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Feel the Love : murder & mayhem is now commonplace

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  New blog Bermuda: Corruption In Paradise  
The corruption under Premier Ewart Brown and its ongoing legacy.,exposes corruption with photocopies,of cheques & documents,media reports
 UK media expose Ewart Brown's corruption ,UK MP  Andrew Rosindell  calls for   an investigation into corruption  

ex Bermuda Premier Ewart Brown's son GUILTY! on 21 sex assault charges!!

ex Bermuda Premier Ewart Brown's son GUILTY! on 21 sex assaults!! | NowPublic News Coverage

Ex-Premier Gibbons says CARICOM irrelevant to Bermuda
plp race pimps throw out bait: sure sign an election coming
Race pimp propagandists flood Facebook,Bernews ,newspapers,talk shows,etc to stir up the race card,since they cannot run on their dismal record.
Col.”butty mon“Burch, Vanz Chapman,& his moonbat mommy LaVerne Furbert
see video link

Premier Ewart Brown wanted share of companys business court told

Businessman David Bolden claimed a Government Minister told him the Premier wanted ten percent of his wireless technology company, and for Wanda Henton Brown to be placed on the board.
 Financier Mr Bolden also stated under oath in Supreme Court that the former Premier asked for a 60 percent share of the commission he earned from work on Bermuda’s public pension funds.

Ammo & $10 Million Worth Of Drugs Seized
island  copies Jamaica's criminal chaos : another young black man murdered in gang war!
Bermuda is now  Certified Ghetto Fabulous!
13 yrs of plp & Ewart Brown ,this is what you voted into power. the April fools joke is on you!

An 11 minute video appeared on Youtube yesterday afternoon [Mar.15] during which the guest worker says he was robbed at gunpoint the night before in Bermuda and made the video "to share the story so that the rest of the residents and tourists/guests will be careful." His face shows visible bruising in the video.
'I said to myself, Oh no, I am going to die'

after attracting so much attention the video was closed to public viewing,probably due to fear of retribution,people are traumatized & terrorized into silence !!
 murder & mayhem is now commonplace, thanks to plp "softly,softly" policy of  pandering to criminals, politically appointed magistrates,and jury nullification, after 13 years of plp govt. of corruption ,looting & thievery! ,
once a peaceful paradise, Bermuda has descended into a Caribbean ghetto.

with this  buffoon "Handbag Burch"  Minister of Public safety, anarchy rules
Larry Burchall's critique
"A black government dancing to a white man's tune!
another sissy fit from Colonel Cranky to stir up racial baiting & intimidation
look at today's headlines: whenever the plp  are threatened with a backlash, they let Colonel Bitch out of his cage
-SDO Tuckers Point blocked
-Island's billions of national debt
-Retail sales plummet to a five-year low
-govt. charity funding dries up: for LCCA,Pals,Family Center
-HIP & senior health costs explode

The silence is deafening: the lunatics are driving the bus off the cliff
Larry Burchall: Spinning and spending,while Bermuda's foreign exchange earnings plummet
yet another  Ewart Brown Pay-to-PLAY scam  backfires
BHB cuts short multi-million dollar Kurron contract to save money ,foreign consultants earning "$700,000 a year, $21,000 a month"

new Auditor General Heather Jacobs Matthews.a patriot ,as her predecessor Larry Dennis,who was imprisoned by Ewart Brown's corrupt & criminal PLP,
Shocking  Ewart Brown's corrupt ministerial interference exposed

New TCD building - costs tripled,contract given UN tendered,to  Dennis Correia
Accountant General tells of pressure to sign off TCD contract
Taxpayer's are paying for the utility bills, maintenance fees and repairs for the equipment at the TCD emissions testing centre despite the fact BECL's $2.4 million annual operations fee stipulates the company should pay for them.He estimated the company is receiving between 20 to 30 percent profit from the $2.4 million annual contract.
Auditor General believes former Cabinet Secretary Marc Telemaque should be fined for disregarding Government’s rules

Walter Roban, the Environment Minister ,the MP who  tabled the Tucker's Point SDO is also a Vice President at HSBC,the bank that  loaned 100's of millions to Tucker's Point ,is using the Bermuda Govt. SDO to force sell off  TAXPAYER"S land to pay for it !

moral degenerates,Handbag Burch &   Walter Roban

Bermudians Against SDOs!
also on Facebook
SDOs should either be banned or their application process made to be much more strenuous.First there was Southlands, then there was Warwick Long Beach, and now Tucker's Point? If there was a three strikes rule SDOs would be out! Tucker's Point,  already has A LOT of property. Why do they need to dig up the conservation area? Why not just build onto one of their golf courses?

Bermudians' Fury as new jobs are found for Uyghurs

Unemployed Bermudians' Fury as new jobs are found for Uyghurs

 Premier Ewart Brown ,who illegally ,and secretly brought 4 terrorists in the dead of night,without even notifying his own govt.,then  claimed he was a humanitarian? ,WikiLeaks," The cables reveal the desperate attempts by the US administration to find homes for former Guantánamo Bay detainees.American diplomats pressed other countries to resettle detainees, they became reluctant players in a State Department version of "Let's Make a Deal."

Wikileaks sparks worldwide diplomatic crisis

Former AG Mr. Perinchief  calls for transparency over Uighurs
"People are questioning whether the jobs the Uighurs now have are jobs that were advertised and turned down by Bermudians or were beyond their competence.

"Further, whether what the Minster of Labour has facilitated is in keeping with or contrary to his policy and the law of giving jobs to qualified Bermudians over non-Bermudians."

The Governor today urged people with information on any Govt. criminal activity to contact Police

Auditor General Heather Matthews' special report has revealed a $10 million overspend on the TCD project, ministerial interference from the outset and a lack of accountability 


Email:  UK foreign affairs committee at

to demand a Royal Commission to investigate the criminal,corrupt Ewart Brown PLP govt.

 Retail sales have fallen to their lowest level in 18 years

4% pension increases for retired public sector workers, MPs and senators leave the average senior even further behind.unfair that former legislators will now get an even greater portion than the person off the street.

former Atty Gen.Senator Kim Wilson thinks that Ministers are exempt from parking tickets " only the little people pay taxes "

Police probe two gun incidents in 24 hours
Man and woman charged with gun-related crimes
Woman spat, kicked and racially abused police
fugitive for double shooting son of Cabinet Minister Glenn Blakeney Minister of Youth, Families
Handbag Burch : no wonder the island is sinking in crime & drugs this sissy fool is Minister for public safety

Former AG Perinchief on Premier:   Brown Put Bermuda on Brink of Financial Disaster

"Brown's tenure and administration is littered with broken, disappointed and heart-broken would-be successful Black entrepreneurs, particularly Black male, in imminent danger of losing their homes and livelihoods. So much for Black empowerment under his watch. Dr. Brown's tenure shall be immortalised by memories of all the stealth-by-night subterfuges, deceiving colleagues, 'smoke and mirror' contracts and other superficial political gadgetry and trinkets. He shall also be remembered for the extravagant and ostentatious gala events, the UBP of old ' glitz and glitter ', the hoop-la of million dollar songsters, golfing events etc., at prices the average PLP member and supporter do not earn in a week. This group has been banished to the side-lines by the Brown administration. ".

"Brown will also be remembered for his lack of good taste and manners. Swathed in infamy, he doesn't quite know how to leave the stage gracefully and silently. He would prefer those of us who fall into the category of "you can't fool ALL of us ANY of the time "to actually thank or feel beholden to him for the misfortunes he has brought us. All praises! Clearly, the Premier is a personification of "narcissism on steroids ".

Three visitors experienced a vacation nightmare

I thought I was going to die
Visiting couple relive bloody knife attack in hotel - he was stabbed repeatedly, wife was knocked out cold
They were woken in the middle of the night to find the masked man at the end of their bed, waving a blade and demanded money.

if you have not suffered enough,it is your God given right to suffer some more !
Burgess grinning like a cheshire cat

Trick or Treat

meet your new leaders:Paula "Cog", who signed the checks that increased our debt to $ billions and a former hotel doorman,union race baiting Jackass!

Bermuda Books :

Kill Me Once...Kill Me Twice: Murder on the Queen's Playground
 ISBN-10: 1452035962
 ISBN-13: 978-1452035963
Getting away with murder in Bermuda:Kirk Munday & Justis Smith (convicted of assaults against other women) are free walking amongst the islands 60,000+ other inhabitants and their tourists ...

New book on 16 year old Rebecca Middleton's brutal murder in Bermuda.a true story of murder, collusion, conspiracy, and cover-up designed to protect the secrets of privilege, and hide the poverty, violence and drugs that darken Bermuda's tranquil pastels

Bermuda's economic GDP output shrank by 8.1 percent last year a dramatically worse recession than Government forecasts.
Result of the
plp orgy fueled by Bermuda TAXPAYER Money.We will be paying for it for a long long time.

Pimps night out on the Bermuda TAXPAYERS
EB's Ace Boy,disgraced Mayor of Detroit, indicted for accepting bribes (the use of private jets to Bermuda)

Ewart Brown,now a multi millionaire after looting & pillaging leaves Bermuda in shambles,billions in debt,in crisis on every level:poverty,crime,drugs,business failures & unemployment
for every ONE cent that came in from Taxes and Duties, Government spent an additional FIVE cents.

Bermuda's Black Beret: the PLP Govt.since 1998

The Black Panthers: Their Dangerous Bermudian Legacy
Assault on Law and Order in Bermuda, 1972-1973: The Assassination of Governor Sir Richard Sharples and the Related Killings [Paperback]
Mel Ayton
ISBN-10: 0786448814

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