper".

the Circus comes to town starring  Race Merchant(Coke Dealer)   Al Sharpton

More than three thousand people gathered in front of the Cabinet building this afternoon to call for the Premier to step down

Bermuda made the  laughing stock of the world from E rat's latest ego trip

world's media focus  on Bermuda with these headlines  "North Atlantic’s first Islamic “republic” Uighurs hope to open restaurant in millionaires’ paradise" American media are joking about being blown up in Bermuda by an Uighur terrorist!
send E rat & his  useless tribe of incompetents to Guantanamo !

It Don't Gitmo Better Than This!
terrorists are doing great,how about YOU?
need help paying bills,mortgage,rent,starting a business ?
Muslim terrorist? no problem TAXPAYERS will support you
E rat claims to be a humanitarian,but he lives the jet set lifestyle of an Arab Sheik-salary of $217,149 in world's top ten leaders,
for 19sq.mile island
  wasting $320,000 of taxpayers' cash on trips in the last fiscal yearwhile Bermudians live in caves, containers and cars, unable to pay rents or find steady good paying jobs

PLP spent more than $10 million on noise abatement for the dolphins but NOTHING to build the homeless shelter.
Homeless shelter put on back burner
The planned overhaul of the Salvation Army's homeless shelter has been delayed due to a lack of funds,

These Muslim terrorists are not the innocents that E rats propagandists claim. They were in Afghanistan on a jihad to kill our allies
They should have been sent back to China.

Corrupt ,incompetent, PLP Government  and E rat's Micky Mouse Dictatorship has made Bermuda the target of Contempt and ridicule ,the joke the World.
Bermuda inc. is circling the drain, while E rat family & friends get rich looting  the treasury

E rat ,the arrogant  egomanic  Micky Mouse DICTATOR creates a political firestorm ,by illegally resettling   Chinese Muslims in Bermuda from Guantanamo Bay,terrorists refused entry to  USA,Canada,Australia and every other  western country, over 100 countries

Who in their right mind would pollute a 19 square mile, affluent, sub-tropical paradise with four angry terrorists?
Americans,Canadians and Europeans will boycott tourism and scratch Bermuda off the travel list,even for cruise ship trips
Flood' of tourism cancellations after Uighurs resettlement,

Philipinos and Asians are flooding the job market here now,many are Muslims. With the economic recession ,and tourism collapse,the conversion to Radical Islam and social violence among unemployed and angry Bermudians will accelerated as happened in the Philippines.

A hotel room in Bermuda starts around $400 a night. Bermuda  Taxpayer's are  funding the importing,housing,feeding, clothing and employing these four who were refused entry to over 100 countries

Inconvenient Facts.
Against Us: The New Face of America's Enemies in the Muslim World
Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror by Nonie Darwish

Yemen Slaughter Bears Mark of Former Gitmo Detainee
Obsession-Radical Islam's War Against The West
Uighurs admitted their relationship with Abdul Haq (a member of al Qaeda's elite Shura Council), who oversaw their training (c) most of the Uighurs were trained at a terrorist camp in Tora Bora – a stronghold for al Qaeda and the Taliban, (d) their organization has targeted civilians and fought alongside Taliban and al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere

Chinese terrorists received training in the Taliban  sought to sow violence and fracture international unity at the 2008 Olympic Games in China,but handbag burch and E rat's liars and propagandists claim they are innocent
the four men —aged 25 to 35— are Chinese Muslims called Uighurs and arrived by air last night. They will be given the opportunity to get Bermudian status. but  immigration  Minister Burch  said  the Bermudian people did not deserve to have a say or participate in the decision to take the Gitmo prisoners.
"You couldn't make a decision of that magnitude and try to get 65,000 opinions," he told Bermuda Broadcasting Corporation radio.

Handbag burch and E rat's Hate propaganists ,who spew racial bigotry in their daily verbal sewage on radio talk shows,now claim they are humanitarian.Where was his  humanity  when he  fired NYC tourism office,Leoni Junos, tried to fire Major Dill?


Say WHAT?  Bermudians cannot find jobs or affordable housing,Tourism is dead,International Business is leaving,chaos rules the roads,crime out of control,in middle of the worst recession in 50 years E rat invites Muslim Terrorists to our 19square mile Island -less than half the size of Guantanamo's U.S. naval base. to enjoy life on YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY !
  E rats Tourism Platinum Period - Terrorists go fishing in Bermuda 

The Uighurs told FOX News that they plan to make their home in Bermuda, probably working first in some form of manual labor. They also may open a restaurant and look forward to swimming and fishing.

FOX News spotted the newly freed detainees at a guest cottage complex on the island without security or electronic monitoring

not even the cabinet knew about this "we had to deceive you" decision

decision taken "without U.K. permission"The Foreign Office is livid  "They are pissed."

but Fidel approves

Bermuda's head  is in the vice
this fool is in charge of BHC (Bermuda Housing Corp) why is he pandering to terrorists while  hundreds of Bermudians are  homeless? 

Five girls — four aged 16 and one aged 14 — have been arrested in connection with an attempted robbery on a 29-year-old man

Off-shore leaders fear 'gangsta's paradise'

"there was blood everywhere" after gangsters invaded Bermuda High School's after-prom party

A teenage girl  slashed in the face after a gang fight broke out at Bermuda High School's after-prom party on Saturday night.Beer bottles are said to have been used as weapons in the brawl at Royal Bermuda Yacht Club late on Saturday

"Shot dead in broad daylight" . "Island being infiltrated by US gangs - experts"
"It's scary to think that only a few blocks away people are shooting each other in broad day light, there is obviously no fear or respect for the authorities so I would think it's only a matter of time until we see this move closer to the centre of town or even right on Front Street."

"We are extremely distressed and very concerned not only for our children's safety but also for the image of Bermuda Inc.," said Diane Gordon, executive vice president of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce. "Enough is enough."

'There is corruption in Police, prison and customs' claims MP Ashfield DeVent

Cost of overseas trips tops $140,000 for five Ministers

'Red and orange' glowing lights around Sally Bassett statue,
 code words for victimization & entitlement,the something for nothing agenda of PLP race pimps  represents the millions of Taxpayer's money burned at the stake by the corrupt and  reckless spending of a gang of liars and thieves,from the $50 million Berkley disaster,to $15 million BIU bond-ProActive payoff ,to multi-million kickbacks from E rat's pay-to-play non-tendered contracts to GLobalHue,PortRoyal Golf course,pals given golden handshakes and lucrative contracts ,from behind closed doors

Played for suckers: BIU farce: a corrupt rip off of members and taxpayers BIU's accounts are now 10 years overdue
guess who pays BIU president Chris Furbert for his expensive custom made suits and gambling trips to Vegas?

Tourism portfolio is merely a way of funeling taxpayers cash to Brown's family and friends. They're not even subtle about it  GlobalHue and his rapist son's "charity" for which we paid the rent

Democracy or Dictatorship?

payback  or Shakedown?

Fatso and his moonbat mommy Lavoine

Hustle truck office staff are hitting out over their sacking after they raised concerns about the lack of pension and health insurance cover.

Zina Godwin said she was fired last week, along with two other office workers, after being warned by supervisors not to pursue the benefits issue with the Bermuda Public Services Union (BPSU).

Revenues plunge, tourism in free fall:
visitor arrivals fell by 27.84 percent
Yet there's plenty of money for the dismal performance of the tourism department ,$28 million to GlobalHue for reducing the number of tourists that come to Bermuda,despite being accused of overbilling Bermuda Tourism account by $1.8 million,and forgiveness of a $15 million legitimate debt owed to the tax payer. Millions spent on the PLP Country Club (formerly known as Port Royal Golf Club), football, cricket, music festivals, travel, CITV,and multiple pay-to-play payoffs

calls for BIU to open up its books
why is the public paying for a bond deal that is against the BIU constitution,
when union members never voted on it?

taxpayers stiffed with $15 Million BIU bond debt ,and today Container ship sails back to NY, with most of it's goods still unloaded, due to BIU dockers union"shake down  protest,as the supply of fresh food dries up

"The last set, covering 1999 to 2002, revealed the BIU had nearly $11 million in assets in 2002, up by $2 million from 1999, with nearly $2 million in cash and the rest in buildings and land.

For those three years the BIU had a total income of more than $25 million and paid out nearly $11 million in salaries.

Last year it was revealed the BIU had a 20 percent stake in a cement company Island Cement."

11 million dollars was paid out in salaries over a 3 year period...
Three men injured in second shooting
Police guard hospital with machine guns
SATURDAY, MAY 23: Bermuda is reeling after two days of violence left one man dead and four others sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Less than 24 hours after Friday's incident saw one man killed in the 42nd Street area of Pembroke and another sent to King Edward Memorial Hospital, a second shooting spree occurred near the junction of Court and Elliot Streets around 9am Saturday.
Three men were shot this morning as violence flared in Court Street
Shot dead in broad daylight
Second man shot and injured, further gunfire reported in nearby neighbourhood

 chaos ,no law and order in Bermuda ,thanks to the incompetent,corrupt and racist Black Power run PLP Government. Police and the justice system are under staffed  and poorly managed
by  Public Safety Minister "handbag burch " who cut the police forces' budget and reduced/stopped overseas training,yet he  blames  his stunning series of  failures on the UK and the Governor


citizen journalist

Gangsta's Paradise : Bermuda officially a banana republic

Inside the Bermuda Black Beret Cadre

This reminds me of Rhodesia being converted to Zimbabwe..
and we know how that worked out
Mugabe final eviction of white farmers as his "birthday present"
If You Haven'
t Suffered Enough, It Is Your God Given Right To Suffer Some More
You get what you pay for: don't complain
The beatings will continue until the morale improves.

We have been played
Dear Sir,
If I hear another comment, quote or receive another e-mail concerning the Big Conversation, I think I will be forced to go play in the traffic. ..It isn't as if I don't see the merit in attempting to resolve an issue that is long standing and destructive, however I sincerely believe that this ambitious project lacks credibility, primarily because our black government has tormented, terminated and reduced to nothingness, large segments of the black community that don't openly support their highly suspect behaviour. We have been duped into believing that our issues are merely black and white when the real divisive ingredient is green. This Government would have us believe that it was purely race that prompted the recent Auditor General's report. That the many, many issues that have plagued this country over the past ten years are simply racially based. Hogwash and more camouflage.

We have been played by a master player. He has us believing that his black American friends deserve to be empowered and financially rewarded at our expense. That the majority of black Bermudians are not worthy, unless they display unswerving loyalty and openly support his twisted agenda. That he deserves to be rewarded for leading us out of the wilderness and that to question is sacrilege. His tactics are not new, however I have to admit that I am surprised he has survived this long. I therefore recommend that we have a real conversation. One that is huge, massive and comprehensive. We need to discuss and decipher whether the smoke we have been inhaling for the past few years is merely trash being burned in the back yard or if there is something far larger and sinister burning underground. We need to determine if the volcano that formed this island is dormant or if we are about to feel the real destructive forces of an eruption. One that can't be reversed. Seriously, we need to think and not be lead around by our noses. All that pinching apparently has eliminated the stench.
 Black Bermuda's sound and fury over E rat's deliberate destruction of the economy ,workers,tourism,rape of the environment,billion $ budget,waste and corruption and thievery is as deafening as the crickets chirping at night

Sales Focus affair 'pathetic and bogus'

Whistle Blower fights back : despite the silence of the cowardly E rat boot lickers

Erat sued for  political interference in sacking African Diaspora historian LeYoni Junos

for exposing his  fraudulent by pay-to-play  US pals ,profiting from  a Bermuda charity
'Senior members of tourism know exactly what happened but I'm standing here by myself.
I've been made a scapegoat
We had to deceive you AGAIN  FutureCare deficit at least $45 million burden on taxpayers
Seniors left in the dark  "conned and duped"  about FutureCare despite E rat promising health care insecurity a thing of the past for our senior citizens" before the election
What happened to the Platinum period? Where are all the new hotels?  Bermuda's economy is the  sinking Titanic,and E rats latest political scam is to pretend to bail it out with yet ANOTHER team of consultants,added to $100 Million/yr taxpayers spend on foreign consultants,because the PLP are too lazy and incompetent to run a 19 sq. mile island

What me worry?                      leading the sheep to slaughter has never been easier,  E rat's  racial politics and hate jihad propaganda machine makes Hitler and  Mugabe look like amateurs
"Don't take my word for it. Talk to the PLP foot soldiers who slogged uphill through the most trying of conditions and times. Listen to their laments about how the honour they felt for their party and its objectives is being overshadowed by feelings of disappointment now that the "new" PLP treats some of its own worse than the "old" UBP did ". ...Stuart Hayward,Bermuda Sun
"As long as the taxpayer is happy to allow this level of mediocrity, poor oversight, shoddy workmanship all with no accountability and plagued with a plethora of excuses, then the end product will be in keeping with lowered expectations."MP.Gordon
Commission of Inquiry into corruption, petition
if the E rat govt has nothing to hide,Where are the bodies buried in the following list ?
1. The Coco Reef Resort
2. The Berkeley Institute building
3. The Holiday Inn/Park Hyatt
4. The Port Royal Golf course
5. The Dockyard Cruise ship terminal.
6. The Police Court building
7. The TCD testing and emissions building.
8. The vehicle emissions testing concession
9. The Dockyard cement silos
10. The Southlands/Morgan point land swap
11. The operations permit to operate a restaurant at Warwick Long Bay.
12. The construction of the Fast Ferry docks
top Narcotics officer says we've 'literally surrendered' in drug fight
Three violent assaults during one evening:Beating leaves man with serious head injuries 
Attacked man remains in intensive care, two more violently robbed
Mistakes and waste on $78m Police/Court complex "a potential threat to public safety" by a Government architect. builders trying to cut corners to save money and builders changing plans without permission.
E rat's family & friends plan take all the  profits of the courthouse project,another Berkeley fiasco:The Berkeley project came in three years late and more than $55 million over-budget.
shareholders Vincent Hollinsid, who is the Fire Chief and the Premier's half brother and Winters Burgess,relative and friend of Works & Eng. minister  D Burgess.

Bus drivers show down :Labor unrest will hurt Bermuda tourism
tourism is down by at least 30%
Air arrivals fall by more than 13% in 2008 ,Visitor spending drops 21.7%,spent $111.4 million less into the economy than the previous year.
30 staff laid off from Little Venice Group,restaurant chain
13 more jobs cut at Fairmont Southampton hotel,in addition to 19 in Dec.
-$1.8 million was paid to E rat's Tourism advertising pal for doing nothing
Don Coleman's GlobalHue is accused of ripping off the government by overbilling its $13 million tourism advertising contract,overbilling the account by $1.8 million. Pre-billing the government in violation of its own rules. Not keeping invoices and billing records.commissions of up to 181 percent.
- $6 million taxpayer funded  Festivals for one year wasted on E rat's ego-trip parties ,not counting $7 million Cabinet travel budget
-Music Festival in 2008 cost over $5 million for three nights ,yet October was bleak despite  the star-studded  Festival,taxpayers shelled out $3 million to fly Beyonce, Alicia Keyes, UB40 to the Island ,as Bermuda actually saw a 17.9 percent drop in air arrivals.
August -14.4%,September -17.3% November -23.1%,December -18.3%
-Earth Wind & Fire another half-million dollars for one night E rat love fest,attracted less 90 visitors.
RIP Bermuda tourism :$13 million taxpayer's money wasted  on pay-to-play payoffs
Island's hotels in crisis: expert on corruption spoken out E rats pay-to-play pal GlobalHue

 Taxpayer's watchdog bites back
Auditor Larry Dennis has hit back        Work rushed for 'political reasons'
Follow the money trail and see where it leads
PAY-to-PLAY Corruption:

-audit revealed other strange payments including $14,500 for a car for building managers.
-builders Landmark Lisgar donated $1,000 to the Progressive Labour Party and then claimed the money back from Government,
-$78 million project has been mired in controversy over delays which saw Government having to hire a $400,000 project supervisor to get it back on track.
- $665,000 had to been paid outside the terms of the contract.

Culture of corruption:
E rat has donated thousands $ to fellow  shakedown artist and race hustler  MAXINE WATERS,  (D)
one of the Most Corrupt members of Congress
These allegations and more are exacerbated by a lack of information, transparency and accountability within the public sector; including intimidation of the Auditor General, media and anyone who dares to speak out  sign petition

decline and fall of the Bermudian taxi industry.Hotel-tourism business & workers starve,while E rat's clique make millions.*former head of tourism in New York paid off with half-a-million dollars 'hush money' severance package,Brown doesn't tolerate dissent. So he had to go.""I don't buy it," "$440,000 for four months' salary, health and pension? I believe this person's silence was purchased at the taxpayers' expense. In the real world, heads would roll for this.  'it's my way or the highway'.
*Global Hue were overpaid by around $1.8 million dollars in 2008
without submitting receipts and invoices."it was common knowledge in the office that Global Hue submitted bills and didn't submit invoices"
GlobalHue Accused of Overbilling Bermuda Account; Agency Plays Race Card
*$6.5 million had been paid to contractor LLC Bermuda Ltd. without the proper supporting receipts and invoices. Derrick Burgess ordered his civil servants not to cooperate with the office of the Auditor General

Auditor's critical report
millions of  taxpayers money wasted pay-to-play    corruption and thievery

Micky Mouse Dictatorship
PLP gov't and Cabinet of Buffoons
Awards switch is shameful 'reprehensible ,to strip Roy Allen Burch of the Male Athlete of the Year Award.
political interference of the worst kind, Olympic Swimmer Burch was punished for criticizing E rat's incompetent cabinet of buffoons, in particular the aloof and arrogant Blakeney

Premier heckled: 5,000 people petition oppose the building of a beach bar on Warwick Long Bay.

Mortgaging  future generations 
PLP looting  the treasury  by  pay-to-play corruption & thievery
$100 million  of the Budget is going to overseas consultants.

Bermuda's bond ratings may be lowered by Moody's Investors Service, which said the "small and relatively undiversified economy" is vulnerable to the global economic slowdown.
10 years of PLP government the government spending has doubled  ONE BILLION DOLLARS PER ANNUM for a 21sq mile island with 65,000 people (works out to be $15,384 per person)
Incompetent tax & spend PLP blowing10% percent of this year's billion dollar Budget ,$100 MILLION on foreign consultants while saddling future generations with debt,national debt $689 million the highest ever
Billion $ budget,$12-million overspend in the current account and a $19-million shortfall in revenue.
double the island's debt ceiling, now fixed at 10% of GDP, to $1 billion,duck out of making the annual payment into the national debt sinking fund as required by law,run a deficit on the current account to more than $40 million
Burch blasts UK control of policing

says  if he was in charge of Bermuda Police Service he would quickly reduce the number of officers guarding Government House.
E rats Drama Queen Politricks:
Media whore race pimps: using our taxes to make themselves wealthy
We had to deceive you' ...but I'm not a crook.
when caught in the act: send out race pimp propagandists,

Julian Hall ,poster boy for PLP  victimization & entitlement,a corrupt cabal of sodomites & thieves
 has no plan to pay back millions 
says he intends today to make the first payment to his creditors for almost a decade(HE IS NOT PAYING,WE TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING OFF HIS DEBT).. he has absolutely no intention of repaying in full the millions of dollars the courts say he owes..In an interview with the Bermuda Sun, he said he would rather "quit his job" - a $200,000-a-year consultancy role with Government - than continue to make payments The Official Receiver's former lawyer Kulandra Ratneser has previously called for Mr. Hall to be jailed for contempt of court for failing to disclose his finances in full. In court lawyers have accused Mr. Hall of blaming everyone else for his difficulties while not giving a cent to families to whom he owes huge sums of money.
Julian Hall now representing Andre Curtis
conflict of interest,a highly paid consultant,$200,000/year of taxpayers money,now defending andre curtis,who has allegedly stolen taxpayer funds via the faith based tourism scam

Ironically, in the news media he loves to hate,the steaming excrement he spews in today's Gazette fools nobody except his Kool-aid disciples (Crook image and the media, Premier speaks out).

Where are the tourists?
eight new resorts publicly announced for Bermuda,but NOT ONE has the financing
Industry sources say much-touted plans for a Jumeirah resort and Morgan's Point land swap deal have "gone cold" as developers Southlands Ltd. struggle to secure financing for the multi-million dollar project.

Sources also say developer Carl Bazarian still has no debt equity financing for a hotel at the old Club Med, closed more than 20 years
The photo op PR exercise of grinning EL Duce "Premier Rolls Up Sleeves at Elbow Beach" has only his body guards, his camera crew and a few paid off rented bystanders .Tourism is dead and the Bermuda International business sector is on life support.What's E rat and the PLP done for the homeless, the thousands of laid off tourism workers, fired Bermudian  staff in NY tourism office, the Bermudian homeless, Bermudian hungry,and Bermudians displaced by Asians, Indians,and Philapinos ?
The number of jobs held by non-Bermudians has increased 400% since the PLP took over 10 years ago,they flooded the rental market and workforce with cheap labor from third world countries,displacing Bermudians out of their own country,while burdening generations with debt from his lavish lifestyle & pay-to-play corruption & thievery.

Bill Marriott said when he closed his hotel and pulled out of Bermuda. What he said was: 'If I had to live my life over again I'd do everything the same except own a hotel in Bermuda.'

sending out big sissies to whine about "kickback checks" smells fishy,General Hospital has more believable plot lines.

Police/court building,
more corruption & incompetence:
when you turn the light on: the roaches flee. Once the light goes off, they go back to their dirty work.
"Works and Engineering Minister Derrick Burgess confessed in a TV interview with ZBM, that Winters Burgess was both his close friend and relative."
Bermuda Taxpayer is going to make Julian Hall  very wealthy :"consultant" to W&E salary  increased from $119,000 (plus kids school fees) to $200,000 ,keeping the Brown/Burgess cabal out of jail is a full time job,now   Taxpayers will pay off his $3 million debt from  swindling  his own clients,like $100,000/yr "race consultant"  EX- CONVICT comissiong, we will be forced to listen to a bankrupt and disbarred thief with debts of $3,000,000,as a pay-to-play  race propagandist,in the E rat PLP Hate Jihad campaign

E rat's  is doing to Bermuda,what his son is jailed for !
Kevin Brown, 37, faces 33 counts, including rape, sexual exploitation by a physician and a lewd act If convicted he faces life in jail.
An undercover vice officer investigating reports of sexual violations by a doctor who is the son of Bermuda's leader wept on the witness stand Tuesday as she told of her own alleged assault by the physician. She described him as looking at her with "a look of lusting" and said he hugged her and placed his head on her chest and began confiding things about his life. Then she said he tried to pull down her pants.

Handbag Burch to workers ".Ditch the weed, get a job! "
PLP used  to be Labor party, but what happened to workers ? 

Platinum periodBermuda Tourism under PLP : CLOSED
Visitor arrivals fell 12.2 percent,yet Taxpayers paid $3 million for the Bermuda Music Festival 2008

E rat treats workers with the contempt : from   Police pay, Taxi drivers, constant strikes and shut downs,BHC rents raised 10% in recession
NY Tourism office all fired for US pay-to-play firm,now BPSU angered at E rat's abuse of his OWN secretary who came back from holiday to find she had been replaced.
Maybe she knows to much about his corruption and thievery ?

BMA:  paper tiger giving  credibility to a corrupt system
accountant Mike Hardy, who has 25 years of experience as a manager and auditor in the insurance ind reinsurance industries, said Bermuda's reputation as a 'gold standard' business jurisdiction was being tarnished by the BMA's apparent failure to tackle white-collar crime.
  E rat,with his racist groupies all living up his arse like he's a rock star, and everyone else afraid to say anything because the "white man" would be a Nazi racist if he did.

E rat runs a pay-to-play multi-million dollar ponzi scheme in paradise!
Love fests for himself,Wash DC gala Balls,now Pay-to-Play Premier named as a Caribbean Illuminati
at a fund raiser held by the University of the West Indies , a payoff fo  Bermuda Government's financial contributor to the University of the West Indies. Buffoon-in Charge had to buy the "honor" with Bermuda taxpayer money    E rat family & friends party on your dime
it's all about black Bermudians of west Indian descent feeling important and superior
Bermuda to Subsidize University of the West Indies
Tourism is dead and the Bermuda International business sector is on life support.
when Bermudians are homeless,jobless, and sinking into desperation, the money could be spent on housing,and  Bermuda College to retrain jobless , the Salvation Army,and food banks
Ministry of Bullshit & propaganda opens U.K office
While Bermudians go hungry and homeless, BHC housing rents for low income raised 10% in a recession,yet Brown opens  2,600 square foot London office, total yearly cost to taxpayers of over $1.5,000,000: $882,000 just for rent,plus 6 PLP employees, a veiled smoke screen  to set up independence  a dictatorship,E rat's using millions of  taxpayer's money to lobby for independence,and legitimize his growing criminal empire
Is this a bundled package? Does it include some other "items" that do not get mentioned but slip in under the expense?. Could there be an apartment for someone not being mentioned,as he used Tourism dollars to pay his jailed son's "rent" on his LA "charity's" office.
"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." - Margaret Thatcher

Preview of Bermuda , plundered by thievish premier
Turks Constitution Suspended: systemic corruption - serious dishonesty.

entire government payroll in the Turks and Caicos Islands has been missed.
transcripts of E rat's corrupt pal Premier Michael Misick being skewered under oath

Commission of Inquiry into official corruption and misconduct in the Turks & Caicos Islands
"Michael Misick had told her that he was worth either $80 or $180 million dollars. Their pet phase among themselves was "we ain't broke, we rich."

Bermuda back in news in Turks and Caicos leaze scandal

yet another scandal links to Bermuda Sir Allen Stanford,cricket promoter,accused of $8 Billion Fraud

On race, blacks are cowards, too

Race-Baiter Alert: O'Bama's racist-leftist pals  Obama has a chip on his shoulder,but nothing compared to Michelle,liberal media,and Rev. Wright's black liberation theology ,kill whitey by any means necessary crew

Obama is tired of your motherfucking shit

"America’s chickens... are coming home... to ROOST!"
ol race hustler joe lowery's benediction,-at Obama 's inauguration, ALWAYS THE RACE PIMP  ,he has earned his living as a priest of perpetual victim hood......."Yeah .. those evil white bastards. We just have to get a race remark into the proceedings somehow for the history books."

Another O-bama pompous jackass,Attorney General Eric Holder ,who defended black panthers and pardoned terrorists,recent  diatribe ,same Mau Mau race card BS as Rev."God Dam America" Wright

Racial Caste System by elitist greed, frivolity indifference
Just how is this most liberal U.S. Senator, 183 days in the Senate before becoming a presidential candidate; no experience, no accomplishment, hope over fear product of the corrupt Chicago political machine working out for you so far?
US in worst crisis since the depression, yet  the  Royal Family decides to take a weekend to go to Chicago to give the girls their first ride on Air Force One and shop.

The PLP,and Democrat party own the racists, It's easy to see why, everything is FREE on the gravy train of victimization and entitlement.
the poorest black man in Bermuda and America lives better and freer than Obama's brother in Africa. But that's not good enough,from obama's  dwarf,Robert Reich,and veteran  political parasite Congressman charlie Rangel  "Make sure jobs don't go to "white male construction workers":

(Chris Rock) "in any city of America, you can almost guarantee the most violent part of town is located on Martin Luther King Jr avenue".      The irony being of course that MLK was all about non-violence.

E Rat's SUPER BOWL of wasted public money

E rat sending 10 cabinet MP's to Obama's inauguration to cost TAXPAYERS $250,000

free hit counter

Court building project shock !
yet ANOTHER corruption scandal  to start off the new 2009 year,after the scandals of Berkeley, The Housing Corporation and the Faith Based Tourism
Police open investigation into trust beneficiaries tied to new court project
cheques issued to Cabinet Ministers by construction executives involved in the controversial project have been handed over to Police by the Auditor General's office.
MP Patricia Gordon-Pamplin called on Works and Engineering Minister Derrick Burgess to come clean about the project.  everything the Government touches turns to mud when it comes to public projects.
shareholders are secret,but money is from  our public purse.
with twice bankrupt-twice disbarred "lawyer" and Works and Engineering consultant Julian Hall ,under Handbag Burch running this project what else do we expect?
'The whole thing stinks'  PLP who's who of Cabinet ministers and their relatives have their hands in it

Property market collapses:  XL Capital Ltd. and (AIG) to rent out part of their buildings, market set to be deluged with new space creating downward pressures on rental prices.

Brown's  political campaigner Andre Curtis has been arrested
Montana State Auditor's Office now lists 24 violations against Curtis, whose company ,Harvest Investment Holdings,received nearly $2 million from an American investor in the past five weeks as part of an alleged multimillion dollar worldwide fraud. The alleged victims have invested close to $4 million with no return.

Pay to Pray:  Preachers unpaid by Faith Based tourism
"Pastor Bryant is upset that he has not received payment from Andre Curtis and faith-based tourism. It's pretty much the same as Bishop Francis.
hiding behind religion, deals with the Devil
Andre Curtis profits from pay to play, $400,000 fee for being E warts campaign manager,as he rips off black preachers,the same as he ripped off workers and taxpayers of
 former chairman of the Tourism Board, even though his company ;First Choice Construction ,went into liquidation owning nearly $500,000 in unpaid pension contributions and payroll tax.

Curtis was awarded $400,000 of taxpayers' money in the aftermath of his homophobic comments

Despite objections by Bermuda Bar Council,law to let bankrupt lawyers work  passed,custom tailored for Julian Hall ,
who has twice been made bankrupt and twice disbarred.
the Pay-to-Play reward for bought and paid for Race Pimps,Keeping Hate Alive

Business leaders attack 'Jekyll and Hyde' PLP

" Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them."-- Matthew 7: 15, 16
E rat's Smoke screen racism 'gong show':the political/media double standard involving race.over rationalized horse manure:

the whole point of the exercise is for one set of white people to feel superior to another set of white people.

They bought the “Bling” but they got BULLSHIT, now we're all screwed  !
need  for "whistleblower legislation"
10 years of PLP proved former Black Panthers  can take an outstanding Bermuda reputation and ruin it overnight.
E rat,the THIEF in charge,is Bermuda's Bernie Madoff,creating his own Ponzi scheme of corruption, and thievery for his family & friends. When the smug majority finally clue into the fact they were deceived, AGAIN ,and their Bermuda money and assets are as worthless as a Jamaican-Zimbabwe dollar, they will have nobody else to blame but themselves. Victimization and entitled whining  race politics earns a meal ticket for E rat's inner circle of family & friends but has shut Bda Inc. out of the world's competitive Tourism and International business market and sent it into third world ghetto status ,just as the Caribbean slums the PLP came from.

The PLP voters are pawns  and suckers to be played by  E rats corrupt thugs on the Hill ,who have nothing to do but  spew a smokescreen of lies ,show up for an occasional vote and cash their paychecks.
None  are worthy of being called "Statesman", They're power-hungry elitists with their hands in your wallet.
When PLP supporters condone criminal activity, they effectively give permission for criminal corruption.

This "government" produces nothing, has no bottom line, is accountable to no one, and contributes nothing to our GDP, yet it accounts for most of the spending that occurs in our island. In the end, your government only takes, takes takes ,as it covers up scandal after scandal.

Millions wasted on E rat's Pay-to-Play American  KEMH consultant contracts yet Complaints filed about the hospital  Third World condition after Governor and Minister visit
$3.7million was spent to gussy up the executive floor while the patient rooms are substandard and unfit for human habitation.
The Courage and Slimy Awards
nominees for the courage award for strength are:
Jim Butterfield: for walking away intact from a professional plot that was devised by the government of Bermuda, which saw Jim losing his Bermuda Cement Company.
Larry Dennis: for suffering the humiliation of a criminal investigated and going to jail for doing his job as Auditor General.
Eventually the chickens of E rat's pay-to-play PLP corruption scandals will come home to roost.
Just as many of the ethics-tainted Obama -from the corrupt Chicago cabal - nominations will go down in flames. Today it's Bill Richardson ,secretary of Commerce, has been withdrawn "A federal grand jury is investigating whether a financial firm improperly won more than $1.4 million in work for the state of New Mexico shortly after making contributions to political action committees of Gov. Bill Richardson (D)"

Remembering Rebecca's Brutal Torture, Gang Rape, Sodomization and Murder.

Don't get sick in Bermuda
"more formal complaints given to the hospital than ever before.  from poor nursing, lack of medication, and bathrooms that need repair. Bermudians are outraged about the poor state of the hospital knowing that so much money was spend on renovating the fifth floor, which houses the administration staff, in five star luxury."
Mob of 20 left  victim battered and bloodied on the roadside after a gang hunted him down in Hamilton Parish at the weekend.
Violent crime soars,yet Police budget cut by millions . Violent crime is soaring,overall crime up for the fourth successive year, with 3,000 offences recorded

US State Dept.Travel Warning Travelers should exercise caution when walking after dark or visiting out-of-the-way places on the island There have been incidents of sexual assault and acquaintance rape, Travelers should also note an increase in gang presence in Bermuda and should take regular precautions to avoid confrontation. The back streets of Hamilton are often the setting for nighttime assaults

Chaos on the streets,17 bikers killed in accidents in 2008
No visible police presence, criminals run riot ,prey on visitors and locals alike
Gazette Jan 5,2009 "A gang of bikers chased after a 23-year-old woman motorcyclist in an apparent attempt to force her off the road.The woman was riding along East Broadway, away from Hamilton, when two bikes began following her and then overtook her on Friday, at about 6 p.m...four more bikes joined the pursuit as she drove east along Middle Road...The gang aimed inappropriate remarks at her, with some of them trying to force her off the road, The young woman, who did not recognize any of the suspects, was said to be shaken up "

Witness describes 'terrifying' attacks "stuck a gun in my mouth,"yelling "where's the money?", repeatedly.doused him and his friend in lighter fluid and attempted to ignite it."
Man in intensive care after robbery  at Convict Bay Lane, St. George's
Loaded gun seized at traffic stop

The Chickens Come Home to Roost:
The recent Earth Wind & Fire Love Festival cost $500,000 but brought in just 40 people.

Bermuda ranks in the five worst performing islands after air arrivals dipped 4.6 percent last year .
Business Exodus Warning

Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act
Tax haven status Targeted
tax expert warns of the worst for Bermuda

XL Capital Ltd. and American International Group (AIG) to rent out office space.the decline of such an "iconic" local company is a psychological blow for everyone in the industry,parts of XL's offices now resemble "a ghost town" with desks empty and morale low.  XL has lobbied Government to try to rent out its second tower, and compete for tenants with the latest building projects in the City.

Shadow Finance Minister Grant Gibbons said ,Government has squandered its goodwill with big business by obsessing about race. He said Premier Ewart Brown's recent remarks in Parliament about white Bermudians not supporting Barack Obama was just the latest example of Dr. Brown sending out the wrong message. Mr. Gibbons said: "The PLP needs to think long and hard about its leadership at this present time." Describing the consequences to the country if big business declines, Mr. Gibbons said: "Most directly, 60 per cent of employees in those companies are Bermudians. If jobs are lost, Bermudian families suddenly find themselves without a breadwinner. Then there is the huge amount of money Government makes directly from payroll tax - that goes. Business people take taxis, eat at restaurants; they work in offices that have to be built and maintained. They stay in apartments that will soon be empty if we are not careful."
More companies are considering jumping ship to Switzerland, as the "quiet drain" of money and personnel from Bermuda appears to be gathering pace,as the industry continues to digest the "implosion" of XL, a company once considered a barometer for the health of Bermuda's economy as a whole.
Former premier Sir John Swan said yesterday that the "golden era" of international business on the island now appears to be over. even a modest decline in big business will affect every Bermudian, with taxi drivers, restaurateurs, house painters and anyone with an apartment to rent feeling the "trickle down effect."when things were going really well, when things were at their best, we were at our worse: making more noise about race and about term limits," Sir John said. "We thought: 'we don't need to think about these people; they [international big business] will always be here.'"
if you want to be that arrogant then we all suffer the consequences." Don Kramer, head of Ariel Re, is an ex-pat and long term resident. He agrees that subtle messages have been sent out making international business leaders feel less welcome. He said: "For example, at the airport, there used to be a line for residents and non-residents. Now it is Bermudians and non-Bermudians.

Swiss Re to close Bermuda office,Foster Wheeler completes Swiss move,more jobs layoffs from Ernst & Young and Butterfield Fulcrum Group

A major UK insurer today Feb 16-09,announced they will add operations in Ireland, and justified the move to Insurance Day by bashing Bermuda: Beazley CEO did not see Bermuda "as a stable environment [when] compared to Ireland".In the face of global financial calamity, PLP Government's strategy is flood media with meaningless PR and red herring sideshows.


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to the PLP sheep being herded by one the greatest con artists and sheep herders of all time
If You Haven't Suffered Enough, It Is Your God Given Right To Suffer Some More

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

George Orwell

OFFICIAL NOTICE: This Internet page contains thoughts and ideas that are not consistent with or in keeping with the self-destructive policies and ideas expressed by Ewart Brown and/or the Propaganda, Lies, and Poop party. Accordingly, you are hereby notified that that the thoughts, ideas and facts presented on this web page constitute hate speech and you are warned that, as such, they may cause discomfort or offense to brownies, liberals, those educated by the government, non-achievers,wall sitters, those suffering from aversion to honesty and hard work, jealousy and envy and followers of the gutter  racial  politics of victimization and entitlement of The Chosen One. Govern yourself accordingly.

 When your in a hole,stop digging.US and UK are clamping down on offshore financial centres.
Yet Handbag Burch & his senate seat warmers, follow the BIU's mantra of biting the hand that feeds you,just as they chased Hotel jobs off island,now they threaten the only pillar of the economy left hostility and threats to International Business

E rat shows Contempt and disrespect  to the UK ,the Monarchy and Tradition
the Queen removed from  Bermuda's bank notes by self appointed  Dictator ,US citizen  60's Black Beret Terrorist
E rat brown defies tradition leading into the 400th anniversary of 1609 Sea Venture shipwreck and Sir George Somers settlement of this Colony by Britain.Meanwhile Bda Inc. is sinking into a crime,economic,housing,education collapse as the Caribbean  roots Poop Party digs us  into third world ghetto status ,the "new money" will become devalued and worthless like the Jamaican dollar

PLP Bermuda: The most corrupt British Overseas Territory next to E rat's pal Misick in Turks & Caicos .The result of "voodoo economics" massive incompetence and political corruption Britain to take over administration of corrupt Turks and Caicos finances,Foreign Affairs Committee investigates corruption and dishonesty, for examination under oath.
Cesspool of E rat and his Corrupt Thieves    Follow the Money

Andre Curtis E rat's Campaign Manager implicated in alleged US-based securities fraud
Berkeley fiasco number 2

The same cast of thieves: miss management,cost over runs,months behind schedule
A veil of secrecy surrounds the financial backers behind the controversial Police/court building project.Winters Burgess, who was site manager for Pro-Active on the notorious Berkeley school fiasco, is a shareholder in Landmark Lisgar, the construction company running the $78 million job now months behind schedule.
Bar Council alarmed Government is trying to rush through amended legislation to allow bankrupt lawyers to practice in Bermuda.It has the smell of a political pay-off (for twice bankrupt,twice disbarred Julian Hall.)

Perfect Storm: when the Brain dead vote in egomaniac con-artists, wannabe Dictator and racist revolutionary;E rat and sophomoric Marxist with no experience or qualifications;Yobama;
with their clique of incompetents . If any business was run by these corrupt and useless fools  the result would be bankruptcy,but E rat has his hands in the pot-of-gold,an endless tap of money from Bermuda taxpayers, as he travels the world spreading bullshit . "The truth is that Bermuda's tourism business is devastated....Maybe the Premier's resume writers can tackle the global financial crisis next."
E rat's latest Incompetent buffoonery: Pay-to-Play partnership with discount retailer Wal-Mart and singer Beyoncé. Wal-Mart consumers cannot afford a trip to executives called the campaign a "misguided" investment", targeting a demographic unable to afford a Bermuda vacation, especially during the current US recession.

Expat's face smashed in mugging:  watch your back...your next!
Bermuda's crime wave Thug culture out of control

Face smashed in with bike helmets, New Zealand architect left bleeding on the ground with a shattered cheekbone.
architect was left with a shattered cheekbone and bloodied face after he was attacked with motorcycle helmets by robbers in Pembroke over the weekend. "This guy could have been mortally wounded," he said. "The Police car drove by our house twice and we were the only house with the lights on. I was reading in the paper today about all the Police patrols. Certainly, there were no street patrols here last night. Where is the community policing here?"
the expatriate architect was severely shocked, very confused and in a lot of pain. He remains on a general ward in the hospital

 Two women bravely fought off burglars they found inside their homes

Corrupt clowns plan to  give themselves 30% pay increase
E rat has set himself up as dictator,earning more than $215,000/year,more than the leader of the western world,President of USA,that's not counting what he's stealing, plus Pay-to-Play kickbacks
multi million personal travel budget
- two plainclothes Police bodyguards,with official vehicles ,equipped with concealed handguns for his public appearances.
- $100,000-a-year press officer
- $100,000-a-year "race-relations" consultant ex-convict Rolf Commisiong
- $100,000-a-year "aide" ex UBP ,NLP turncoat Jahmal Simmons
-$60,000-plus house manager.
-second new car — a Toyota Camry costing about $40,000, to go alongside his BMW 750Li, which he got in June at around $100,000.

Banana Republic :Corrupt Courts

Julian Hall escapes jail again despite doing nothing to repay $3 million debts or follow court orders
in his long-running bankruptcy-thievery saga,he enjoys a lavish life style
on $130,000 TAXPAYER payroll,as aide to Handbag Burch,  and chief
Race Pimp of  E rat's  Gestapo
Related Foolishness:
Michael turns Muslim

Liberal media aren't going after 70% of blacks for voting against gay marriage in the USA,or Yobama's leftist pals.The whole point of this exercise is the same as the PLP "Big CON-versation" for one set of white people to feel superior to another set of white people.

nor does 
the Liberal media  report on Hate crimes against whites
White girl suffers black eye and concussion, after being attacked by mob of blacks for wearing a  Sarah Palin pin .
Yobama,like E rat's PLP Gestapo,will bring a new era of political discrimination and bigotry.

Obama's win is  the Race Pimps worst nightmare:
now their meal ticket : their  race politics scam  is in danger
they cannot whine victimization when the majority elect a black President
free pdf download  america’s half-blood prince-barack obama’s -story of race and inheritance

what Change ?   Bubba is Back

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them."-- Matthew 7: 15, 16
Obama link and the Black Muslims

How Obama Got Elected:the news media, completely biased for Obama, simply refused to do their job,to expose his lack of experience, extreme leftist positions and radical political alliances

Only in Bermuda,could a 60's Black Beret terrorist become Premier
Only in America,could a half white Muslim Marxist  become Pres

Black Panthers Voter Intimidation in Philly

Expectations From An Obama Supporter
sounds like E rats racist rallies last December

yet another Handbag
Burch hissy fit demands "Bob Richards  resign after he likened a plan for expatriate ID cards to "Nazi Germany"

"First they came for the Jews, but I wasn't a Jew, so I didn't react.

"Then they came for the communists, but I wasn't a communist, so I didn't object.

"Then they came for the homosexuals, but I wasn't a homosexual, so I didn't stand up.

"Then they came for the political activists, but I wasn't a political activist, so I didn't protest.

"And then they came for me… and by that time no one was left to stand up."

E rat spews more hate whitey bile "White Bermudians wouldn't have voted for Obama"

E rats Gestapo ,led by Laverne Furbert is Outing Posters on Blogs!
on PLP radio tonight,says  she found out who "Twiggie" was and sent the cops to her house..everyone be aware that E rats Gestapo is investigating anyone who posts on blogs and trying to put faces with the comments."
Deception has a cost and consequences
the same old whiny attitude of victim hood. No worry though, as soon as they gain some traction, out come the loony wealth distribution schemes. The moonbats don't seem to realize that the targets of their wealth seizures include all those heroes of the left like E-rat , laverne,Julian and Eva who rake in a tidy sum while exhorting the moonbats to new glories.

 E rat "Mugabe" brown family & friends thievery, as Obama promises "spreading the wealth"

Send in the clowns
6th PLP Education Minister  in 10 years

first it was Phil Perinchief,now Education Minister Randy Horton gets fired
Horton has admitted he was asked to resign but  was sacked when he refused to do so.
Fellow 60's Black Berets get the boot,as E rat  consolidates a Fascist dictatorship.says former Attorney General Phil Perinchief

Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers

E rat and his tribe of useful idiots are right out of the 60's domestic terrorist Black Panthers,anarchist street thugs,virulent racists,anti-Semites Mau-Mauing the "limousine liberals"as writer Tom Wolfe satirized in 1970 ,in Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers

KOOLAID DRINKERS UNITE! at the Annual Delegates Conference of the Propaganda, Lies, and Poop party. E rat crows about his empowering blacks,not just his "white friends" ...he only has PAY-to-PLAY "friends"
E rat doesn't have any friends,black or white, he just uses people and stabs them in the back
but who got all the multi-million contracts? two
Portuguese NON UNION construction firms  owned, by Zane Desilva,and Dennis Correia,because they ran for his race pimping charade of an election to set up an E rat  Mugabe dictatorship
The same
Portuguese NON UNION construction firms who are screwing over black independent truckers with their illegal tractor trailer trucks
" forced out of truck business' After 13 years as an independent trucker",from illegal dumpsters

While working folks have to go without housing or ask for charity to put food on the table,E rats gang travels first class; and give themselves a pay rise!
Government travel has trebled in a decade, from $2.2 million in 1998/99 to $7.4 million this year.
MPs in line for salary hike :a proposed pay increase for MPs will be debated by Parliament in the New Year

PLP's grassroots 'feel helpless and disgusted over Brown's charades'

"The dirty PLP secret" defended by one of the cabal of sodomites and thieves backing up E-rats Mugabe dictatorship
as in following letter from
former Attorney General, Philip Perinchief

"You failed again, Julian

I was wondering at what point Ewart's chief spin artist, sycophant, toad and surrogate Julian Hall would slither out from under the mossy depths of some dank dark hole to spew his venom, vitriol and snide characterisations of people who have shown more loyalty and mettle than he could ever understand or exercise; people who have helped him through some of the challenges, many self-inflicted, in his life.

He's correct. His braying, baying and general efforts to "prop Ewart up", are as always with Julian, self-serving.

Ewart is Julian's only hope of surviving the perpetual messes he gets himself into with monotonous regularity. Both Ewart and Julian are their own worst enemies, complete narcissists, loyal to no one including themselves and believing they are a law unto themselves and everyone else is stupid.

Julian's chief reasons for proffering this diatribe are to distract and intimidate the unwary and attempt to define, and therefore control his and Ewart's detractors. News for you Julian … you failed again.

Julian is correct on one thing, however. I am on record I stand by to this day, saying that Ewart does not have the welfare of Bermuda or Bermudians at heart and continues to insult the intelligence and competence of even his Ministers and Bermudians at large.

Whenever there is a photo opportunity or a Kodak moment, he instantly prances out in front of his ministers thus diminishing their stature and enhancing his own.

Monday night was another case in point when in essence he doesn't understand the fundamentals of Bermuda's economy nor how to redirect it to serve the people who are most deserving of such change.

He does not have a vision for this country and has taken the PLP far, far away from its core values, principles and political direction and for that alone, he should go. He has lost his way.

He is transformational, however, for all the wrong reasons. On another note, Julian, I leave it to others to assess my performance in my post as Attorney General.

I've been told by many more qualified than you will ever be that I did an outstanding job despite carrying the portfolio of Minister of Health simultaneously for almost half of my term in office. Of course there was room for improvement. There always is.

However, for the record Julian, I don't believe in sulking like a little boy. I am too busily engaged in my legal practice to have time to sulk. Besides, as wonderful as it was, I am not defined nor validated by the holding of the post of AG. I was and am a competent and respected lawyer long before that event.

However, unfortunately for you Julian, you have been on the unlucky receiving end of some of that performance and still smart from the consequences, it seems. Have you assessed your performance or lack thereof in any post over the last 15 years, Julian? Probably not. You too have been weighed, measured and found wanting.

And respecting your interpretation, and interpolation of the PLP's Constitution and its workings in respect of the Annual General Delegates Conference, you're dead wrong.

The Annual General Conference is the supreme authority of the PLP Julian, and may suspend its own constitution or provisions thereof. It would otherwise be an absurdity, an inflexibility, a nonsense and repugnant to the intent and/or spirit of the constitution if it allowed its operations to be "hog-tied" by procedural shenanigans and subterfuges.

How foolish it would be, Julian, if the PLP found one month after it elected someone as Party Leader and he or she turned out to be a complete tyrant or person who brought the Government and/or PLP into disrepute that we could not rid ourselves of that person before a four-year period had elapsed by resorting to the supreme authority of an Annual General Conference or Special Delegates Conference specifically for that purpose? Even you, with your limited understanding of constitutional matters, should know better than that, Julian.

In closing, Julian, let me say this. This issue of the proper leadership of the PLP and our great country is bigger than you, me or Ewart Brown will ever be. In the fullness of time it is the people at large who will decide who will lead this country.

In the meantime I suggest you work very hard at not maligning many of those whom you have named in your article who answered at 3 in the morning, your frantic and desperate calls for assistance.

You should also work at where your true political allegiances and loyalties lie. Is it PLP, UBP or just plain Julian again?

Grow up Julian; we need serious, consistent men and women to run this country. At the moment, you tragically fall short of that mark. Good luck at the conference."
Former Attorney General, Philip Perinchief

 The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party’s policies and programmes,under Brown, are meant to shut down opposition blogs and media to  create a Black power Dictatorship.They have only given lip service to PATI legislation

E rat allows illegal tractor trailer trucks for his PAY-to PLAY gangsters,Zane Desilva,Dennis Correa,because they ran for the PLP race baiting agenda.
E rats "spread the wealth" cover up for thievery, he bankrupt's front St. merchants,Zimbabwe cement co. stolen from Jim Butterfield,now taking away their livelihoods of Independent truckers.

Don't Believe the Hype that resembles Nazi propaganda:Poverty, homelessness,Corruption and Crime are the legacy of the PLP.
"Farrakhan" Brown, has the same racist, bigoted, anti-White, anti-Semitic views he's always held,now expanded to attacks on blogs and the media ,using TAXPAYER's money to preach  hatred of whites and Europeans,via  CITV,Hottfm, talk shows and every media they can seize, to practise"institutional racism" against whites 
the same old racist, separatist, supremacy crap we've been hearing from E rat"Farrakhan" brown since he transformed himself from a 60's Black Beret terrorist to the island's looniest Black racist.

as in UK  London Tube worker wins racism tribunal

Sal in Harlem with Black voters
Howard Stern Demonstrates Clueless Obama's Harlem Supporters,being led to slaughter as are E rat's sheep in Bda. 

E rats hate jihad shuts down Free Speech blogs

Biting the hand that feeds em!
Latest PLP-BIU whine-Continental Airlines outsources a few local jobs: clueless BIU pickets airport
Where was their outrage when 30 employees in the North American Tourism Office were outsourced to E rat's Pay-to-Play pal's US consultant? all the ousted workers are black, and that they will be replaced by an all-white Sales staff

 Post Traumatic Whine Syndrome

After the race the victim card !
How do the race baiting propagandists top the rantings of Tim Wise? a self hating,homosexual white man? by pouring even MORE taxpayer's money down the drain on yet ANOTHER race whore's bizarre theory,even after slavery ended 300 years ago,it  is to blame for the "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome" and the cause of everything from black crime,  fatherless single families,the highest illegitimacy rate in the world,drug epidemic, and joblessness & school drop outs

 New Survey results :E rats credibility is 'shot beyond repair, approval rating drops below 18%  except for "confused negros"

Survey show voters worried about
1. Crime 32%
2.  Economy/unemployment 20%
3.  Housing 19%

4. racism 2 %

 E rat increased spending by a half billion dollars a year-Bermuda's net debt by 42 percent (nearly $200 million) this financial year ,and projected to rise by another 37 percent, reaching $387.3 million by next spring. morally bankrupt,and now fiscally bankrupt. 

"new Sonesta "hotel dead in the water: will never get financed, after it's backer Lehman Bank went bankrupt.NOT ONE of  E rat's Plantinum period hotel projects will be built
We're in serious trouble.Tourism is dead and the Bermuda International business sector is on life support.

PLP critics don't need to dress up for Halloween this year.

They're scaring the pants off E rat's followers Anything they say, wear, or do, blink, or think critical thoughts about E rats tribe of incompetent clowns  provokes instant cries of "RAAAAACISM!" 

  Corrupt tribe of useless race-baiting buffoons:

Taxpayer funded$250,000
for "Bling" luxury cars for 3 buffoons

International business: Govt. 'is not getting it' "political stability" as a key concern.Switzerland is more stable in the long term. Bermuda does not have the same allure."


More Criticism of Government's Intimidation of Media
E rat
Brown's new newspaper directors are Pay-to-Play partners and relatives

Judge Wade-Miller threatened "3-piece" Peniston with jail or pay former clients over $10,000 owed ,he promptly wrote a cheque to the two former clients he ripped off.

That's small change, compared to the over $ MILLION he owes to former business partners, from his failed cruise/tourism business.The Bermuda Bar Association suspended Mr. Peniston from all work involving real estate law in January 2007 after he was found guilty of acting in a verbally abusive and intimidating manner.  Peniston repeatedly failed to show up for court hearings, including one on July 17 when Mr. Justice Kawaley issued a warrant for his arrest.
"This is client trust money that we are talking about," he said, adding that it was the same kind of money that saw disgraced lawyers Charles Vaucrosson and Larry Madeiros serve time in prison.

Not a coincidence, that once in the UBP,both" lawyers" J Hall & Peniston, turned into rabid race baiting pimps for E rats Black beret PLP, once they had stolen many millions from their former white clients and business partners.

Julian Hall lives abroad, yet earns $119,000 per annum contract as a consultant to the PLP .

Twice Bankrupt,Twice disbarred,with debts of $3.3 million yet "not one red cent has been paid to any one of the creditors,in eight and a half years"

E rats mate in Turks& Caicos, Misick rape,domestic violence and corruption scandals

Get tough or pay the price!Bermuda's prison system is a fertile breeding ground for wannabe gangsters, because it is too soft,incarceration a of the highest re offending rates in the world,more than 80 per cent of prisoners going on to commit more crimes

E rat Brown's boast of importing a SWAT team in response to the escalation of violent crime is rubbish, useless in recent drive-by shootings or daily muggings and robberies.What's needed is a more visible and effective Police force and punishment in the courts. Besides,armed police (Emergency Response Team have been on duty every night for over 25  years, they are ERT trained same as a 'SWAT' team.

E rat Brown's political posturing & Politricks
"We have not worked out any of the logistical details"
Translation: "We have not given this any real thought whatsoever, but it sounds good and might make people feel better for a while"
Criminal lawyer,Mark Pettingill  described Government's idea for a US-style SWAT team to tackle gang violence as "nonsense" and "incredibly out of touch"."typically glitz and flash" sound bite designed to appease public concern about escalating violence among youths.
The Opposition MP said the Island had no need for a costly elite armed unit and that a focus on surveillance, community policing and beat bobbies would be a better solution.
SWAT teams are tactical response teams, usually in major cities. How many small towns, which is what we are, in the US have SWAT teams? The answer is zero.

"It's a joke. We are the laughing stock of other places when they see it. We just don't have that type of high-level threat."

the Island's laws with regard to violent crime are already comprehensive and tough. It is not the law that is the problem.
It is the enforcement of the law, sentencing practices of the courts and, most importantly, naïve early release policies in the prisons that have made a mockery of the law as a deterrent. Even when a person receives a prison sentence, they won't be serving much more than a third of their time. 

Don't Steal:
Government doesn't like competition!

CCTV, Closed Circuit TV video cameras Court Street/Middle Town ,not working or monitored by  Police  "illegal activity that takes place around those cameras has never abated," said M.P.  DeVent. "They haven't served any purpose to the people in the community."

Lies,false promises, but no affordable housing for locals, as  multiple Condo-fake hotel developers granted fractional units to sell off Bermuda property to rich foreigners

Still no comment or any action on Handbag Burch's lottery homes 3 yrs later
"we had to deceive you " again!

Question to Bermuda:
How long will you be Brown's fool

from "The Isles of Rest" to "The Isles of Fools"!

how much can a politician lie and expect to have people's confidence?


Mobocracy authoritarian tactics employed by the E rat Black Beret storm troopers to stifle and intimidate its critics.
"..had to deceive you",BHC scandal,jailing the Auditor General,shutting down Parliament debates,and the Press,threatening &
deporting bloggers & critics.
Avoiding questions by the oposition & media,interfering with the KEMH/BHB to the detriment of Bermuda's people,closing walk-in clinic.Scandalous waste of taxpayers money on insider contracts,stealing Jim Butterfield's Cement company,SDO's granted with wild abandon.Berkley project cost the taxpayers triple the original estimate,Budget deficit grew by 11%,travel expenses by 33%,increased salaries by 90%.

The Auditor General's report says...Fourteen Government departments (13 in 2006) overspend collectively by almost $13,000,000 – up from $10,700,000 in 2006.

Brown: a wealthy elitist who lives in mansions here and abroad  "my Gov't. not privileged The ruling PLP government is firmly rooted in the labour movement and not the product of privilege,"  Then why does the TAXPAYER PAY for his "House Butler",his entourage of bodyguards,press aides ,propagandist consultants and limousines?.


House "manager" wanted for Premier's Gombey House Plantation.
Cabinet advertised for a "house manager" shortly after Dr. Brown replaced Alex Scott as Premier in 2006.$60,000-plus TAXPAYER PAID post carries a host of cook, and clean duties to ensure housekeeping.

E rat may still own the son's medical practice,and hence be the beneficiary of the inflated "rent" payments.
On tax documents the institute says it paid $80,000 rent in 2006 for its fund raising offices.Experts question whether the rental payments were genuine..should cost no more than $15,000.

Today's SUN headline implies not all the money paid to Brown Jr.'s charity by his father,from Bermuda TAXPAYER public funds ,has gone to helping the needy. Despite having a turnover of almost $200,000 in 2006, the charity spent only $15,000 on its headline humanitarian missions

Commissioner Hall had also requested that Brown reveal sources of the bail money after an affidavit linked Brown to an investigation into medical fraud schemes and over prescribing painkillers.

The FBI & IRS are investigating
Follow the Money $ Connect the dots!

Black Republicans spark a backlash "Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican," Likewise PLP race pimps are keeping blacks in virtual slavery under Massa E rat Brown's plantation.
The PLP blog race pimps have tried to paint E rat as one of de byes, at Cup Match,with staged photos, during one of his rare visits to the island .The whole Emancipation week shtick,with slavery reenactments,and marches is pure Goebbels-Stalinist brainwashing psychology.
"Poor me I'm black! all white people are racist" syndrome again.
Keep the sheep busy with racial
gutter politics and trivial pursuits so they don't see the wolves eating their young. Brown is doing to Bermuda what his son is charged with doing to his patients.
faces 10 more charges,forcible rape, lewd act upon a child and sexual battery,now faces 33 counts

jailed on $4 million bail for rape, sexual assault medical fraud

Folly Of CARICOM adopting the "Caribbean Brand" for Bermuda tourism is a disastrous policy made by the PLP "St Kitts " club clique,who want to emulate the same self-destructive
descent into 3rd world ghetto status for Bermuda.
 They slaughter each other by the day, and now tourists as well.

-counter easy hitPop and Fizzle Tourism :
Bermuda performed 3rd worst in the Caribbean


Due to the sagging tourism sector, the collective salaries of hospitality employees dropped by almost 40 percent during the first quarter of this year

Front Street merchants are struggling,a number of businesses have relocated or closed down altogether, with the Vera P Card shop moving to St. George's after 60 years in Front Street.Davidson's of Bermuda's Front Street branch is having a clearance sale.

Ronnie Maughan, who is the director of operations at the Tess Group, which runs the English Sports Shop, said his business and many other retailers were suffering this year, largely down to the absence of cruise ships docking in Hamilton "And we are hearing the hue and cry from all of our colleagues in retail."

fellow shopkeeper, Carole Holding,has also been on the receiving end from a downturn in trade as a result of the cruise ships no longer docking in Hamilton.

But she was more upset that nobody had bothered to consult or even acknowledge the traders in Front Street and what they had to say about changing the cruise ship schedule.

"Nobody asked about the shopping pattern on the customers — how it used to be and how it is now," Ms Holding said. "Several passengers voiced their dismay and said, 'We don't like Dockyard and we won't come back to Bermuda because we like the shops and nightlife in Hamilton

"Future, what future?", said one trader when asked about what the future holds for Front Street, summing up the mood of many who work in Bermuda's main shopping destination."I think the customers are upset because they wonder what is happening with Front Street and that the construction sites there are a nuisance to walk around, stepping over gang planks and going through tunnels and the like."

The future does not look too bright for Front Street

But E rat Brown claims we are in a Platinum Tourism Period ?

Not one of the proposed "hotels" will get financing(not hotels anyway,they are fractional ownership for rich foreigners),not in today's debt crisis,when banks are failing, financial markets are strangled by trillions of dollars of debt

Banks struggling to recover from multi billion-dollar losses on real estate are curtailing loans to businesses "Access to capital and credit is essential to growth. If that access is restrained or blocked, the economic system takes a hit."Companies that rely on credit are now delaying and canceling expansion plans as they struggle to secure finance.

Contempt for Bermudian workers

E rat Brown( a US carpet bagger)plans to fire Bermudian staff and replace them with Americans 
Bermuda's greatest tourism asset is its people. With his decision to outsource these Bermuda tourism jobs to an American company, the island's "labor" government, clearly, does not share this point of view.
An online petition has been launched regarding the firing of the Department of Tourism North American staff.

On Sept 1st, 2008, Dr. Ewart Brown, Premier and Minster of Tourism & Transport will squander away the jobs of numerous Bermudians who currently work in the Tourism Overseas offices by outsourcing to an American Sales Company.
His pretense is that it will save millions of dollars for Bermuda.

The Black Beret Taliban , has their PLP propaganda machine crowing racial division, to brainwash the brain dead, and cover up monumental failures in Tourism,Housing,Crime,drugs,hyper inflation, and criticism from their own MP's of E rat's  elitism,arrogance and contempt for core values .

Tourism is dead,Hamilton is dead, nightlife is dead ,and without cruise ships,shops are going out of business every week.

Inflation is out of control,as is traffic,crime,the drug underworld,and gangs,while hundreds of homeless live in trees, tents and wherever they can find shelter.


There are hundreds of empty , condominiums,for sale,but no buyers, this island does not have a shortage of housing, only a lack of affordable housing

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them."-- Matthew 7: 15, 16


Freddie Wade is rolling in his grave:

"we had to deceive you" sheep  voted themselves back into Brown's plantation

A rabid racist Hate jihad is being waged with OUR TaxPayer's money by the current thugs,the same Black Beret , who murdered innocent grocer Rego,the Governor and chief of police in the 70s!

The race pimps are preaching "white supremacy" but who is making the mega million Pay-to-Play contracts ? ,follow the money: Brown's relatives,US business associates, Dennis Coreia,Zane Desilva,John Jeffreys .

Brown has repeatedly shown contempt for Bermudian workers: DOT firings, HIP firings, marches on parliament by the Police.

The Black Beret Taliban propaganda machine spews racial division, 
to brainwash the brain dead, and cover up monumental failures in Tourism,Housing,Crime,drugs,hyper inflation, and criticism from their own M.P.'s of E rat's elitism,arrogance and contempt for core values .

Inflation is out of control,as is traffic,crime,the drug underworld,and gangs,while hundreds of homeless live wherever they can find shelter.

12,000 foreign workers and their families,four times what the UBP let in, are forcing Bermudians to live in caves,trees,cars and containers.

There are hundreds of empty , condominiums,for sale,but no buyers, this island does not have a shortage of housing, only a lack of affordable housing.

 They're playing Russian roulette with peoples' lives.

You won't need a crystal ball to see Bermuda's future under a PLP government ruled by characters like E rat Brown, who believe in race-based wealth redistribution. These policies have been tested in Zimbabwe.

Here's how it's been working out:

Zimbabwe announced Wednesday that it is knocking 10 zeros off its hyper-inflated currency — a move that turns 10 billion dollars into one. The move comes a week after the issue of a 100 billion-dollar note — still not enough to buy a loaf of bread.

Not that there is anything to buy anyway, "amid chronic shortages of food, medicine, power and water."

Unemployment is now 80% in Zimbabwe, and inflation is 12,500,000%. The former "Breadbasket of Africa," Zimbabwe was a relatively wealthy country before the introduction of a political ideology known to some as Black Liberation Theology. Someday they may be saying the same about Bermuda.


E rats corrupt control at KEMHospital "misplaced priorities"
paying $11million TAXPAYER'S dollars to E rat's Pay-to-Play foreign consultancy firm