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Gangsta's Paradise : Bermuda officially a banana republic

Inside the Bermuda Black Beret Cadre

This reminds me of Rhodesia being converted to Zimbabwe..
and we know how that worked out
Mugabe final eviction of white farmers as his "birthday present"
If You Haven'
t Suffered Enough, It Is Your God Given Right To Suffer Some More
You get what you pay for: don't complain
The beatings will continue until the morale improves.

We have been played
Dear Sir,
If I hear another comment, quote or receive another e-mail concerning the Big Conversation, I think I will be forced to go play in the traffic. ..It isn't as if I don't see the merit in attempting to resolve an issue that is long standing and destructive, however I sincerely believe that this ambitious project lacks credibility, primarily because our black government has tormented, terminated and reduced to nothingness, large segments of the black community that don't openly support their highly suspect behaviour. We have been duped into believing that our issues are merely black and white when the real divisive ingredient is green. This Government would have us believe that it was purely race that prompted the recent Auditor General's report. That the many, many issues that have plagued this country over the past ten years are simply racially based. Hogwash and more camouflage.

We have been played by a master player. He has us believing that his black American friends deserve to be empowered and financially rewarded at our expense. That the majority of black Bermudians are not worthy, unless they display unswerving loyalty and openly support his twisted agenda. That he deserves to be rewarded for leading us out of the wilderness and that to question is sacrilege. His tactics are not new, however I have to admit that I am surprised he has survived this long. I therefore recommend that we have a real conversation. One that is huge, massive and comprehensive. We need to discuss and decipher whether the smoke we have been inhaling for the past few years is merely trash being burned in the back yard or if there is something far larger and sinister burning underground. We need to determine if the volcano that formed this island is dormant or if we are about to feel the real destructive forces of an eruption. One that can't be reversed. Seriously, we need to think and not be lead around by our noses. All that pinching apparently has eliminated the stench.
 Black Bermuda's sound and fury over E rat's deliberate destruction of the economy ,workers,tourism,rape of the environment,billion $ budget,waste and corruption and thievery is as deafening as the crickets chirping at night

Sales Focus affair 'pathetic and bogus'

Whistle Blower fights back : despite the silence of the cowardly E rat boot lickers

Erat sued for  political interference in sacking African Diaspora historian LeYoni Junos

for exposing his  fraudulent by pay-to-play  US pals ,profiting from  a Bermuda charity
'Senior members of tourism know exactly what happened but I'm standing here by myself.
I've been made a scapegoat
We had to deceive you AGAIN  FutureCare deficit at least $45 million burden on taxpayers
Seniors left in the dark  "conned and duped"  about FutureCare despite E rat promising health care insecurity a thing of the past for our senior citizens" before the election
What happened to the Platinum period? Where are all the new hotels?  Bermuda's economy is the  sinking Titanic,and E rats latest political scam is to pretend to bail it out with yet ANOTHER team of consultants,added to $100 Million/yr taxpayers spend on foreign consultants,because the PLP are too lazy and incompetent to run a 19 sq. mile island

What me worry?                      leading the sheep to slaughter has never been easier,  E rat's  racial politics and hate jihad propaganda machine makes Hitler and  Mugabe look like amateurs
"Don't take my word for it. Talk to the PLP foot soldiers who slogged uphill through the most trying of conditions and times. Listen to their laments about how the honour they felt for their party and its objectives is being overshadowed by feelings of disappointment now that the "new" PLP treats some of its own worse than the "old" UBP did ". ...Stuart Hayward,Bermuda Sun
"As long as the taxpayer is happy to allow this level of mediocrity, poor oversight, shoddy workmanship all with no accountability and plagued with a plethora of excuses, then the end product will be in keeping with lowered expectations."MP.Gordon
Commission of Inquiry into corruption, petition
if the E rat govt has nothing to hide,Where are the bodies buried in the following list ?
1. The Coco Reef Resort
2. The Berkeley Institute building
3. The Holiday Inn/Park Hyatt
4. The Port Royal Golf course
5. The Dockyard Cruise ship terminal.
6. The Police Court building
7. The TCD testing and emissions building.
8. The vehicle emissions testing concession
9. The Dockyard cement silos
10. The Southlands/Morgan point land swap
11. The operations permit to operate a restaurant at Warwick Long Bay.
12. The construction of the Fast Ferry docks
top Narcotics officer says we've 'literally surrendered' in drug fight
Three violent assaults during one evening:Beating leaves man with serious head injuries 
Attacked man remains in intensive care, two more violently robbed
Mistakes and waste on $78m Police/Court complex "a potential threat to public safety" by a Government architect. builders trying to cut corners to save money and builders changing plans without permission.
E rat's family & friends plan take all the  profits of the courthouse project,another Berkeley fiasco:The Berkeley project came in three years late and more than $55 million over-budget.
shareholders Vincent Hollinsid, who is the Fire Chief and the Premier's half brother and Winters Burgess,relative and friend of Works & Eng. minister  D Burgess.

Bus drivers show down :Labor unrest will hurt Bermuda tourism
tourism is down by at least 30%
Air arrivals fall by more than 13% in 2008 ,Visitor spending drops 21.7%,spent $111.4 million less into the economy than the previous year.
30 staff laid off from Little Venice Group,restaurant chain
13 more jobs cut at Fairmont Southampton hotel,in addition to 19 in Dec.
-$1.8 million was paid to E rat's Tourism advertising pal for doing nothing
Don Coleman's GlobalHue is accused of ripping off the government by overbilling its $13 million tourism advertising contract,overbilling the account by $1.8 million. Pre-billing the government in violation of its own rules. Not keeping invoices and billing records.commissions of up to 181 percent.
- $6 million taxpayer funded  Festivals for one year wasted on E rat's ego-trip parties ,not counting $7 million Cabinet travel budget
-Music Festival in 2008 cost over $5 million for three nights ,yet October was bleak despite  the star-studded  Festival,taxpayers shelled out $3 million to fly Beyonce, Alicia Keyes, UB40 to the Island ,as Bermuda actually saw a 17.9 percent drop in air arrivals.
August -14.4%,September -17.3% November -23.1%,December -18.3%
-Earth Wind & Fire another half-million dollars for one night E rat love fest,attracted less 90 visitors.
RIP Bermuda tourism :$13 million taxpayer's money wasted  on pay-to-play payoffs
Island's hotels in crisis: expert on corruption spoken out E rats pay-to-play pal GlobalHue

 Taxpayer's watchdog bites back
Auditor Larry Dennis has hit back        Work rushed for 'political reasons'
Follow the money trail and see where it leads
PAY-to-PLAY Corruption:

-audit revealed other strange payments including $14,500 for a car for building managers.
-builders Landmark Lisgar donated $1,000 to the Progressive Labour Party and then claimed the money back from Government,
-$78 million project has been mired in controversy over delays which saw Government having to hire a $400,000 project supervisor to get it back on track.
- $665,000 had to been paid outside the terms of the contract.

Culture of corruption:
E rat has donated thousands $ to fellow  shakedown artist and race hustler  MAXINE WATERS,  (D)
one of the Most Corrupt members of Congress
These allegations and more are exacerbated by a lack of information, transparency and accountability within the public sector; including intimidation of the Auditor General, media and anyone who dares to speak out  sign petition

decline and fall of the Bermudian taxi industry.Hotel-tourism business & workers starve,while E rat's clique make millions.*former head of tourism in New York paid off with half-a-million dollars 'hush money' severance package,Brown doesn't tolerate dissent. So he had to go.""I don't buy it," "$440,000 for four months' salary, health and pension? I believe this person's silence was purchased at the taxpayers' expense. In the real world, heads would roll for this.  'it's my way or the highway'.
*Global Hue were overpaid by around $1.8 million dollars in 2008
without submitting receipts and invoices."it was common knowledge in the office that Global Hue submitted bills and didn't submit invoices"
GlobalHue Accused of Overbilling Bermuda Account; Agency Plays Race Card
*$6.5 million had been paid to contractor LLC Bermuda Ltd. without the proper supporting receipts and invoices. Derrick Burgess ordered his civil servants not to cooperate with the office of the Auditor General

Auditor's critical report
millions of  taxpayers money wasted pay-to-play    corruption and thievery

Micky Mouse Dictatorship
PLP gov't and Cabinet of Buffoons
Awards switch is shameful 'reprehensible ,to strip Roy Allen Burch of the Male Athlete of the Year Award.
political interference of the worst kind, Olympic Swimmer Burch was punished for criticizing E rat's incompetent cabinet of buffoons, in particular the aloof and arrogant Blakeney

Premier heckled: 5,000 people petition oppose the building of a beach bar on Warwick Long Bay.

Mortgaging  future generations 
PLP looting  the treasury  by  pay-to-play corruption & thievery
$100 million  of the Budget is going to overseas consultants.

Bermuda's bond ratings may be lowered by Moody's Investors Service, which said the "small and relatively undiversified economy" is vulnerable to the global economic slowdown.
10 years of PLP government the government spending has doubled  ONE BILLION DOLLARS PER ANNUM for a 21sq mile island with 65,000 people (works out to be $15,384 per person)
Incompetent tax & spend PLP blowing10% percent of this year's billion dollar Budget ,$100 MILLION on foreign consultants while saddling future generations with debt,national debt $689 million the highest ever
Billion $ budget,$12-million overspend in the current account and a $19-million shortfall in revenue.
double the island's debt ceiling, now fixed at 10% of GDP, to $1 billion,duck out of making the annual payment into the national debt sinking fund as required by law,run a deficit on the current account to more than $40 million
Burch blasts UK control of policing

says  if he was in charge of Bermuda Police Service he would quickly reduce the number of officers guarding Government House.
E rats Drama Queen Politricks:
Media whore race pimps: using our taxes to make themselves wealthy
We had to deceive you' ...but I'm not a crook.
when caught in the act: send out race pimp propagandists,

Julian Hall ,poster boy for PLP  victimization & entitlement,a corrupt cabal of sodomites & thieves
 has no plan to pay back millions 
says he intends today to make the first payment to his creditors for almost a decade(HE IS NOT PAYING,WE TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING OFF HIS DEBT).. he has absolutely no intention of repaying in full the millions of dollars the courts say he owes..In an interview with the Bermuda Sun, he said he would rather "quit his job" - a $200,000-a-year consultancy role with Government - than continue to make payments The Official Receiver's former lawyer Kulandra Ratneser has previously called for Mr. Hall to be jailed for contempt of court for failing to disclose his finances in full. In court lawyers have accused Mr. Hall of blaming everyone else for his difficulties while not giving a cent to families to whom he owes huge sums of money.
Julian Hall now representing Andre Curtis
conflict of interest,a highly paid consultant,$200,000/year of taxpayers money,now defending andre curtis,who has allegedly stolen taxpayer funds via the faith based tourism scam

Ironically, in the news media he loves to hate,the steaming excrement he spews in today's Gazette fools nobody except his Kool-aid disciples (Crook image and the media, Premier speaks out).

Where are the tourists?
eight new resorts publicly announced for Bermuda,but NOT ONE has the financing
Industry sources say much-touted plans for a Jumeirah resort and Morgan's Point land swap deal have "gone cold" as developers Southlands Ltd. struggle to secure financing for the multi-million dollar project.

Sources also say developer Carl Bazarian still has no debt equity financing for a hotel at the old Club Med, closed more than 20 years
The photo op PR exercise of grinning EL Duce "Premier Rolls Up Sleeves at Elbow Beach" has only his body guards, his camera crew and a few paid off rented bystanders .Tourism is dead and the Bermuda International business sector is on life support.What's E rat and the PLP done for the homeless, the thousands of laid off tourism workers, fired Bermudian  staff in NY tourism office, the Bermudian homeless, Bermudian hungry,and Bermudians displaced by Asians, Indians,and Philapinos ?
The number of jobs held by non-Bermudians has increased 400% since the PLP took over 10 years ago,they flooded the rental market and workforce with cheap labor from third world countries,displacing Bermudians out of their own country,while burdening generations with debt from his lavish lifestyle & pay-to-play corruption & thievery.

Bill Marriott said when he closed his hotel and pulled out of Bermuda. What he said was: 'If I had to live my life over again I'd do everything the same except own a hotel in Bermuda.'

sending out big sissies to whine about "kickback checks" smells fishy,General Hospital has more believable plot lines.

Police/court building,
more corruption & incompetence:
when you turn the light on: the roaches flee. Once the light goes off, they go back to their dirty work.
"Works and Engineering Minister Derrick Burgess confessed in a TV interview with ZBM, that Winters Burgess was both his close friend and relative."
Bermuda Taxpayer is going to make Julian Hall  very wealthy :"consultant" to W&E salary  increased from $119,000 (plus kids school fees) to $200,000 ,keeping the Brown/Burgess cabal out of jail is a full time job,now   Taxpayers will pay off his $3 million debt from  swindling  his own clients,like $100,000/yr "race consultant"  EX- CONVICT comissiong, we will be forced to listen to a bankrupt and disbarred thief with debts of $3,000,000,as a pay-to-play  race propagandist,in the E rat PLP Hate Jihad campaign

E rat's  is doing to Bermuda,what his son is jailed for !
Kevin Brown, 37, faces 33 counts, including rape, sexual exploitation by a physician and a lewd act If convicted he faces life in jail.
An undercover vice officer investigating reports of sexual violations by a doctor who is the son of Bermuda's leader wept on the witness stand Tuesday as she told of her own alleged assault by the physician. She described him as looking at her with "a look of lusting" and said he hugged her and placed his head on her chest and began confiding things about his life. Then she said he tried to pull down her pants.

Handbag Burch to workers ".Ditch the weed, get a job! "
PLP used  to be Labor party, but what happened to workers ? 

Platinum periodBermuda Tourism under PLP : CLOSED
Visitor arrivals fell 12.2 percent,yet Taxpayers paid $3 million for the Bermuda Music Festival 2008

E rat treats workers with the contempt : from   Police pay, Taxi drivers, constant strikes and shut downs,BHC rents raised 10% in recession
NY Tourism office all fired for US pay-to-play firm,now BPSU angered at E rat's abuse of his OWN secretary who came back from holiday to find she had been replaced.
Maybe she knows to much about his corruption and thievery ?

BMA:  paper tiger giving  credibility to a corrupt system
accountant Mike Hardy, who has 25 years of experience as a manager and auditor in the insurance ind reinsurance industries, said Bermuda's reputation as a 'gold standard' business jurisdiction was being tarnished by the BMA's apparent failure to tackle white-collar crime.
  E rat,with his racist groupies all living up his arse like he's a rock star, and everyone else afraid to say anything because the "white man" would be a Nazi racist if he did.

E rat runs a pay-to-play multi-million dollar ponzi scheme in paradise!
Love fests for himself,Wash DC gala Balls,now Pay-to-Play Premier named as a Caribbean Illuminati
at a fund raiser held by the University of the West Indies , a payoff fo  Bermuda Government's financial contributor to the University of the West Indies. Buffoon-in Charge had to buy the "honor" with Bermuda taxpayer money    E rat family & friends party on your dime
it's all about black Bermudians of west Indian descent feeling important and superior
Bermuda to Subsidize University of the West Indies
Tourism is dead and the Bermuda International business sector is on life support.
when Bermudians are homeless,jobless, and sinking into desperation, the money could be spent on housing,and  Bermuda College to retrain jobless , the Salvation Army,and food banks
Ministry of Bullshit & propaganda opens U.K office
While Bermudians go hungry and homeless, BHC housing rents for low income raised 10% in a recession,yet Brown opens  2,600 square foot London office, total yearly cost to taxpayers of over $1.5,000,000: $882,000 just for rent,plus 6 PLP employees, a veiled smoke screen  to set up independence  a dictatorship,E rat's using millions of  taxpayer's money to lobby for independence,and legitimize his growing criminal empire
Is this a bundled package? Does it include some other "items" that do not get mentioned but slip in under the expense?. Could there be an apartment for someone not being mentioned,as he used Tourism dollars to pay his jailed son's "rent" on his LA "charity's" office.
"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." - Margaret Thatcher

Preview of Bermuda , plundered by thievish premier
Turks Constitution Suspended: systemic corruption - serious dishonesty.

entire government payroll in the Turks and Caicos Islands has been missed.
transcripts of E rat's corrupt pal Premier Michael Misick being skewered under oath

Commission of Inquiry into official corruption and misconduct in the Turks & Caicos Islands
"Michael Misick had told her that he was worth either $80 or $180 million dollars. Their pet phase among themselves was "we ain't broke, we rich."

Bermuda back in news in Turks and Caicos leaze scandal

yet another scandal links to Bermuda Sir Allen Stanford,cricket promoter,accused of $8 Billion Fraud

On race, blacks are cowards, too

Race-Baiter Alert: O'Bama's racist-leftist pals  Obama has a chip on his shoulder,but nothing compared to Michelle,liberal media,and Rev. Wright's black liberation theology ,kill whitey by any means necessary crew

Obama is tired of your motherfucking shit

"America’s chickens... are coming home... to ROOST!"
ol race hustler joe lowery's benediction,-at Obama 's inauguration, ALWAYS THE RACE PIMP  ,he has earned his living as a priest of perpetual victim hood......."Yeah .. those evil white bastards. We just have to get a race remark into the proceedings somehow for the history books."

Another O-bama pompous jackass,Attorney General Eric Holder ,who defended black panthers and pardoned terrorists,recent  diatribe ,same Mau Mau race card BS as Rev."God Dam America" Wright

Racial Caste System by elitist greed, frivolity indifference
Just how is this most liberal U.S. Senator, 183 days in the Senate before becoming a presidential candidate; no experience, no accomplishment, hope over fear product of the corrupt Chicago political machine working out for you so far?
US in worst crisis since the depression, yet  the  Royal Family decides to take a weekend to go to Chicago to give the girls their first ride on Air Force One and shop.

The PLP,and Democrat party own the racists, It's easy to see why, everything is FREE on the gravy train of victimization and entitlement.
the poorest black man in Bermuda and America lives better and freer than Obama's brother in Africa. But that's not good enough,from obama's  dwarf,Robert Reich,and veteran  political parasite Congressman charlie Rangel  "Make sure jobs don't go to "white male construction workers":

(Chris Rock) "in any city of America, you can almost guarantee the most violent part of town is located on Martin Luther King Jr avenue".      The irony being of course that MLK was all about non-violence.

E Rat's SUPER BOWL of wasted public money

E rat sending 10 cabinet MP's to Obama's inauguration to cost TAXPAYERS $250,000

free hit counter

Court building project shock !
yet ANOTHER corruption scandal  to start off the new 2009 year,after the scandals of Berkeley, The Housing Corporation and the Faith Based Tourism
Police open investigation into trust beneficiaries tied to new court project
cheques issued to Cabinet Ministers by construction executives involved in the controversial project have been handed over to Police by the Auditor General's office.
MP Patricia Gordon-Pamplin called on Works and Engineering Minister Derrick Burgess to come clean about the project.  everything the Government touches turns to mud when it comes to public projects.
shareholders are secret,but money is from  our public purse.
with twice bankrupt-twice disbarred "lawyer" and Works and Engineering consultant Julian Hall ,under Handbag Burch running this project what else do we expect?
'The whole thing stinks'  PLP who's who of Cabinet ministers and their relatives have their hands in it

Property market collapses:  XL Capital Ltd. and (AIG) to rent out part of their buildings, market set to be deluged with new space creating downward pressures on rental prices.

Brown's  political campaigner Andre Curtis has been arrested
Montana State Auditor's Office now lists 24 violations against Curtis, whose company ,Harvest Investment Holdings,received nearly $2 million from an American investor in the past five weeks as part of an alleged multimillion dollar worldwide fraud. The alleged victims have invested close to $4 million with no return.

Pay to Pray:  Preachers unpaid by Faith Based tourism
"Pastor Bryant is upset that he has not received payment from Andre Curtis and faith-based tourism. It's pretty much the same as Bishop Francis.
hiding behind religion, deals with the Devil
Andre Curtis profits from pay to play, $400,000 fee for being E warts campaign manager,as he rips off black preachers,the same as he ripped off workers and taxpayers of
 former chairman of the Tourism Board, even though his company ;First Choice Construction ,went into liquidation owning nearly $500,000 in unpaid pension contributions and payroll tax.

Curtis was awarded $400,000 of taxpayers' money in the aftermath of his homophobic comments

Despite objections by Bermuda Bar Council,law to let bankrupt lawyers work  passed,custom tailored for Julian Hall ,
who has twice been made bankrupt and twice disbarred.
the Pay-to-Play reward for bought and paid for Race Pimps,Keeping Hate Alive

Business leaders attack 'Jekyll and Hyde' PLP

" Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them."-- Matthew 7: 15, 16
E rat's Smoke screen racism 'gong show':the political/media double standard involving race.over rationalized horse manure:

the whole point of the exercise is for one set of white people to feel superior to another set of white people.

They bought the “Bling” but they got BULLSHIT, now we're all screwed  !
need  for "whistleblower legislation"
10 years of PLP proved former Black Panthers  can take an outstanding Bermuda reputation and ruin it overnight.
E rat,the THIEF in charge,is Bermuda's Bernie Madoff,creating his own Ponzi scheme of corruption, and thievery for his family & friends. When the smug majority finally clue into the fact they were deceived, AGAIN ,and their Bermuda money and assets are as worthless as a Jamaican-Zimbabwe dollar, they will have nobody else to blame but themselves. Victimization and entitled whining  race politics earns a meal ticket for E rat's inner circle of family & friends but has shut Bda Inc. out of the world's competitive Tourism and International business market and sent it into third world ghetto status ,just as the Caribbean slums the PLP came from.

The PLP voters are pawns  and suckers to be played by  E rats corrupt thugs on the Hill ,who have nothing to do but  spew a smokescreen of lies ,show up for an occasional vote and cash their paychecks.
None  are worthy of being called "Statesman", They're power-hungry elitists with their hands in your wallet.
When PLP supporters condone criminal activity, they effectively give permission for criminal corruption.

This "government" produces nothing, has no bottom line, is accountable to no one, and contributes nothing to our GDP, yet it accounts for most of the spending that occurs in our island. In the end, your government only takes, takes takes ,as it covers up scandal after scandal.

Millions wasted on E rat's Pay-to-Play American  KEMH consultant contracts yet Complaints filed about the hospital  Third World condition after Governor and Minister visit
$3.7million was spent to gussy up the executive floor while the patient rooms are substandard and unfit for human habitation.
The Courage and Slimy Awards
nominees for the courage award for strength are:
Jim Butterfield: for walking away intact from a professional plot that was devised by the government of Bermuda, which saw Jim losing his Bermuda Cement Company.
Larry Dennis: for suffering the humiliation of a criminal investigated and going to jail for doing his job as Auditor General.
Eventually the chickens of E rat's pay-to-play PLP corruption scandals will come home to roost.
Just as many of the ethics-tainted Obama -from the corrupt Chicago cabal - nominations will go down in flames. Today it's Bill Richardson ,secretary of Commerce, has been withdrawn "A federal grand jury is investigating whether a financial firm improperly won more than $1.4 million in work for the state of New Mexico shortly after making contributions to political action committees of Gov. Bill Richardson (D)"

Remembering Rebecca's Brutal Torture, Gang Rape, Sodomization and Murder.

Don't get sick in Bermuda
"more formal complaints given to the hospital than ever before.  from poor nursing, lack of medication, and bathrooms that need repair. Bermudians are outraged about the poor state of the hospital knowing that so much money was spend on renovating the fifth floor, which houses the administration staff, in five star luxury."
Mob of 20 left  victim battered and bloodied on the roadside after a gang hunted him down in Hamilton Parish at the weekend.
Violent crime soars,yet Police budget cut by millions . Violent crime is soaring,overall crime up for the fourth successive year, with 3,000 offences recorded

US State Dept.Travel Warning Travelers should exercise caution when walking after dark or visiting out-of-the-way places on the island There have been incidents of sexual assault and acquaintance rape, Travelers should also note an increase in gang presence in Bermuda and should take regular precautions to avoid confrontation. The back streets of Hamilton are often the setting for nighttime assaults

Chaos on the streets,17 bikers killed in accidents in 2008
No visible police presence, criminals run riot ,prey on visitors and locals alike
Gazette Jan 5,2009 "A gang of bikers chased after a 23-year-old woman motorcyclist in an apparent attempt to force her off the road.The woman was riding along East Broadway, away from Hamilton, when two bikes began following her and then overtook her on Friday, at about 6 p.m...four more bikes joined the pursuit as she drove east along Middle Road...The gang aimed inappropriate remarks at her, with some of them trying to force her off the road, The young woman, who did not recognize any of the suspects, was said to be shaken up "

Witness describes 'terrifying' attacks "stuck a gun in my mouth,"yelling "where's the money?", repeatedly.doused him and his friend in lighter fluid and attempted to ignite it."
Man in intensive care after robbery  at Convict Bay Lane, St. George's
Loaded gun seized at traffic stop

The Chickens Come Home to Roost:
The recent Earth Wind & Fire Love Festival cost $500,000 but brought in just 40 people.

Bermuda ranks in the five worst performing islands after air arrivals dipped 4.6 percent last year .
Business Exodus Warning

Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act
Tax haven status Targeted
tax expert warns of the worst for Bermuda

XL Capital Ltd. and American International Group (AIG) to rent out office space.the decline of such an "iconic" local company is a psychological blow for everyone in the industry,parts of XL's offices now resemble "a ghost town" with desks empty and morale low.  XL has lobbied Government to try to rent out its second tower, and compete for tenants with the latest building projects in the City.

Shadow Finance Minister Grant Gibbons said ,Government has squandered its goodwill with big business by obsessing about race. He said Premier Ewart Brown's recent remarks in Parliament about white Bermudians not supporting Barack Obama was just the latest example of Dr. Brown sending out the wrong message. Mr. Gibbons said: "The PLP needs to think long and hard about its leadership at this present time." Describing the consequences to the country if big business declines, Mr. Gibbons said: "Most directly, 60 per cent of employees in those companies are Bermudians. If jobs are lost, Bermudian families suddenly find themselves without a breadwinner. Then there is the huge amount of money Government makes directly from payroll tax - that goes. Business people take taxis, eat at restaurants; they work in offices that have to be built and maintained. They stay in apartments that will soon be empty if we are not careful."
More companies are considering jumping ship to Switzerland, as the "quiet drain" of money and personnel from Bermuda appears to be gathering pace,as the industry continues to digest the "implosion" of XL, a company once considered a barometer for the health of Bermuda's economy as a whole.
Former premier Sir John Swan said yesterday that the "golden era" of international business on the island now appears to be over. even a modest decline in big business will affect every Bermudian, with taxi drivers, restaurateurs, house painters and anyone with an apartment to rent feeling the "trickle down effect."when things were going really well, when things were at their best, we were at our worse: making more noise about race and about term limits," Sir John said. "We thought: 'we don't need to think about these people; they [international big business] will always be here.'"
if you want to be that arrogant then we all suffer the consequences." Don Kramer, head of Ariel Re, is an ex-pat and long term resident. He agrees that subtle messages have been sent out making international business leaders feel less welcome. He said: "For example, at the airport, there used to be a line for residents and non-residents. Now it is Bermudians and non-Bermudians.

Swiss Re to close Bermuda office,Foster Wheeler completes Swiss move,more jobs layoffs from Ernst & Young and Butterfield Fulcrum Group

A major UK insurer today Feb 16-09,announced they will add operations in Ireland, and justified the move to Insurance Day by bashing Bermuda: Beazley CEO did not see Bermuda "as a stable environment [when] compared to Ireland".In the face of global financial calamity, PLP Government's strategy is flood media with meaningless PR and red herring sideshows.


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