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a Culture of Corruption & elitism!

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to the PLP sheep being herded by one the greatest con artists and sheep herders of all time
If You Haven't Suffered Enough, It Is Your God Given Right To Suffer Some More

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

George Orwell

OFFICIAL NOTICE: This Internet page contains thoughts and ideas that are not consistent with or in keeping with the self-destructive policies and ideas expressed by Ewart Brown and/or the Propaganda, Lies, and Poop party. Accordingly, you are hereby notified that that the thoughts, ideas and facts presented on this web page constitute hate speech and you are warned that, as such, they may cause discomfort or offense to brownies, liberals, those educated by the government, non-achievers,wall sitters, those suffering from aversion to honesty and hard work, jealousy and envy and followers of the gutter  racial  politics of victimization and entitlement of The Chosen One. Govern yourself accordingly.

 When your in a hole,stop digging.US and UK are clamping down on offshore financial centres.
Yet Handbag Burch & his senate seat warmers, follow the BIU's mantra of biting the hand that feeds you,just as they chased Hotel jobs off island,now they threaten the only pillar of the economy left hostility and threats to International Business

E rat shows Contempt and disrespect  to the UK ,the Monarchy and Tradition
the Queen removed from  Bermuda's bank notes by self appointed  Dictator ,US citizen  60's Black Beret Terrorist
E rat brown defies tradition leading into the 400th anniversary of 1609 Sea Venture shipwreck and Sir George Somers settlement of this Colony by Britain.Meanwhile Bda Inc. is sinking into a crime,economic,housing,education collapse as the Caribbean  roots Poop Party digs us  into third world ghetto status ,the "new money" will become devalued and worthless like the Jamaican dollar

PLP Bermuda: The most corrupt British Overseas Territory next to E rat's pal Misick in Turks & Caicos .The result of "voodoo economics" massive incompetence and political corruption Britain to take over administration of corrupt Turks and Caicos finances,Foreign Affairs Committee investigates corruption and dishonesty, for examination under oath.
Cesspool of E rat and his Corrupt Thieves    Follow the Money

Andre Curtis E rat's Campaign Manager implicated in alleged US-based securities fraud
Berkeley fiasco number 2

The same cast of thieves: miss management,cost over runs,months behind schedule
A veil of secrecy surrounds the financial backers behind the controversial Police/court building project.Winters Burgess, who was site manager for Pro-Active on the notorious Berkeley school fiasco, is a shareholder in Landmark Lisgar, the construction company running the $78 million job now months behind schedule.
Bar Council alarmed Government is trying to rush through amended legislation to allow bankrupt lawyers to practice in Bermuda.It has the smell of a political pay-off (for twice bankrupt,twice disbarred Julian Hall.)

Perfect Storm: when the Brain dead vote in egomaniac con-artists, wannabe Dictator and racist revolutionary;E rat and sophomoric Marxist with no experience or qualifications;Yobama;
with their clique of incompetents . If any business was run by these corrupt and useless fools  the result would be bankruptcy,but E rat has his hands in the pot-of-gold,an endless tap of money from Bermuda taxpayers, as he travels the world spreading bullshit . "The truth is that Bermuda's tourism business is devastated....Maybe the Premier's resume writers can tackle the global financial crisis next."
E rat's latest Incompetent buffoonery: Pay-to-Play partnership with discount retailer Wal-Mart and singer Beyoncé. Wal-Mart consumers cannot afford a trip to executives called the campaign a "misguided" investment", targeting a demographic unable to afford a Bermuda vacation, especially during the current US recession.

Expat's face smashed in mugging:  watch your back...your next!
Bermuda's crime wave Thug culture out of control

Face smashed in with bike helmets, New Zealand architect left bleeding on the ground with a shattered cheekbone.
architect was left with a shattered cheekbone and bloodied face after he was attacked with motorcycle helmets by robbers in Pembroke over the weekend. "This guy could have been mortally wounded," he said. "The Police car drove by our house twice and we were the only house with the lights on. I was reading in the paper today about all the Police patrols. Certainly, there were no street patrols here last night. Where is the community policing here?"
the expatriate architect was severely shocked, very confused and in a lot of pain. He remains on a general ward in the hospital

 Two women bravely fought off burglars they found inside their homes

Corrupt clowns plan to  give themselves 30% pay increase
E rat has set himself up as dictator,earning more than $215,000/year,more than the leader of the western world,President of USA,that's not counting what he's stealing, plus Pay-to-Play kickbacks
multi million personal travel budget
- two plainclothes Police bodyguards,with official vehicles ,equipped with concealed handguns for his public appearances.
- $100,000-a-year press officer
- $100,000-a-year "race-relations" consultant ex-convict Rolf Commisiong
- $100,000-a-year "aide" ex UBP ,NLP turncoat Jahmal Simmons
-$60,000-plus house manager.
-second new car — a Toyota Camry costing about $40,000, to go alongside his BMW 750Li, which he got in June at around $100,000.

Banana Republic :Corrupt Courts

Julian Hall escapes jail again despite doing nothing to repay $3 million debts or follow court orders
in his long-running bankruptcy-thievery saga,he enjoys a lavish life style
on $130,000 TAXPAYER payroll,as aide to Handbag Burch,  and chief
Race Pimp of  E rat's  Gestapo
Related Foolishness:
Michael turns Muslim

Liberal media aren't going after 70% of blacks for voting against gay marriage in the USA,or Yobama's leftist pals.The whole point of this exercise is the same as the PLP "Big CON-versation" for one set of white people to feel superior to another set of white people.

nor does 
the Liberal media  report on Hate crimes against whites
White girl suffers black eye and concussion, after being attacked by mob of blacks for wearing a  Sarah Palin pin .
Yobama,like E rat's PLP Gestapo,will bring a new era of political discrimination and bigotry.

Obama's win is  the Race Pimps worst nightmare:
now their meal ticket : their  race politics scam  is in danger
they cannot whine victimization when the majority elect a black President
free pdf download  america’s half-blood prince-barack obama’s -story of race and inheritance

what Change ?   Bubba is Back

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them."-- Matthew 7: 15, 16
Obama link and the Black Muslims

How Obama Got Elected:the news media, completely biased for Obama, simply refused to do their job,to expose his lack of experience, extreme leftist positions and radical political alliances

Only in Bermuda,could a 60's Black Beret terrorist become Premier
Only in America,could a half white Muslim Marxist  become Pres

Black Panthers Voter Intimidation in Philly

Expectations From An Obama Supporter
sounds like E rats racist rallies last December

yet another Handbag
Burch hissy fit demands "Bob Richards  resign after he likened a plan for expatriate ID cards to "Nazi Germany"

"First they came for the Jews, but I wasn't a Jew, so I didn't react.

"Then they came for the communists, but I wasn't a communist, so I didn't object.

"Then they came for the homosexuals, but I wasn't a homosexual, so I didn't stand up.

"Then they came for the political activists, but I wasn't a political activist, so I didn't protest.

"And then they came for me… and by that time no one was left to stand up."

E rat spews more hate whitey bile "White Bermudians wouldn't have voted for Obama"

E rats Gestapo ,led by Laverne Furbert is Outing Posters on Blogs!
on PLP radio tonight,says  she found out who "Twiggie" was and sent the cops to her house..everyone be aware that E rats Gestapo is investigating anyone who posts on blogs and trying to put faces with the comments."
Deception has a cost and consequences
the same old whiny attitude of victim hood. No worry though, as soon as they gain some traction, out come the loony wealth distribution schemes. The moonbats don't seem to realize that the targets of their wealth seizures include all those heroes of the left like E-rat , laverne,Julian and Eva who rake in a tidy sum while exhorting the moonbats to new glories.

 E rat "Mugabe" brown family & friends thievery, as Obama promises "spreading the wealth"

Send in the clowns
6th PLP Education Minister  in 10 years

first it was Phil Perinchief,now Education Minister Randy Horton gets fired
Horton has admitted he was asked to resign but  was sacked when he refused to do so.
Fellow 60's Black Berets get the boot,as E rat  consolidates a Fascist dictatorship.says former Attorney General Phil Perinchief

Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers

E rat and his tribe of useful idiots are right out of the 60's domestic terrorist Black Panthers,anarchist street thugs,virulent racists,anti-Semites Mau-Mauing the "limousine liberals"as writer Tom Wolfe satirized in 1970 ,in Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers

KOOLAID DRINKERS UNITE! at the Annual Delegates Conference of the Propaganda, Lies, and Poop party. E rat crows about his empowering blacks,not just his "white friends" ...he only has PAY-to-PLAY "friends"
E rat doesn't have any friends,black or white, he just uses people and stabs them in the back
but who got all the multi-million contracts? two
Portuguese NON UNION construction firms  owned, by Zane Desilva,and Dennis Correia,because they ran for his race pimping charade of an election to set up an E rat  Mugabe dictatorship
The same
Portuguese NON UNION construction firms who are screwing over black independent truckers with their illegal tractor trailer trucks
" forced out of truck business' After 13 years as an independent trucker",from illegal dumpsters

While working folks have to go without housing or ask for charity to put food on the table,E rats gang travels first class; and give themselves a pay rise!
Government travel has trebled in a decade, from $2.2 million in 1998/99 to $7.4 million this year.
MPs in line for salary hike :a proposed pay increase for MPs will be debated by Parliament in the New Year

PLP's grassroots 'feel helpless and disgusted over Brown's charades'

"The dirty PLP secret" defended by one of the cabal of sodomites and thieves backing up E-rats Mugabe dictatorship
as in following letter from
former Attorney General, Philip Perinchief

"You failed again, Julian

I was wondering at what point Ewart's chief spin artist, sycophant, toad and surrogate Julian Hall would slither out from under the mossy depths of some dank dark hole to spew his venom, vitriol and snide characterisations of people who have shown more loyalty and mettle than he could ever understand or exercise; people who have helped him through some of the challenges, many self-inflicted, in his life.

He's correct. His braying, baying and general efforts to "prop Ewart up", are as always with Julian, self-serving.

Ewart is Julian's only hope of surviving the perpetual messes he gets himself into with monotonous regularity. Both Ewart and Julian are their own worst enemies, complete narcissists, loyal to no one including themselves and believing they are a law unto themselves and everyone else is stupid.

Julian's chief reasons for proffering this diatribe are to distract and intimidate the unwary and attempt to define, and therefore control his and Ewart's detractors. News for you Julian … you failed again.

Julian is correct on one thing, however. I am on record I stand by to this day, saying that Ewart does not have the welfare of Bermuda or Bermudians at heart and continues to insult the intelligence and competence of even his Ministers and Bermudians at large.

Whenever there is a photo opportunity or a Kodak moment, he instantly prances out in front of his ministers thus diminishing their stature and enhancing his own.

Monday night was another case in point when in essence he doesn't understand the fundamentals of Bermuda's economy nor how to redirect it to serve the people who are most deserving of such change.

He does not have a vision for this country and has taken the PLP far, far away from its core values, principles and political direction and for that alone, he should go. He has lost his way.

He is transformational, however, for all the wrong reasons. On another note, Julian, I leave it to others to assess my performance in my post as Attorney General.

I've been told by many more qualified than you will ever be that I did an outstanding job despite carrying the portfolio of Minister of Health simultaneously for almost half of my term in office. Of course there was room for improvement. There always is.

However, for the record Julian, I don't believe in sulking like a little boy. I am too busily engaged in my legal practice to have time to sulk. Besides, as wonderful as it was, I am not defined nor validated by the holding of the post of AG. I was and am a competent and respected lawyer long before that event.

However, unfortunately for you Julian, you have been on the unlucky receiving end of some of that performance and still smart from the consequences, it seems. Have you assessed your performance or lack thereof in any post over the last 15 years, Julian? Probably not. You too have been weighed, measured and found wanting.

And respecting your interpretation, and interpolation of the PLP's Constitution and its workings in respect of the Annual General Delegates Conference, you're dead wrong.

The Annual General Conference is the supreme authority of the PLP Julian, and may suspend its own constitution or provisions thereof. It would otherwise be an absurdity, an inflexibility, a nonsense and repugnant to the intent and/or spirit of the constitution if it allowed its operations to be "hog-tied" by procedural shenanigans and subterfuges.

How foolish it would be, Julian, if the PLP found one month after it elected someone as Party Leader and he or she turned out to be a complete tyrant or person who brought the Government and/or PLP into disrepute that we could not rid ourselves of that person before a four-year period had elapsed by resorting to the supreme authority of an Annual General Conference or Special Delegates Conference specifically for that purpose? Even you, with your limited understanding of constitutional matters, should know better than that, Julian.

In closing, Julian, let me say this. This issue of the proper leadership of the PLP and our great country is bigger than you, me or Ewart Brown will ever be. In the fullness of time it is the people at large who will decide who will lead this country.

In the meantime I suggest you work very hard at not maligning many of those whom you have named in your article who answered at 3 in the morning, your frantic and desperate calls for assistance.

You should also work at where your true political allegiances and loyalties lie. Is it PLP, UBP or just plain Julian again?

Grow up Julian; we need serious, consistent men and women to run this country. At the moment, you tragically fall short of that mark. Good luck at the conference."
Former Attorney General, Philip Perinchief

 The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party’s policies and programmes,under Brown, are meant to shut down opposition blogs and media to  create a Black power Dictatorship.They have only given lip service to PATI legislation

E rat allows illegal tractor trailer trucks for his PAY-to PLAY gangsters,Zane Desilva,Dennis Correa,because they ran for the PLP race baiting agenda.
E rats "spread the wealth" cover up for thievery, he bankrupt's front St. merchants,Zimbabwe cement co. stolen from Jim Butterfield,now taking away their livelihoods of Independent truckers.

Don't Believe the Hype that resembles Nazi propaganda:Poverty, homelessness,Corruption and Crime are the legacy of the PLP.
"Farrakhan" Brown, has the same racist, bigoted, anti-White, anti-Semitic views he's always held,now expanded to attacks on blogs and the media ,using TAXPAYER's money to preach  hatred of whites and Europeans,via  CITV,Hottfm, talk shows and every media they can seize, to practise"institutional racism" against whites 
the same old racist, separatist, supremacy crap we've been hearing from E rat"Farrakhan" brown since he transformed himself from a 60's Black Beret terrorist to the island's looniest Black racist.

as in UK  London Tube worker wins racism tribunal

Sal in Harlem with Black voters
Howard Stern Demonstrates Clueless Obama's Harlem Supporters,being led to slaughter as are E rat's sheep in Bda. 

E rats hate jihad shuts down Free Speech blogs

Biting the hand that feeds em!
Latest PLP-BIU whine-Continental Airlines outsources a few local jobs: clueless BIU pickets airport
Where was their outrage when 30 employees in the North American Tourism Office were outsourced to E rat's Pay-to-Play pal's US consultant? all the ousted workers are black, and that they will be replaced by an all-white Sales staff

 Post Traumatic Whine Syndrome

After the race the victim card !
How do the race baiting propagandists top the rantings of Tim Wise? a self hating,homosexual white man? by pouring even MORE taxpayer's money down the drain on yet ANOTHER race whore's bizarre theory,even after slavery ended 300 years ago,it  is to blame for the "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome" and the cause of everything from black crime,  fatherless single families,the highest illegitimacy rate in the world,drug epidemic, and joblessness & school drop outs

 New Survey results :E rats credibility is 'shot beyond repair, approval rating drops below 18%  except for "confused negros"

Survey show voters worried about
1. Crime 32%
2.  Economy/unemployment 20%
3.  Housing 19%

4. racism 2 %

 E rat increased spending by a half billion dollars a year-Bermuda's net debt by 42 percent (nearly $200 million) this financial year ,and projected to rise by another 37 percent, reaching $387.3 million by next spring. morally bankrupt,and now fiscally bankrupt. 

"new Sonesta "hotel dead in the water: will never get financed, after it's backer Lehman Bank went bankrupt.NOT ONE of  E rat's Plantinum period hotel projects will be built
We're in serious trouble.Tourism is dead and the Bermuda International business sector is on life support.

PLP critics don't need to dress up for Halloween this year.

They're scaring the pants off E rat's followers Anything they say, wear, or do, blink, or think critical thoughts about E rats tribe of incompetent clowns  provokes instant cries of "RAAAAACISM!" 

  Corrupt tribe of useless race-baiting buffoons:

Taxpayer funded$250,000
for "Bling" luxury cars for 3 buffoons

International business: Govt. 'is not getting it' "political stability" as a key concern.Switzerland is more stable in the long term. Bermuda does not have the same allure."


More Criticism of Government's Intimidation of Media
E rat
Brown's new newspaper directors are Pay-to-Play partners and relatives

Judge Wade-Miller threatened "3-piece" Peniston with jail or pay former clients over $10,000 owed ,he promptly wrote a cheque to the two former clients he ripped off.

That's small change, compared to the over $ MILLION he owes to former business partners, from his failed cruise/tourism business.The Bermuda Bar Association suspended Mr. Peniston from all work involving real estate law in January 2007 after he was found guilty of acting in a verbally abusive and intimidating manner.  Peniston repeatedly failed to show up for court hearings, including one on July 17 when Mr. Justice Kawaley issued a warrant for his arrest.
"This is client trust money that we are talking about," he said, adding that it was the same kind of money that saw disgraced lawyers Charles Vaucrosson and Larry Madeiros serve time in prison.

Not a coincidence, that once in the UBP,both" lawyers" J Hall & Peniston, turned into rabid race baiting pimps for E rats Black beret PLP, once they had stolen many millions from their former white clients and business partners.

Julian Hall lives abroad, yet earns $119,000 per annum contract as a consultant to the PLP .

Twice Bankrupt,Twice disbarred,with debts of $3.3 million yet "not one red cent has been paid to any one of the creditors,in eight and a half years"

E rats mate in Turks& Caicos, Misick rape,domestic violence and corruption scandals

Get tough or pay the price!Bermuda's prison system is a fertile breeding ground for wannabe gangsters, because it is too soft,incarceration a of the highest re offending rates in the world,more than 80 per cent of prisoners going on to commit more crimes

E rat Brown's boast of importing a SWAT team in response to the escalation of violent crime is rubbish, useless in recent drive-by shootings or daily muggings and robberies.What's needed is a more visible and effective Police force and punishment in the courts. Besides,armed police (Emergency Response Team have been on duty every night for over 25  years, they are ERT trained same as a 'SWAT' team.

E rat Brown's political posturing & Politricks
"We have not worked out any of the logistical details"
Translation: "We have not given this any real thought whatsoever, but it sounds good and might make people feel better for a while"
Criminal lawyer,Mark Pettingill  described Government's idea for a US-style SWAT team to tackle gang violence as "nonsense" and "incredibly out of touch"."typically glitz and flash" sound bite designed to appease public concern about escalating violence among youths.
The Opposition MP said the Island had no need for a costly elite armed unit and that a focus on surveillance, community policing and beat bobbies would be a better solution.
SWAT teams are tactical response teams, usually in major cities. How many small towns, which is what we are, in the US have SWAT teams? The answer is zero.

"It's a joke. We are the laughing stock of other places when they see it. We just don't have that type of high-level threat."

the Island's laws with regard to violent crime are already comprehensive and tough. It is not the law that is the problem.
It is the enforcement of the law, sentencing practices of the courts and, most importantly, naïve early release policies in the prisons that have made a mockery of the law as a deterrent. Even when a person receives a prison sentence, they won't be serving much more than a third of their time. 

Don't Steal:
Government doesn't like competition!

CCTV, Closed Circuit TV video cameras Court Street/Middle Town ,not working or monitored by  Police  "illegal activity that takes place around those cameras has never abated," said M.P.  DeVent. "They haven't served any purpose to the people in the community."

Lies,false promises, but no affordable housing for locals, as  multiple Condo-fake hotel developers granted fractional units to sell off Bermuda property to rich foreigners

Still no comment or any action on Handbag Burch's lottery homes 3 yrs later
"we had to deceive you " again!

Question to Bermuda:
How long will you be Brown's fool

from "The Isles of Rest" to "The Isles of Fools"!

how much can a politician lie and expect to have people's confidence?


Mobocracy authoritarian tactics employed by the E rat Black Beret storm troopers to stifle and intimidate its critics.
"..had to deceive you",BHC scandal,jailing the Auditor General,shutting down Parliament debates,and the Press,threatening &
deporting bloggers & critics.
Avoiding questions by the oposition & media,interfering with the KEMH/BHB to the detriment of Bermuda's people,closing walk-in clinic.Scandalous waste of taxpayers money on insider contracts,stealing Jim Butterfield's Cement company,SDO's granted with wild abandon.Berkley project cost the taxpayers triple the original estimate,Budget deficit grew by 11%,travel expenses by 33%,increased salaries by 90%.

The Auditor General's report says...Fourteen Government departments (13 in 2006) overspend collectively by almost $13,000,000 – up from $10,700,000 in 2006.

Brown: a wealthy elitist who lives in mansions here and abroad  "my Gov't. not privileged The ruling PLP government is firmly rooted in the labour movement and not the product of privilege,"  Then why does the TAXPAYER PAY for his "House Butler",his entourage of bodyguards,press aides ,propagandist consultants and limousines?.


House "manager" wanted for Premier's Gombey House Plantation.
Cabinet advertised for a "house manager" shortly after Dr. Brown replaced Alex Scott as Premier in 2006.$60,000-plus TAXPAYER PAID post carries a host of cook, and clean duties to ensure housekeeping.

E rat may still own the son's medical practice,and hence be the beneficiary of the inflated "rent" payments.
On tax documents the institute says it paid $80,000 rent in 2006 for its fund raising offices.Experts question whether the rental payments were genuine..should cost no more than $15,000.

Today's SUN headline implies not all the money paid to Brown Jr.'s charity by his father,from Bermuda TAXPAYER public funds ,has gone to helping the needy. Despite having a turnover of almost $200,000 in 2006, the charity spent only $15,000 on its headline humanitarian missions

Commissioner Hall had also requested that Brown reveal sources of the bail money after an affidavit linked Brown to an investigation into medical fraud schemes and over prescribing painkillers.

The FBI & IRS are investigating
Follow the Money $ Connect the dots!

Black Republicans spark a backlash "Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican," Likewise PLP race pimps are keeping blacks in virtual slavery under Massa E rat Brown's plantation.
The PLP blog race pimps have tried to paint E rat as one of de byes, at Cup Match,with staged photos, during one of his rare visits to the island .The whole Emancipation week shtick,with slavery reenactments,and marches is pure Goebbels-Stalinist brainwashing psychology.
"Poor me I'm black! all white people are racist" syndrome again.
Keep the sheep busy with racial
gutter politics and trivial pursuits so they don't see the wolves eating their young. Brown is doing to Bermuda what his son is charged with doing to his patients.
faces 10 more charges,forcible rape, lewd act upon a child and sexual battery,now faces 33 counts

jailed on $4 million bail for rape, sexual assault medical fraud

Folly Of CARICOM adopting the "Caribbean Brand" for Bermuda tourism is a disastrous policy made by the PLP "St Kitts " club clique,who want to emulate the same self-destructive
descent into 3rd world ghetto status for Bermuda.
 They slaughter each other by the day, and now tourists as well.

-counter easy hitPop and Fizzle Tourism :
Bermuda performed 3rd worst in the Caribbean


Due to the sagging tourism sector, the collective salaries of hospitality employees dropped by almost 40 percent during the first quarter of this year

Front Street merchants are struggling,a number of businesses have relocated or closed down altogether, with the Vera P Card shop moving to St. George's after 60 years in Front Street.Davidson's of Bermuda's Front Street branch is having a clearance sale.

Ronnie Maughan, who is the director of operations at the Tess Group, which runs the English Sports Shop, said his business and many other retailers were suffering this year, largely down to the absence of cruise ships docking in Hamilton "And we are hearing the hue and cry from all of our colleagues in retail."

fellow shopkeeper, Carole Holding,has also been on the receiving end from a downturn in trade as a result of the cruise ships no longer docking in Hamilton.

But she was more upset that nobody had bothered to consult or even acknowledge the traders in Front Street and what they had to say about changing the cruise ship schedule.

"Nobody asked about the shopping pattern on the customers — how it used to be and how it is now," Ms Holding said. "Several passengers voiced their dismay and said, 'We don't like Dockyard and we won't come back to Bermuda because we like the shops and nightlife in Hamilton

"Future, what future?", said one trader when asked about what the future holds for Front Street, summing up the mood of many who work in Bermuda's main shopping destination."I think the customers are upset because they wonder what is happening with Front Street and that the construction sites there are a nuisance to walk around, stepping over gang planks and going through tunnels and the like."

The future does not look too bright for Front Street

But E rat Brown claims we are in a Platinum Tourism Period ?

Not one of the proposed "hotels" will get financing(not hotels anyway,they are fractional ownership for rich foreigners),not in today's debt crisis,when banks are failing, financial markets are strangled by trillions of dollars of debt

Banks struggling to recover from multi billion-dollar losses on real estate are curtailing loans to businesses "Access to capital and credit is essential to growth. If that access is restrained or blocked, the economic system takes a hit."Companies that rely on credit are now delaying and canceling expansion plans as they struggle to secure finance.

Contempt for Bermudian workers

E rat Brown( a US carpet bagger)plans to fire Bermudian staff and replace them with Americans 
Bermuda's greatest tourism asset is its people. With his decision to outsource these Bermuda tourism jobs to an American company, the island's "labor" government, clearly, does not share this point of view.
An online petition has been launched regarding the firing of the Department of Tourism North American staff.

On Sept 1st, 2008, Dr. Ewart Brown, Premier and Minster of Tourism & Transport will squander away the jobs of numerous Bermudians who currently work in the Tourism Overseas offices by outsourcing to an American Sales Company.
His pretense is that it will save millions of dollars for Bermuda.

The Black Beret Taliban , has their PLP propaganda machine crowing racial division, to brainwash the brain dead, and cover up monumental failures in Tourism,Housing,Crime,drugs,hyper inflation, and criticism from their own MP's of E rat's  elitism,arrogance and contempt for core values .

Tourism is dead,Hamilton is dead, nightlife is dead ,and without cruise ships,shops are going out of business every week.

Inflation is out of control,as is traffic,crime,the drug underworld,and gangs,while hundreds of homeless live in trees, tents and wherever they can find shelter.


There are hundreds of empty , condominiums,for sale,but no buyers, this island does not have a shortage of housing, only a lack of affordable housing

"Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them."-- Matthew 7: 15, 16


Freddie Wade is rolling in his grave:

"we had to deceive you" sheep  voted themselves back into Brown's plantation

A rabid racist Hate jihad is being waged with OUR TaxPayer's money by the current thugs,the same Black Beret , who murdered innocent grocer Rego,the Governor and chief of police in the 70s!

The race pimps are preaching "white supremacy" but who is making the mega million Pay-to-Play contracts ? ,follow the money: Brown's relatives,US business associates, Dennis Coreia,Zane Desilva,John Jeffreys .

Brown has repeatedly shown contempt for Bermudian workers: DOT firings, HIP firings, marches on parliament by the Police.

The Black Beret Taliban propaganda machine spews racial division, 
to brainwash the brain dead, and cover up monumental failures in Tourism,Housing,Crime,drugs,hyper inflation, and criticism from their own M.P.'s of E rat's elitism,arrogance and contempt for core values .

Inflation is out of control,as is traffic,crime,the drug underworld,and gangs,while hundreds of homeless live wherever they can find shelter.

12,000 foreign workers and their families,four times what the UBP let in, are forcing Bermudians to live in caves,trees,cars and containers.

There are hundreds of empty , condominiums,for sale,but no buyers, this island does not have a shortage of housing, only a lack of affordable housing.

 They're playing Russian roulette with peoples' lives.

You won't need a crystal ball to see Bermuda's future under a PLP government ruled by characters like E rat Brown, who believe in race-based wealth redistribution. These policies have been tested in Zimbabwe.

Here's how it's been working out:

Zimbabwe announced Wednesday that it is knocking 10 zeros off its hyper-inflated currency — a move that turns 10 billion dollars into one. The move comes a week after the issue of a 100 billion-dollar note — still not enough to buy a loaf of bread.

Not that there is anything to buy anyway, "amid chronic shortages of food, medicine, power and water."

Unemployment is now 80% in Zimbabwe, and inflation is 12,500,000%. The former "Breadbasket of Africa," Zimbabwe was a relatively wealthy country before the introduction of a political ideology known to some as Black Liberation Theology. Someday they may be saying the same about Bermuda.


E rats corrupt control at KEMHospital "misplaced priorities"
paying $11million TAXPAYER'S dollars to E rat's Pay-to-Play foreign consultancy firm 


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