July 25th, 2014

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Threats and intimidation 2014 http://bermudapolitics.wordpress.com/


Marc Bean needs to be supported ,he has show courage & principles by exposing the thievish antics of Zane DeSilva, Burgess and former UBP leader flip flop  Furbert,

BIU-PLP black anarchists try shut down OBA govt.
Karma is a bitch:So much for "functional unity” "Brown threatens Bean with legal action"

Look Carefully at Who is Doing the Shouting  BY KEVIN COMEAU

criminal Indictment of Bermuda’s Former Premier?Lawyer Kevin Comeau’s reasoned analysis and prediction

POLICE confirm they have received a formal complaint from House of Assembly Speaker Randolph Horton against Opposition Leader Marc Bean.it is alleged,Speaker Horton's complaint accuses Opposition Leader Marc Bean.
of Blackmail !

first Narc bean,then zanebo,now burt,kick all the plp crybabies out
GO RANDY!!http://bernews.com/2015/03/house-ends-abruptly-speaker-ejects-mp/


deliberate attempt to crucify Harold Darrell “Son of the Soil” ?
Could this be a deliberate attempt to crucify Harold Darrell ?, A.K.A. “Son of the Soil” ,

the author of BHC (The Bermuda Housing Corporation Scandal)
documents that exposed plp govt. &  Erat brown’s web of deceit & corruption?


What about David Burt’s shenanigans ?.Burt was  plp 2007 campaign manager & Ewart Brown’s hatchet man,
their Joseph Goebbels ,master of plp race pimping ,head of Plp’s gestapo,
the ministry of propaganda & disinformation, the mastermind behind the most racial bitter campaign in Bermuda’s 400 + year history.
-July 27 contractor Burt Construction Ltd is the latest company to go out of business.questions about pension,medical,tax & social security payments.

-Jamaicans, have filed complaints with the Department of Labour, the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Immigration against Burt’s Top Grade Contracting (BTG)
-David Burt used his plp positon to get secret non-tendered contracts & leases, similar to those awarded to John Jeffries ,Zane Desilva ,Jane & Dennis Correia,Walton Brown,Donal Smith & other plp friends & family

Morgan’s Point Development :How PLP Govt Destroyed Bda Tourism
lest we forget .. How PLP Govt Destroyed Bda Tourism..
ignore the sanctimonious BS being spewed ,from followers of  plp-biu "we had to deceive you"
 liars & thieves who destroyed & stole Bda inc. into bankruptcy

No promise of Morgan’s Point construction jobs.. since it is impossible to build unless cheap/skilled foreign labor does the hard work.

Do Not Run And Borrow Money Again:another great  Larry Burchall analysis
Scuttling back to the money markets in 2016 will rapidly create a disastrous long term national consequence.
One from which Bermuda, like Jamaica, will see no real recovery.

They STILL dont get it ! Bermuda’s sovereign credit rating in trouble
Last month Barbados was downgraded, and as such a local insurance company
that has been domiciled in that island for 170 years has to move
because the rating agencies rules state that a rated institution
cannot reside in a jurisdiction whose rating is less than the firm's.

this is too much thinking for plp-biu retards,
even with Larry Burchall’s sence of humor, they STILL dont get it
Win? Lose? Bermuda Races The Raters.
The kitty is empty: who doesn’t get it?

Govt Plans To Borrow Again This Year ..

Wake up plp/biu retards!

Premier: Expense Reductions Not Fully Reached
Very disgusted in the cowardly silence from black churches & silent majority
let’s see reaction to unions wanting $5 million deducted from financial assistance,
 meddling with schools ,Ag show etc.  Etc…

This is nothing about workers, it’s a power play by plp-biu zealots,
Alaska hall manipulation, and Erat browns crew of black beret anarchists

workers  were not polled ,just lectured to and prodded with sticks to stay in the Pasteur,
the workers, are not that stupid & passive ,especially parents of young children.

Premier Michael Dunkley tweets he’s ‘”deeply disappointed”that unions have jumped the gun on “agreement” that has yet to be ratified this was all about “Christ” furbert & Rev tweedy bird’s ego trip

appealing to the useful idiots to make themselves celebrities   .
trying to make themselves MLK  ,but this isn’t the movie Selma   …
they love scaring White folks,it’s their greatest thrill………..
neither speak for BPSU,who never polled their members

If you want another 1981, you can have it’"Christ" furbert wants to burn baby burn!
BIU calls for general strike in all but name !

if the plp/biu want chaos, sue their assets into bankruptcy.
“The Act makes it clear that once such Notice is gazetted all irregular industrial action should cease….”
OBA have the guts to face plp-biu ignorant thuggery :Government remains resolute on furloughs
Plp/biu racist anarchists distribute pamphlet to boycott Dunkley’s Dairy

an un elected thug leading a lynch mob of useful idiots has bullied an elected Govt. into bending over ?
that's how Hitler took over Germany

plp donkey retards stage scripted mass protests to sabotage OBA,and create chaosplp Lawyers stage shock Supreme Court walkout to stick it to DPP Rory Fieldtrade unions to shut down island Monday

plp crybaby  fake protest.…does mommy know ?

Corporation Of Hamilton Suspends Meetings
after Erat brown plp gang threatens Mayor ,demanding  he resign..But he refuses .

plp/biu intent on sabotaging the OBA, and the America’s Cup.

BIU President On Unemployment Statistics the anarchist racist buffoonery from the biu/plp will sink Bda Inc.below Jamaica’s ghetto.

ex NLP, UBP,newly elected plp MP,”Judas” jamal simmons pulls the race card again
Porky pig has never missed a meal in his life, he’s not suffering!

Plp Politics sabotage Americas Cup
porky pig grunts for his meal ticket

Oink! now ex NLP, UBP,newly elected  plp MP, “Judas”  jamal simmons claims AC jobs ‘hidden away

4 Arrests Made: Suspicion of Firearm Possession .
Good job Bermuda Police,and THANK you Governor for reappointing a PROFESSIONAL as DPP Director of Public Prosecutions.
The only moaners & complainers are an ex-convict lawyer who makes a living off thugs and plp independence gombey retards
The elected governments of UBP, plp and OBA cannot provide citizens with law & order, leave it to the UK to put an end to plp generated corruption and  violent thuggery

Sad state of social -Facebook to “new” media
3 has-beens & wannabes set up their own web sites
Ceola Wilson, Carla zuill, A-hole  ayo Johnson:
Nothing but plp propaganda BS posing as “new” media

Champagne Jennifer :the Diva goes to Harvard
“champagne Diva Jennifer”  goes to Harvard
Women’s rights my ass, lesbo rights is what she promotes,
all she did was travel & party,with her sidekick,”Handbag” Col.Burch.
She failed miserably she blew her chance as first plp premier.
“I don’t know what Bermuda will do with me,”..…….she has an ego as big as Erat, who led the mob to kick her out! LOL

What has she done since? Besides run up a weekly bill at Miles gourmet Deli,that would feed 20 families for months on her $120,000 /yr.pension

Barry O, the Hawaiian beach boy shows he’s a socialist stool
Obama’s made a deal with the devil

very bad news for the revival of Bermuda tourism & Caribbean islands.
Cuba opened up, will wipe out the whole region. Not only with its dirt cheap prices,
but mainly because of its widely available sex tourism. Cuba was known as the whorehouse of the Caribbean
and it gained a reputation as the capital of American vice after the start of Prohibition in 1920.

Narc bean & Lil Pimp zane desilva : Dumb n Dumber!

Corruption of lawyers & jury system finally exposed!

(Lawyer Worrell, is accused of conspiring to have witness give false evidence that led to acquittal of 2 murderers)

No surprise the jury acquitted drug dealer, thug & murderer Prince Edness, a few weeks ago.

But Karma caught up to him last night, when he was shot and killed.

This the rotten fruit of  14 yrs. of plp soft on crime policies, corruption, and preaching victimization & entitlement. Still maintained, by the lunatic fringe : Narc Bean, Z desilva, HATE radio talk shows ,Facebook , & weekly opinion columns by C Famous & his plp  propaganda  crew to spew their vomit.

Zane Desilva (who used to called himself "Head Nigger") creates drama, to distract from his thievery

Official: Bermuda To Host 2017 America’s Cup
The ink is not dry on the contract yet plp racist retards are crying & complaining already
that  Team Bermuda are all lilly white crackas !

Eron Hill, plp columnist & prospective candidate, posts photo comparing OBA to KKK

Bermudians Passed Over For Employment.claims plp
Derrick Burgess who was deputy Premier,
he had 14 yrs. of power to block this practice by the Fairmont Princess hotels,
his former EMPLOYER,but they did NOTHING!
 the plp opened the floodgates, permitting overseas workers to do menial jobs that just about any Bermudian can do

plp candidate Wayne Caines  is supposed be a youth mentor & inspirational speaker,
tryin to compete with sharpy, so what's he sayin kill de white cracka  cops?

Wayne Caines Speaks At Mike Brown Rally In US

Bleating Bullshit from plp Walton Brown on Immigration

Terry Lister former plp MP, NOW BACKS OBA!
Terry Lister endorses OBA in Sandys South bye-election
"Bermuda is in crisis. We need steady hands.We need people who have shown an ability to start righting the ship "

plp created a full blown depression in Bermuda

Gov gross debt stood at $2.185 billion
constant declines year after year after year. This is not a natural economic cycle,

which plp claim a recession is defined as, this is a depression.!

These 2 thieves became multi-millionaires from under the table contracts & ripping off taxpayers

another plp putagee crook
Correia Construction has been charged with failing to provide an employee with health insurance.
asn’t this firm stolen enough millions from taxpayers?

Auditor Criticizes plp Port Royal Cost Overruns
$24 million which was spent during the years 2007 to 2011
 a project the Auditor said was initially budgeted at $4.5 million in November 2006.

Narc bean,not only runs his mouth on the street he goes on plp propanga HATE radio today
trying to spread more hate & venum about Ms Daniels complaint to police & the by election next week
Narc bean is best thing the OBA have going for them politically, he wins the golden pig award

Flip Flop Judas Jamahl Simmons said worse & he's plp candidate & will soon be MP!!

In a profanity-filled tweet, Vinita Hegwood, who teaches English at Duncanville High School in a Dallas suburb, stated:“Who the [expletive] made you dumb duck a– crackers think I give a squat [expletive] about your opinions about my opinions RE: Ferguson?”
She then made a suggestion: “Kill yourselves.”

Narc bean’s reckless mouth meets the Chief Justice!

Ian Kawaley is a very wise scholar, whereas lawyer Eugene Johnston,
a paid plp race pimp & wannabe Perry Mason, is way out of his depth

legal action between Michael Dunkley and Opposition Leader Marc Bean over an online post
continues in the courts.The Premier launched legal actions against Mr Bean last year
after a series of posts by the Progressive Labour Party leader on the “Bermuda Election 2012” Facebook page
in September 2013, complaining that the content of the posts was defamatory.

Police investigating Narc bean, plp, leader’s foul mouthed attack on OBA Communications Chair Toni Daniels
Gutter GHETTO politics from porky pig aka.Flip Flop Judas Jamahl Simmons Polling Station
Narc bean was alleged to use the F word and called her a yella C***
 this is a replay of Narc bean's attack on OBA MP Nandi Outerbridge early this year
"Bean said many disgusting and disturbing things that, if heard, the people of Bermuda would see in a poor light."

even Comrade Starling says  ” A Failure of Leadership.…. There’s long been a misogynistic streak within the PLP, …the undermining of Jennifer Smith as Leader in 2003, or the undermining of Paula Cox as Leader……

the image of Mr Bean as being reckless and prone to vulgarity and misogynistic statements.

Porky pig gets his snout in the trough again  
he achieved his main goal; he got a pay check and pension!
You can’t fix stuck on stupid

Just who does Simmons remind you of?

Flip Flop Judas Jamahl Simmons
When he was campaigning with UBP KEEP HATE ALIVE! Plp pushes a HATE monger,Judas
who has sworn allegiance to 3 parties,
aka  plp’s porky pig wants his snout back in the trough

BIU/ plp staged buffoonery
scripted dog n pony show at sage town hall meeting
Communist tactics that Barry Obama, Saul Alinksy disciple & his Democrap party use

Disruptive and disrespectful
how do these ignorant BIU/plp retards expect to get
medical services,& a pension,when Bermuda dollar is devalued
  Jamaica $1 =$112 US

Bean loses Jetgate lawsuit !

5.30pm today [Sept 27] there was a shooting
Shots Fired At Car, Car Crashes entrance of the Fairmont SP
wait for the feedback from 100's of visitors &  travel agents
& kiss your standard of living goodbye
14 yrs, of plp thievery ,left Bda Inc.with billions $ of debt,bankrupt economy
50% youth unemployed ,criminals run wild after 14 yrs of plp soft on crime
brainwashing their retard followers in victimization & entitement black beret BS

PLP were never a Socialist Party. They are Limousine Liberals,
aligning with Black radicalism not labor or empowerment.
selling tickets $125, $250 that only the black  bourgeoisie elite can afford
Sh** will hit the fan by 2017
Bermuda owes $2,185,000,000.BILLIONS!
Bermuda has an annual interest cost alone of $111,852,500
or $306,445 a day.
after 14 yrs. of plp thievery &  non-management.
in 2010 Bermuda started losing part of its existing political independence
by surrendering its 300 year-old financial independence,
Bermuda now is entirely dependent on the calculations of foreign banks

Anarchy & sabotage at the plp backed CoH !

theft of new parking signs secretly instigated by Deputy Mayor Donal Smith and Alderman Carlton Simmons.
the same race pimping promoters of Black Mayors Conference
that swindled $150,000 from taxpayers & was declared bankrupt.

Black apartheid, again!
Artist Manuel Palacio's take on plp/Erat brown's,racism distraction, .

OBA Respond To Dr. Ewart Brown’s Labor day  Speech
Reading into the reckless stupidity of Brown’s speech. He admits he is still being investigated by the Police
over 3 years after [the Bolden testimony implicating Dr. Brown]
Hence police  investigation is still ongoing.
His only chance of stopping the criminal investigation against him
is to immediately take back the Government so that
he and the new PLP Government can end the investigation.

RACIAL ATTACK by Desai Jones  WHY isn't he charged with a HATE crime?!
Jones assaulted Filipino guest worker;a brutal and unprovoked beating,
suffered a broken and dislocated jaw ,the attack has left him scared to go out on his own.

Joey Prevendido the President of the Filipino Association of Bermuda
was attacked on a Hamilton street on the evening of May 13
THIS IS WHAT PLP/BIU CREATED with their xenophobic racist vitriol
Where are CURB, & their white apologists & the black churches?

"We Must Unite " this from the US carpetbagger,with the long knife,
who led the mob to overthrow Jennifer Smith & Alex Scott
The corruption under Premier Ewart Brown and its ongoing legacy.
Puppet master returns to the stage: Minister of THIEVERY & Hate Erat-Farakhan-Brown
Erat stirs up anarchy at plp/ BIU Labour Day banquet.so that he can get back in govt ,to STEAL EVEN MORE!
Erat pulls the strings behind “Narc” Bean & “Christ “Furbert’s rantings
“We must return the Government to the PLP. I’m calling for an organised effort to take back the Government,
right now, right here.We can’t afford to wait three more years for an election”

What a difference an election makes!

Superman to the rescue :Jeff Baron OBA National security Minister and former Policeman, & UN peacekeeper

Plp National security Minister Col.-Handbag- burch

FOLLOW the MONEY! a politician without a paycheck,is like a prostitute without a d**k
After years of race pimping rhetoric like a broken record,Former UBP Leader
Kim Swan Joins The PLP  as Flip Flip #2  
I joined the PLP and all I got was this lousy GANJA green T-shirt

Bermuda is in a debt trap.
$2,305,000,000 [billion] in Debt between 2004 and 2013
from ten consecutive years of plp  financial incompetence & non-management.

BIU's Audited financials are non-existent!
Union bosses ought to be ashamed of themselves

BIU’s increase amounts to 16.5 percent while the executives enjoy their bloated salaries
and the workers languish in wage freezes

history repeats: plp/BIU inciting riots
Erat Brown will be the guest speaker at the BIU's Labour Day banquet

confused Mullato race hustlers.

Sen.Marc Daniels: waiting in the wings to depose Narc bean for plp leadership, so he can line his pockets as Erat & his crew did, for 14 yrs

CURB :approves of anti-white racism
patronizing divisive race baiters

This condescending and patronizing thinking will have blacks taking zero responsibility for their own reprehensible conduct.

prc problem was started by Paula Cox & plp

this is a plp political march,nothing to do with unions !
This isn't the peoples movement...its the PLP's movement.

Peggy Burns,a Mulatto career race hustler

Threats and intimidation mean a general strike at the height of  tourist season!  .
Yet again,the union executive is using their donkey retard sheeple for a political march
Premier Michael Dunkley and  OBA Government given an ultimatum on its position on PRC holders within seven days or face further public unrest.

UN-ELECTED Hamilton councilor  john Holdipp III holds a Xenophobic racist poster

plp leader,Narc bean’s wife is JAMIACAN!!!The Rev. Tweed is on a work permit!
Rev. Tweed is no more a man of God,than race hustlers Jackass Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton
Tweed is another plp “Mulatto elite” as is Sen.Marc Daniels,who is waiting in the wings to depose Narc bean for plp leadership, so he can line his pockets as Erat & his crew, raped looted & stole for 14 yrs,and  left Bda Inc. BANKRUPT owing BILLIONS!

“Christ” furbert’s threats echo Lois Brown Evans incitement to riot in 1977, 3 hours before the rioting started they stood on the steps of Parliament and said 'Don't blame us for what happens next'.
Chris Furbert After March On Cabinet, July 25 2014:“But I’ll say this to you. This is just phase one and I want you to pay attention because this is just phase one and because phase two can be completely different to this phase here. Take that to the bank. Stay tuned for part two.”

The economy is circling the drain,yet these plp anarchists are trying to stage a political coup. For that to work they need people to suffer more than they already did during the last 14 years of their incompetent plp administration. They care nothing for their country, they care nothing for their people - they just can't stand that they lost the last election
just announced today,Bermuda Sun  to close after 50 years ! Bermuda Press and MediaHouse to merge

Premier:The world is watching’ Exercise your freedom to protest