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15 yrs. of plp corruption

What’s needed is for UK to send Scotland Yard to uncover 15 yrs. of  plp entrenched corruption , that has ruined Bda Inc. &  many lives:who was in charge of running the Island’s hospitals was a question asked by former Shadow Health Minister Louise Jackson back in 2008.Mrs Jackson raised the issue after leaked documents showed that an informal ‘Saturday group’, whose members included then-Premier Ewart Brown, then-Health Minister Michael Scott and BHB CEO David Hill, was meeting to discuss hospital business. Mrs Jackson said that the meetings amounted to political interference, an allegation that Mr Hill denied.In the past seven years there have been five chairmen of the Bermuda Hospitals Board and six Health Ministers.Former BHB CEO David Hill is  yet another foreigner who leaves Bda a millionaire, set for life with massive pension & perks, as are the former & STILL current BHB executives :Jonathan Brewin &  CEO Venetta Symonds

The hospital’s bill for medical salaries has shot up by more than 75 percent in the last seven years, from $33.1 million in 2005/6 to $58.5 million in 2010/11.

Grand Atlantic site has devolved into a “residential ghetto “Instead of a ‘five star’ hotel and spa with ‘luxury’ tourist residences, we got the ‘no star’ unattractive scar ...‘A luxury hotel we wanted, a ghetto we got’

Over 2,000 Bermudians are registered at the Department of Workforce Development (DWD),Who cares what lisping fool Roban says, or "Bud" as he calls himself on forums, his gang of thievish plp fumbling buffoons had 14 yrs. to create jobs,best they came up with was "Handbag Burch's "Hustle truck" & a  lame “potwashing” scheme last yr. Ask the hotels & restaurants how that worked out,none their prospects lasted a week!

We either brake now or smash later:by Larry Burchall,Debt Service Costs & Government’s Personnel Costs are way too high ,we either work together and together climb out of the Debt Trap and Tax Haven Morass or we suffocate

The ONLY  thing plp can successfully organize: tributes to THEMSELVES! “Champaign Premier' Dame Jennifer tribute, whose weekly bill at gourmet shops would fill a stadium full of families .The only thing she & Cog were famous for is extensive travel, they acted like  they were royalty, strutting around the globe like bantam roosters in fancy hats , with her sidekick ,Handbag Burch,  ….( Ms Cox came to the tribute fresh from a speaking engagement in South Africa) where was  Ewart Brown? Who infamously stabbed Dame Jennifer in the back, before sticking it to Alex Scott
Anger as expat is handed top golf role : Why is Flip Flop & the PLP moaning? they brought Andrew Brooks here in the first place... same as Uighurs, .under cloak and dagger. OBA has to kick start & get results NOW; PGA is coming in a few months, while  the economy is deader than a graveyard from the waste, corruption & BILLIONS in plp debt  that’s strangling Bda Inc.

Bravo Ms Gordon Pamplin!  Health Minister takes predecessor to task for ‘defending the indefensible’:…. “a culture of fear” developed during Donald Thomas’s controversial five-year reign as the hospital’s chief…. fully qualified staff had been “blackballed” because of personal dislikes and “asinine, outrageous” allegations and that “we have seen an institution in which there was a culture of fear that had developed”…

Our debt: six scary facts: FACTS. No spin. No lies. from former plp campaign manager Larry-Burchall

Detroit  bankruptcy filing! Bda Inc. is next.not the last black controlled govt that stole,looted & raped taxpayer's into bankruptcy
The once mighty city of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy with public debts of around $18 billion.  With Detroit’s current population of 700,000 that works out to around $25,000 in debt per resident.Tiny Bermuda will soon have public debts of $2.3 billion.  With our population of 60,000 that works out to around $38,000 in debt per resident.

Correia earns recognition from Continental Who’s Who:Construction veteran Jane Correia has been recognised by Continental Who's Who as a Pinnacle Professional in her field. It's a vanity award,Jane Correia paid $750 to be listed.  After stealing millions, despite shoddy work on Heritage wharf,Erat's pal ,Correia has ripped off  Bda taxpayer's ,and used these millions to expand his empire all over the Caribbean.One of Correia Construction's pinnacle jobs was to be awarded a contract to design, build and tender the cruise ship dock at Roatan, Honduras

Mom denies threatening teachers :I’m going to find you and get you. I’m going to get you. Watch your back. I’m going to look for you when you’re outside and get you. Better watch your back.”
this kind of dysfunctional parenting  produces these criminal gangs :Gangs having a machete  brawl in front of kids flying kites at Rangers :

Pay cuts: big sharks snacking on small fry,by Larry Burchall,Personnel Costs must come down by at least fifteen percent.

African Diaspora Heritage Trail loses charitable status,exposed as a scam & a fraud !! in the past 5 years, the plp Government has wasted $200M on failed tourism schemes, this one alone wasted at least $1.6 million in grants from the Department of Tourism since it became a charity in 2007.Civil servant LeYoni Junos was unlawfully sacked from a $89,000-a-year job as administrator of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT) Foundation,due to political interference by Premier Ewart Brown,for exposing his close ties to US company Henderson Associates Inc.that was publishing "false and fraudulent information" about the foundation. Firing of civil servant is ruled unlawful..

arrest rumour Government MP Nandi Davis. Plp rats are trying destroy her because she’s black ,young & beautiful & represents the future of Bda Inc. She probably damaged some females car from being slandered & provoked. She has been trashed on FB ,talk shows by the despicable plp donkey retards desperate to force a Bi-Election, thinking they can win an extra seat.  Just a few weeks ago,plp gestapo thugs scratched slurs on her car!  they spray painted her election posters last December,now insults scrawled on her car over her Facebook account being hacked

interim report from the SAGE Commission is out:the total unfunded liability for the three pension funds run by Government is close to $3 billion...if you are in your 30s, you probably won’t get a pension 

Shadow plp Finance Minister David Burt is at the centre of a probe into the illegal sale of bootleg bottles of rum swizzle on the internet.The Department of Public Prosecutions is aware of the operation and it is also understood officials from Consumer Affairs are now investigating possible breaches of licencing, trademark and health and safety regulations.A Gosling’s representative said the company was treating the matter seriously.

Burt has a long history of corruption & controversy :
-David Burt, plp 2007 campaign manager & Ewart Brown's hatchet man, A.K.A .Joseph Goebbels ,master of plp race pimping ,head of Plp's gestapo, the ministry of propaganda & disinformation, the mastermind behind the most racial bitter campaign in Bermuda’s 400 + year history.-
-July 27 contractor Burt Construction Ltd is the latest company to go out of business.questions about pension,mediacl,tax & social security payments.
-Jamaicans, have filed complaints with the Department of Labour, the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Immigration against Burt’s Top Grade Contracting (BTG)
-David Burt used his plp positon to get secret non-tendered  contracts &  leases, similar to those  awarded to John Jeffries ,Zane Desilva ,Jane & Dennis Coreia,Walton Brown,Donal Smith & other plp friends & family

More plp corruption comes out: Safety sacrificed for speed at court worksite.  Wonder who got a cut of the $200K kickback that was doled out for the court project?  The liable case in a Canada Court will expose Works & Engineering Minister Derrick Burgess & Ewart Brown's role
The RAT Returns! Dr Ewart Brown booted off website,He’d had spirited exchange with lawyer Kevin Comeau on issues such as corruption:Comeau's blog, Concerned Bermudians

'Brace yourself for 2,400 job cuts this year':Statistician says the five-year slump will continue into 2014...The Bermuda economy could shed as many as 2,400 jobs in 2013, or 6.8% of the workforce, if current job trends continue. This would follow on the heels of nearly 2,000 jobs lost in 2012, 5.2% of the workforce.  The economy shed nearly 5,000 jobs from its peak of just over 40,000 in 2008, to 2012. The current forecasted job losses, if they actually pan out, would indicate that the 5-year recession has not yet run its course and will continue into 2014.15 years of plp corruption, thievery, world travel, award ceremonies and parties have dug a deep sink hole.”. interest on the PLP created debt costs us over $250,000 per day ...debt service for fiscal 2012/13, at $974.7 million." almost twice as much as Payroll Taxes.339.2 million and Customs Duty, accounting for $171.2 million.”"
Bermuda is in a ‘debt hell-hole’ as  bad as Detroit! Detroit has a population of about 800,000, about 13 times as much as Bermuda — and with roughly the same debt level
Good job OBA,get rid of more deadwood civil servants collecting big paychecks while loafing on the taxpayer's expense!Government’s top accountant ,Accountant General Joyce Hayward ,has been fired, almost nine months after being placed on administrative leave.Auditor General accused the department of failing to submit financial reports on time. And earlier this year it was revealed that it had collected just ten percent of the total debt referred to it by Government departments in 2010/11.
Canadian judge dismisses Brown, Burgess lawsuit against civil servant. Now  Ewart Brown and Derrick Burgess need to payback to the  Bda Govt. for $100,000s in legal fees! there should be a full investigation into the corruption, cover up & overruns of the whole project with all names exposed
Ministery of Tourism to be abolished : Transition to Tourism Authority
Good Riddance!
Let the deadwood parasites learn what “working for a living” means! Next get rid of  Works & eng, and Dept of Edu & PRIVATIZE!!! Hopefully that includes the Head of DOT ,Barbadian buffoon Billy griffin, send him back where he came from !
Labour Day hijacked by plp propagandist BS by Prejudiced Lying Pilfering Party!

Ayo Johnson,former Erat brown/plp PAID  propaganda writer,now back at royal gazette spews plp buffoonery.
police complaint against BIU:union has not submitted its annual returns since 1997.Two years ago Mr Russell, a long-time BIU critic, demanded to know how the union’s cash assets had plummeted from $1.5 million to just $75,000 in five years and  what happened to $3.18 million which he said was unaccounted for at the union’s wholly owned subsidiary Union Asset Holdings in 2007-08
criminal thugs run wild: Michael David Carroll's video tells it like it is:Creepy A** Negro's
Thugs sent cafe owner to KEMH; restaurant owner was battered by two helmet-wielding thugs after he refused to serve a customer after hours following Harbour Nights
Bermuda’s youngest murderer imprisoned :only 15-years-old when he murdered another teenager ,photo shows he's got a smile on his face,as led from court,because he's goin to the Westgate Spa & resort for gangsta training,not a real prison for punishment, and he knows he'll be free in 5 years!

while most Bermudians are living below the poverty line,unemployed,under-employed,dependent on charities,churches,hand outs for basic necessities :Cabinet Secty :Donald Scott  $204,774.82..drives a Mercedes !!Civil servant lifts lid on Government waste..

Secretary To The Cabinet Scott Donald $204,774.82(drives a Mercedes !!
Assistant Cabinet Secretary Tyrrell Rosemary $179,572.88
Assistant Cabinet Secretary Hall-Bean Judith $187,606.18
Permanent Secretary Francis William $179,572.88
Assistant Cabinet Secretary Azhar Majiedah $179,572.88
Assistant Cabinet Secretary O'brien Florence $179,572.88
Financial Secretary Manders Anthony $204,774.82
Permanent Secretary Jones Warren $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Monkman Kevin D $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Rochester Randolph $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Richardson Francis $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Binns Dr Derrick $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Carey Wayne $179,572.88
Secretary National Security Telemaque Marc $204,774.82
Permanent Secretary Whitter Cherie-Lynn $179,572.88
Permanent Secretary Webber Ross $179,572.88
Civil servant in hot water over SAGE entry:They’re going to crucify this young man, Magnus Henagulph, because he’s WHITE! He never mentioned his boss, Beverly Lottimore, who STOLE a flat screen TV, and only returned it to the office after the Auditor exposed it, why wasn’t she charged with theft and FIRED? Instead she sits in a luxurious Wash DC office for Bda govt. polishing here nails.As for Sen. Burt, the “Goebbels” Minister of  plp propaganda & disinformation, his corruption has been well documented. Apr 11-2012 ZBM revealed Govt. Dept Communications,ie; Erat browns propaganda machine,Dept head, Beverly Lottimore ,stole a $12,000 TV, then paid govt back ,when the auditor found it missing & exposed it!  Govt. rules were not followed,big payouts over $50,000  could not be accounted for !
Ex-Thief in charge , Ewart Brown ,is trying shut down free speech again,to cover up & intimidate the many critics  
Erat and Dunkley 2013  Politics makes strange bedfellows:People who would normally dislike and avoid one another, will work together if they think it is politically useful. :Ewart Brown Making more millions off suffering taxpayers & Bda Inc. Bermuda HealthCare Services open house Sept 8 to unveil their new MRI system
Stagflation: incomes fall as prices rise. GDP growth actually fell by 4.9% in real terms as Consumer Price Index (CPI), increased 2.4 percent.The GDP per capita income  at $84,381 per person, means nothing to the vast majority of Bermudians,who are below the poverty line,unemployed, under-employed, dependent on charities, churches, hand outs for basic necessities,many struggle to afford basics:food,rent,medicines,insurance ,thanks to the plp leaving the economy in ruins
It’ll hurt, but we must cut deeper:Dwindling Government revenue and spiralling costs raise the spectre of financial ruin.."the basket of goods and services that cost $100 in April 2006 now cost $122".In 2013/14, Government has $113m LESS spending money than it had seven years ago in 2006/07 Government is trying to achieve something that is mathematically impossible.Without consistent massive and rapid increases in overall tax revenue,. Therefore, more and deeper cuts are inevitable.
BEST Comments on Tucker’s Point receivership
Tucker’s Point Resort Goes Into Receivership owing in excess $150 million!The 88-room hotel, beach, golf and fractional residence club, managed by Rosewood, employs around 238 people.The loan outstanding is more than $100 million to HSBC the principal lender and $50 million is owed to Argus and BF & M .In 2011, Tucker’s Point fought a heated public battle for a special development order (SDO) to expand and build dozens more luxury multi-million-dollar homes on the property that it said would be sold to help repay an $85 million loan with HSBC Bermuda.
This is what we waited two years for! 5,500 Bermuda resident policy holders of failed British American Insurance get peanuts
Bermuda is heading for bankruptcy, Bermuda’s deficit at a yearly rate of 20 percent cannot continue, economy shrank by 4.9 percent and was heading for a fifth consecutive year of no growth.. only four countries had slower growth than us, and this puts us in the same class as South Sudan and Greece. in ten years the debt is going to be about $5 billion.
We could go bust in 2016:Ex-Accountant General latest high profile figure to issue stark warning about our economy
How we got into such an awful mess-Bermuda’s once-thriving economy stopped advancing in 2008. by Larry Burchall
Despot & dictator :  ZBM says Bermuda Healthcare Services : Erat Brown’s office staff are being beaten down & blocked from joining the BIU, with lawyer’s threats, hostile treatment,  even causing staff sickness from the stress!

Second worker at Dr Ewart Brown’s medical practice has been fired amid efforts by staff to become unionized!
Ex-THIEF–in charge, Ewart Brown,premier of  plp the  “labor govt: standing strong for workers”  , the carpetbagger from California, who stabbed two elected plp premier’s in the back to get his dirty hands on the taxpayer’s bankroll, knifes his own workers in the back, who pushed for unionisation ,his deceit & thievery is endless
S&P lowers ratings  HSBC Bermuda and Butterfield Bank with negative outlooks,thinks there could be “significant losses within the hospitality and construction loan portfolio over the next few years.
Truth behind Bermuda’s population fall by Larry Burchall

view SAGE Commission meeting videos on youtube, for a dose of reality! Bda Inc. is Bankrupt! Unless radical cuts are made in the civil service, entitlements & pensions, it end up like Greece, or like the rest of the Caribbean, dependent on IMF for loans!
Bermuda cannot possibly spend much  more of its Revenue on Debt Service — and remain a stable society.Debt costs could destabilize Bermuda!
Erat Brown's pal Kwame Kilpatrick  who Brown invited here in 2007,at Bermuda Taxpayers Expense,former Detroit Mayor ,Sentenced to 28 Years for racketeering, bribery, extortion and tax crimes.

Taxpayers to pick up tab of underfunded pensions:Imminent retirement of senior civil servant provides a perfect teaching moment..senior civil servant will receive $104,435 a year/$8,703 a month — for life! that's why he drives a Mercedes!!
Now the slimy thief can pay back the millions he stole from Bermuda taxpayers!
English carpetbagger John Jefferis, ," hotelier wins 10th straight World Travel Award"
We’ve wandered into Wonderland !
Erat Brown & his plp henchmen were milking the health system for millions!Plastic surgeon Christopher Johnson, in a $1.2 million civil lawsuit filed against BHB claims of ‘unethical tactics’ in lawsuit against BHB
Bermuda can’t afford to continue on this path:a monthly pension liability ($8,703) that Bermuda taxpayers’ face, just for one single  civil service employee’s retirement
SAGE Commission Submits Final Report..

Uighurs in Limbo Mark Steyn nails Ewart Brown and Obama
Obama did a backroom deal with Bermuda’s then premier, a devious cove named Ewart Brown.What Obama has done is roughly analagous to, say, Hugo Chávez negotiating directly with St. Thomas or Vermont to take a bunch of unwanted troublemakers

trick or treat :Pay us or you’re fired: administrator left “reeling” from the incident
Imitating Barry Obama & the Chicago way, the Erat’browns plp thuggery persists
In breach of municipality regulations, Hamilton Corporation officials spent ratepayer funds on tickets to attend last week’s Progressive Labour Party banquet

Dunkley sues PLP’s Bean over Facebook remarks plp thuggery is the Democrap Chicago way,Mau Mau ,shake down victims by lies & intimidation
Michael Dunkley issues writ against liar plp's leader marc bean, after bean expounds on video link ,the plp propagandist ,CT Famous ,posted on FB ,of fired ex cop larry smith ,defaming Dunkley after two of his employees were convicted of importing drugs... Mr Bean had turned down a request to withdraw the comments.

Our private sector must grow, to expand tax base:only 3 private sector workers left to carry each Government person
Throne speech highlights
OBA are doing their best to stimulate the economy, but the wild card ,is always the behavior of the donkey retard plp-BIU antics, from wildcat  strikes, racist,and  Xenophic vitriol that scares away investment & stability

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