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Bermuda's Resurrection 2013:Suicide or Sanity?

BIU-plp have accomplished what beret's could not do, converted  a once peaceful thriving island paradise into a third world ghetto: billions in debt,over run with gangs,drugs,shootings,mass unemployment, BIU-plp would make Mugabe & Idi Amin proud.
Justice Denied [Paperback]

Publication Date: February 1, 2013

This book is the first full account of th 1972/1973 assassinations of Bermuda 's governor, Richard Sharple, and police chief, George Duckett The book includes a foreword by Dr. Carol Shuman, a former journalist with the Bermuda Sun and Mid Ocean News.

During the 1970s, a black power organization in Bermuda , which modelled itself on the American Black Panthers, conspired to bring about social change by any means necessary, including assassination. The struggle for equal rights in Bermuda during this period both imitated events in the US and was heavily influenced by them. This is especially true for the role American black militants played in encouraging Bermuda 's youth to challenge the white power structure on the island. Bermuda became the first nation to suffer the violent effects of the importation of 1960s style American Black Power militancy. As a result, Governor Sharple, Police Chief George Duckett and others were murdered.

Justice Denied points the finger of guilt at a faction of the black militant grouped by the Third Man , who controlled the convicted assassins. The author named the Bermuda businessman, a convicted drug dealer, who assisted the assassins in financing their political aims through drug deals and bank robberies. He also concludes that the real story about the assassinations was whitewashed by consecutive Bermudian governments in the interests of racial harmony.

plp Donkey march on Parliament this Friday!
2 years’ probation is an outrage for this crime! plp Donkey retards are marching over Term Limits, while gang thugs are knifing and shooting & killing

Fahy refuses to apologise says he was taken out of context -This is all about racial intimidation The emotional trigger to create chaos,that  plp strategists thrive on. They did it to Dunkley, Gibbons & Trevor Moniz  for years, You didn’t see donkey retards marching after Erat & handbag Burch imported 4 terrorists & gave em homes & jobs. Erat & plp need to apologize for leaving billions of toxic debt worse than the chemicals dumped at Morgan's Point!
Video of plp-BIU Mob protest At House Of Assembly, Mar 1 2013
Minister Fahy's speech was  drowned out by the crowd cheering for him to apologize and/or resign. Todays Donkey  “lynch mob” act ,from the plp-BIU racist anarchists,on parliament is a great PR for Bda Inc. just what we need as the economy circles the drain! …   I'm sure IB  & investors  & hotel developers ,get it loud & clear!

Bermuda credit rating cut imminent!Bob has promised the impossible. No one,can run an operation on 2013 costs while receiving 2006 revenue.

End of the road for Bermuda!  If Government does not start paying down the debt within five years!Jamaica defaulted yet again last week on their debt..15 yrs of plp has turned a once prosperous Bda Inc. into a  3d world Jamaican ghetto !

VAT is coming soon, following all Caribbean-EU-Canada tax systems. 17% tax on all goods & services ,creating yet ANOTHER govt bureaucracy
There is an elite class of bourgeois politicians, landlords, owners of monopolies, civil servants,who are bleeding the rest of us into poverty.We are in the real world of stagflation,taxes,brutal competition.They are in the fantasy world of tenured professors,civil servants,monopolies who can't be fired,and get massive pensions & full pay while on leave,as the Accountant General.
Accountant General’s failings:yet another overpaid,incompetent civil service moocher.

plp disastrous legacy:$2.5 billion is $62,500 debt per Bermudian

BS from David Burt PLP’s reply to the Budget. OBA's response

David Burt:Arrogance, ignorance and narcissism of this deviant shadow minister of finance on display to feed his donkey sheeple, but  under  plp this steaming pile of excrement & his greedy father lined their pockets, ripped off their Jamaican cousins, who have filed complaints with the Department of Labour, the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Immigration against Burt’s Top Grade Contracting (BTG)."Demonic" David Burt ,AKA Joesph Goebbels ,master of plp race  pimping ,head of Plp's gestapo, ministry of propaganda & disinformation, used his plp positon to get secret non-tendered  contracts &  leases, similar to those  awarded to john jeffries ,zane desilva ,jane & dennis Coreia,Walton Brown,Donal Smith & other plp friends & family. David Burt's companies,have been one of the many non-tendered Government contracts that have been issued to friends and family...Not to mention the real deal on the Dockyard wharf…..The Emissions Centre $10 million rip off…..The Berkley School fiasco …..the cedar beams…..The four Uighur deal ..etc. etc. etc.   Government borrowing..In just two years, without even a “Hey, you guys”, the Finance  Minister Cox borrowed a grand total of $1,175 million ($1.175bn). In just two years!

Heritage Wharf is ‘full of defects and deficiencies’ :more fallout from 15 yrs. of plp corruption & incompetence. The stench of Ewart brown's plp  government's culture of corruption continues :Correia Construction & Dennis Correia should be sued for shoddy work!
Erat clearly timed this vanity profile to compete with  Randy & Lister's defection & the opening of parliament,it's always about ME with this narcissistic psychopath .The plp propaganda machine will distort every word &  preach their ignorance to their donkeys & sheep ,but the  plp  government's culture of corruption under Erat Brown cannot be wiped away with his history revisionist BS &  bravado

Ewart Brown's pal Kwame Kilpatrick ,Detroit's disgraced ex-Mayor did what Brown,plp friends & family did to Bda Inc. There should be a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the looting & thievery that has plunged Bermuda into billions of debt & made a once thriving economy Bankrupt!

Exce spreadsheet ; plp Government's spending and revenue's 4th qualified audit:Financial chaos leaves Bda Inc. Bankrupt soon Bermuda will have an annual interest bill of $95 million.. unborn generations burdened with plp statement show the Government’s revenue for the year ended 31 March 2012 was around $914 million, while total expenses were around $1.26 billion — a deficit of around $343 million.
result of 15 yrs of plp financial destruction: cant rent em,cant sell em, o buyers came to  auction and there were no bids. roperty remains seized and unsold.
Randy Horton sworn in as speaker.he went from 60's Black Beret revolutionary,plp  Era
t brown supporter, to speaker of the second oldest parliamentary democracy in the western hemisphere ! Randy went from wearing a black beret & clenched fist to a speakers wig ! He & Erat & th Black Berets instigated Murders that shook Bermuda 40 years ago,when  Governor Sharples was shot dead

Auditor General critical of Govt accounts!financial horror of $2.4 billion debt ,unknown corruption & waste $2.4 Billion = $2,400,000,000 -NOT included,are the billions in unfunded liabilities, that are off the balance sheet in this current statement. The hospital, the pensions, the quangos, etc real debt is more like 5 BILLION

Zane DeSilva & Island Construction have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!Building collaps EMTs took too long, safety protocol NOT FOLLOWED Bean, 47, died when part of a building collapsed on him at Morgan’s Point,"before you start [work], the Health Department has to say it’s safe. Those buildings are old and decrepit and more than likely fairly safe — but if you are walking in with no safety equipment,"

15 years of plp/ Erat brown looting & raping the taxpayer begins to be audited!.OBA need to expand the search for waste &  institutional corruption to the cruise ship dock, the courthouse, Port Royal, the Berkeley project etc. etc.Auditor General To Review Hospital Finances and that their Chief Financial Officer Delia Basden has been put on Administrative leave.

BIU threaten hospital industrial action, postal worker down tools,Auxilliary nurses may take industrial action"Christ" Furbert takes his ignorant anarchist communist rants up a notch plp legacy Imports decline for tenth consecutive quarter continues to decline!more business close.

Walton Brown today accused Education Minister Nalton Brangman of lying about his academic achievements.Walton Brown is the last man who should be talking:he's a paid race pimp HATE radio host,history revisionist/propagandist, lecturing others on ethics ,LOL

He had to be sued for ripping off his staff & investors.Walton Brown’s financial dispute with a former employee ,been accused of harming an educational charity Brown's Bermuda Network News (BNN),sued in  2008 for $10,500 .Walton Brown Erat's cousin & plp political hack :used his plp positon to get secret non-tendered  contracts &  leases,at Airport,"consultant"$4000/mth govt fee

Both PLP "senators" Marc Bean and Ewart Brown's cousin,Walton Brown, are PAID CONSULTANT TAXPAYER FEES  $7000/month ontop of their Senator's salary !Senator Walton Brown was paid $62,000, for a visa project "to secure visa-free access to Bermuda passport holders" As Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Bermuda College, Brown extended Coco Reef lease from 50 years to 120 years.plp PAY-To-PLAY PAYOFF to owner John Jefferis,in return for his financial backing of the PLP that helped them win in 1998.Jefferis is just another foreigner who has made multi millions by selling off Bermuda taxpayer owned land,nor has he trained or employed any Bermudian staff

redevelopment of Hamilton’s prime waterfront:I smell a  Erat brown :“we had to deceive you” plp corruption and cronyism ! OBA needs to trace the roots of this scheme;  Smells like Erats Stem cell ,Generic drug Laboratories, (he’s still milking the public purse through our hospital) ,Cedargate,DLE Court bldg.,Correia’s  heritage wharf -Zimbabwe cement co, -TCD emission bldg, & numerous Zane desilva fiascos, so far all we see is defunct plp flip flop promoting it,and why isn't OBA setting up a Royal Commission of Inquiry on Ewart Brown/plp corruption,from the BHC scandal to latest Auditor General Report?shooting near Belvin’s store on Happy Valley Road   2 men shot DEAD!
OBA needs to enact martial law to shut down guns & gangstas

Gov't might have to slash personnel costs by 25%:Personnel Costs and Debt Service Costs =75.9% of govt revenue!

Lawyer recalls pledge that Uighurs would receive Bermuda citizenship.Burch’s remarks ,we will grant asylum. We will begin process to make them Bermudian well within year’.”The men left Guantánamo Bay in the early hours of June 11 2009, and arrived in Bermuda at 6.25am humanitarian intent and content’ rings hollow by ex plp Atty Gen.PHIL PERINCHIEF

“We had to deceive you"Erat Brown crawls out of his hole the carpetbagger from LA & Jamaica, who rose to power back stabbing & race pimping,spent half million of TAXPAYER”S $ ere
cting the Sally Basset Slave  statue
has enslaved these 4 men, they left a Cuban prison for a stateless  twilight zon Uighurs’ lawyer to Premier: Give them an anti-Ewart Brown rally 3 years ago,plp campaign chairman Larry Burchall, said  Brown had been "dishonest" when he told residents the four Uighurs could only be brought to the Island in secret."Dr. Brown's biggest contribution to Bermuda's 400 year anniversary is sneaking 4 Uighers into the country."Warrants should be issued for the immediate arrest of Brown and Burch for illegally transporting foreigners to our island
despite thes depression stats, in last yrs election 48% of donkey retard plp sheep voted for plp suicide! they said everything's peachy!!

why di Correia Construction  get away with doubly screwing taxpayers? plp friends & family are set for life from millions they stole,Correia ,like Erat Brown have moved their fortunes to other countries,it would take an army of auditors,police investigators to find a small amount of it,thats who the consultants OBA need to hire ,not BS artist elitists

Corey Butterfield has been hired for one year and will be paid $120,000 in his role as ‘Policy Analyst and Special Advisor’
$120,000/yr that’s $10,000 ./mth $2,300/WEEK that’s WAY too much  for this BS artist &  former PLP Public Relations Officer! When armies of civil servants are available eating up 46% of every dollar govt spends
thanks plp,besides bankrupting Bda Inc. you created a 3d world ghetto!Two Shootings In 20 Mins, 28-Yr-Old Man In ICU..

Grinning thug ,Josef Smith accused of burgling a woman’s home while armed with a fake gun wa cleared after the victim refused to testify!unless OBA send these wannabe gangstas off island to a REAL prison, there will be no law & order or peac Man Remanded Charged With Threatening to kill Premier Craig's daughter,Mikaela Pearman

Plp ran a Pigs paradise! 46.8 percent of Government expenses are related to employee compensation and benefits,” Government’s net debt had risen by $154.3 million in the first six months of the fiscal year, as of September 30 last year, to stand at $1.39 billion.Debt rising at 23% /year..The trajectories of deficits and debt we found are simply not sustainable.

Govt running much bigger deficit than forecast,plp govt revenues plunged  ten percent in the third quarter of last yea

Visitor spending down $2.8m from the third quarter of 2011.Total sales revenue for the hotel industry fell 5.5 per cent to $78.4 million in the third quarter. Resort hotels earned $3.9 million less in sales this quarter due primarily to fewer business and convention visitors during the period.Cottage colonies and small hotels experienced declines of 25.5 per cent

what a crock of S***T  from this jackass Former -by accident-Premier Start by investigating the Proactive debacle you  masterminded,putting doofus Devent in front to take the heat!     Alex Scott proposes independent Anti-Corruption Commission ith investigatory powers, strong penalties for corrupt behaviour among public officials and whistle-blower protectio

Bazarian: Termination of lease ‘improper’mor lies & "we had to deceive you" from plp judas jackass Flip Flop urby

48 continual months of decline! Depressio is a Recession that lasts a long time.Bermuda Facts indicating a depression BIU don't care!
Docks at a standstill in layoffs dispute!Much needed medical supplies, perishable goods and other imports sat stranded on the Hamilton dock
on strike AGAIN!    

This isn’t even a small town; it’s a village outpost, BILLIONS in DEBT!  totally dependent on shipping for survival. But the dumber n dogshit plp-BIU sabotage & cut off the life line of commerce, because 50% of a bloated salary to sit home is not enough extortion, when they don’t even earn an honest day’s work for 100% pay they get for loafing on regular workday

New Government has the support of 52% of the population,that means 48% voted for suicide! this tells me, to forget any rapid recovery from the plp created depression , the donkey retard plp will sabotage anything OBA does and what developer-financier would invest long term with the plp-BIU record of strikes, xenophobia , soft on crime ,racism etc

From 2008 to now, Bermuda’s reported and recorded GDP has fallen.Bermuda is now in an economic depression! But let's not forget 48% voted for plp suicide, they said everything's peachy!

PRIVATIZE tourism & take politicians & consultants out of i this is what OBA need to hire consultants for: to find the millions plp thieves stole MAYOR TOOK BRIBE IN BATHROO Ewart Brown's pal Kwame Kilpatrick took $10,000 bribe in a restaurant bathroom.the money came from developers and was solicited by Kilpatrick

Dodwell Appointed ourism Authority Chairman,now Corey Butterfield, appointed consultant

Big mistake the OBA promised to remove politicians & consultant from DOT,that’s strike #2 against Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell,

first he hires ex UBP politician Tourism Minister Dodwell now BS artist Corey Butterfield,
Was Butterfield's job  put out to tender? Did they get at least three competing bids according to Financial instructions ?

Dodwell  was useless as Minister of Tourism,
one of the main reasons UBP keep being defeated!
Tourism Director William Griffiths needs to be sent back to Barbados
where he came from,
DOT bloodsuckers need to be fired and
replaced by a truly independent Tourism Authority
Jim Woolridge was the only successful Minister of Tourism ,
everyone since has been an abysmal failure & embarrassment,
wasting billions sending gombeys & entourages of buffoons on worldwide tours .
An independent Tourism Authority  must be paid based on performance.
The DOT parasites need to be fired, they get massive salaries & civil service pensions & benefits for doing nothing,the reckoning ,Bermuda's debt, will soon balloon into $ half million/DAY just on interest payments.

one o Erat's former hatchet men-message boys,Permanent Secretary Mark Telemaque ,now has to work for Dunkle is that why he's smirking? Lawyer Mark Telemaque is poster boy for the institutionalized corruption of 15yrs of plp govt.As Cabinet secretary,he blocked media & opposition access to Ewart Brown & plp friends & family secret deals & corrupt practices, while living large on his $160,000 salary,GP car ,perks ,travel junkets etc. Anywhere else he'd been fired or sued for malpractice,as one  of his partners Andre Curti !
Mystery continues to surround status of Govt’s top accountant
Where is the Auditor General? is the OBA legal-audit team working overtime?
plp donkey retards are still in shock, they think they can force another election,
by pulling some judas  flip flops across the floor,
OBA have wisely chosen ex beret randy Horton as speaker,
 this gives OBA a 3 vote  majority .

Marc Bean Elected New PLP Leader.
like most plp politicians,ex taxi drivers,like Marc bean, who inherited Erat brown's seat ,
he  likes to make outrageously ignorant comments ie:
1)we should abandon US $ currency for gold,
2)invite long line fishing from foreign ships to destroy the environment,
3) white businessman purposely set up black education to fail etc.
although he tries to look mainstream ,wearing a suit & cutting off his dreads ,
he's still a Rastafarian separatist showing his true racist identity
pandering to the PLP ghetto mentality with his race baiting gutter rhetoric .

But the old sow Evil hodgson now attacks new PLP,claims not radical socialist/communist enough

 The plp disinformation/propaganda machine,includes CURB

CURB, which is 99% Cordell Riley and plp activists,is attempting to "Mau Mau" new OBA leader,and premier, so he can extort TAXPAYER FUNDED  govt. grants to maintain his profitable race baiting cottage industry,ie: selling their  books,polls,seminars, trips, imported speakers,etc
otice,Riley,makes no mention of the plp racial slurs during pre-election months or the lates FaceBook slander of a white businessman

New Cabinet sworn in,pledge to take pay cut!!
Finally PROFESSIONALS running Bda Inc.

One Bermuda Alliance has ended the Progressive Labour Party’s 14-year hold on power

"Christ" furberts dumbest comment yet "I think they didn’t win the Government, the people of this Country who didn’t vote gave the Government to the OBA."

 Corruption & plp:Bermuda Cox family directly involved with HSBC bank regulation,via Premier Paula Cox & Jeremy Cox ,responsible for Bermuda Monetary Authority, which regulates HSBC .
Bermuda independent candidate call for investigation of former PLP Premier Dr.Brown his brother Phil Butterfield, Chairman of HSBC Bermuda
U.S. prosecutors fine HSBC $1.92 billion .HSBC became bank to drug cartels! ocal drug lord referred to the bank as the "place to launder money,"

This is why hustlers & carpetbaggers McKeeva Bush,Misick,Erat, get into politics: because that’s where the easy money is
PLP & Cox clique hiding behind HSBC  "one of the world's largest banks, HSBC, spent years committing serious crimes, involving money laundering for terrorists; 'facilitating money laundering by Mexican drug cartels'; and 'moving tainted money for Saudi banks tied to terrorist groups' "US decided not to take action against HSBC for its fraudulent behavior because it was considered so big that it could damage the financial syste
Eve of election :more corruption exposed:Minister "Minus brains" Minors has pushed through a construction project bid that was 28 percent more than a Civil Service-recommended bid— and after the Minister herself had presented that lower and fully vetted bid to Cabinet
rmed cops on election night
• Huge police presence to protect voters, ballot boxes,The vast operation will involve “every officer” plus Reserve Police, who will swing into action on Monday morning and work late into the nigh
Police warn they will be out in force on election night to protect law & order ,as some plp zealots threaten to start burning & rioting if plp lose !
LP rally was an “endless stream of negative attacks"!
while plp race baiting with Cog ramping up the anti-white revolutionary rhetoric, desperate to maintain their gravy train paycheck
inister on gang violence: We were ‘caught flat-footed

plp candidate Bean connection hindering Street Safe..“A lot of them did propose to offer funds, but made it clear that they would not align their companies or their funds if Leroy Bean of CARTEL was involved in the project,

plp fear tactics scare investors away from Bermuda!
Think carefully before you vote: your job is at stake

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