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Leading the Sheep to Slaughter

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The Public has a right to know they are being screwed by their own government
Bermuda Criticized for Restricting the Free Press
MIAMI, Florida (April 15, 2008) - The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) today expressed concern at the government of Bermuda using advertising as a weapon of reprisal against a newspaper.PLP government deprives archipelago's only daily of state advertising"

Online Free Expression Day launched on Reporters Without Borders website
“ condemn cyber-censorship throughout the world,” Reporters Without Borders said. “ to the growing tendency to crack down on bloggers and to close websites."

E rat's criminal empire under the guise of “black empowerment”
Bloggers and reporters world wide are exposing the stench of corruption and rot festering in Bermuda.FBI fraud investigation exposes Kevin Brown connection to his Diddy's stem cell clinic-Carl Bazarian-Club Med contract-pay to play. E rat's son jailed on $4 million bail for rape, sexual assault medical fraud .Maurice Pitt,another of Brown's illegitimate sons is serving 10 years in jail for armed robbery

E rat claims poverty line only 11 percent   Let them eat cake!
Robert Mugabe
and E rat brown
The First Black Fuhrer 
The cult of personality is what got Hitler and E rat elected, like Mugabe he  personifies the future his Black Beret seperartist thugs have planned for us. He took the "Breadbasket of Africa" and turned it into a squalid, totalitarian hellhole with his race-based socialist ideology in the name of sticking it to Whitey on behalf of the historically oppressed.
Massive Protest March -against mismanagement & corruption
one of the largest demonstrations in the Island's history,up to 5,000 people demonstrated, "this Government shows that it can not control its spending , wasted on consultants and private jets" Faith Based Tourism being one good example - but yet they push back against unions who present sound cases."

     More veiled threats aimed directly at the last pillar of the economy : International Business.
Since the  PLP/BIU murdered Tourism decades ago
"Bermuda will be in a "socially dangerous space" if Bermudians believe they are not getting a fair careers opportunities in the high-paying insurance industry," Premier Ewart Brown told delegates at the Bermuda Captive Conference yesterday.

Perinchief  calls for E rat's head
Former Attorney General Phil Perinchief has called on the PLP to turf out Premier Brown who he accused of being egotistical, autocratic..opportunistic, even narcissistic. It's perceived that Dr. Brown likes the numerous photo ops and the gala and glitzy opportunities to meet the movers and shakers of the world whilst at the same time this country, particularly the working class, goes to hell in a handbasket."
economist says that PLP isn't doing for the poor,is elitist and leaving behind ordinary Bermudians.
Sheelagh Cooper said  her charity, the Coalition for the Protection of Children"people are much, much worse off then they were 15 years ago. With the price of housing, food, we are reaching a critical stage here.".""We have children raising children; we have girls who are scared they could end up dating their brothers because they don't know who their fathers are. "
E rat likes  Mugging wiff dem Honkeys in Washington D.C!

Brown's Blingmobile Taxpayers pay for new $250,000 BMW limousine,when 30 years ago Premier Sharpe traveled in a mobylete bike

 climate of fear exists at Tourism, Brown 
"manipulates and abuses his position" over staff.. Morale is at "rock bottom because staff  being treated in an obnoxious and inhumane manner..
Faith-based tourism's unaccounted $130,000
Former faith-based tourism boss Andre Curtis fell massively short of his visitors target — and what he did with more than $130,000 of taxpayers' money remains unknown. For $345,250 Bermuda got a total of 238 visitors. That's about $1,450 spent on each one of those visitors.

Political interference by Government Ministers, including Premier Brown
Planning used as 'rubber stamp'for E rat and "friends of the Government"
"Brown a bullying tyrant who has  abused his position to broker lucrative Government contracts with personal friends and associates"
"We are summoned to his office and basically threatened."Cabinet Secretary Marc Telemaque has been labeled a henchman..haul administrators into his office and demand that they give Planning submissions the go-ahead,such as the controversial contract to build a new pier for mega cruiseships at Dockyard was signed off to Correia Construction before being put out to tender. E rat appointed another American friend Ambling Consultants - a Chicago-based consult ,awarded a $3.6 million contract by Government to oversee "hotel development"
Brown accused of financial irregularities
 Brown is a bullying tyrant who runs the Tourism Ministry with an iron fist,dismissing the advice of senior Civil Servants in order to dish out Government contracts to friends and associates.
branded Brown a hypocrite for publicly supporting legislation to reduce harassment within the Civil Service. "I'm not just talking about a financial audit. We have to have an audit into whether or not rules and regulations are being observed...tenders approved by Cabinet were then altered - but were not sent back to Cabinet for re-approval."  spending nearly $15 million on foreign consultants, PLP abandoned its commitment to Bermudians first through a massive reliance on foreign experts

Lie,Cheat & Steal, cover up corruption, mismanagement,and waste,then whine about criticism and lack of accountability,transparency and competency.

E rat  wastes even more tax payer dollars 
on spin and propaganda
-on a public relations agency ,on top of  spending $40,000/month on a NY based PR firm,
in addition to $1 million /year on PLP's Television Station, CITV ,and their PLP radio , talk shows and letter writing "Moonbats"

Dictatorship for Dummies:Bigots Are More Equal Than Others

E rat shuts down Parliamentary debate

Another Nail in the Heart of Democracy

E rat "shut down" a Parliamentary debate saying Government will do the same "every time there is the implication or insinuation of something dishonest or corrupt" by the Opposition. He made the remarks despite Opposition calls for Government to table the lease on the Coco Reef resort, In January this year he was granted an SDO by Environment Minister El James to build 66 holiday apartments on woodland.doubled the length of the lease from the agreed 21 years to 50 years, drastically reduced the amount of rent to Government, acquired an extra 1.9 acre plot of oceanfront land with two cottages, which were not on the table, and gave permission to build condominiums which can be sold off. In 2004, 37 of the 60 employed Bermudians there resigned or were removed from their jobs. They had almost 200 years experience together. Controversy has dogged the resort since former Elbow Beach managing director John Jefferis was given a 50-year lease by Government in 2003 to operate and manage the Paget property.

How your tourism dollars are being spent:
Pimping for Pay-To-Play PLP Tourism

E rat's son Kevin Brown, Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison, one of Hefner's three live-in girlfriends,that's what you get when you elect someone who sees the Premiership as a step to being a hip hop mogul.

Bermudian Pimp faces several charges related to child prostitution ring  in Canada,Tarik Foster, who is from Bermuda, face several charges related to prostitution, forcible confinement, sexual assault, assault with a dangerous weapon .
Race Pimping is the proven PLP election strategy,Blacks in Bermuda have been gifted the most powerful gift available: the Gift of the Perpetual Grievance. No matter what is done, this grievance can never be satisfied: they are victims forever.No matter that  EVERY ethnic group has been enslaved at some point in history . No matter that few non-Black Bermudians had any ancestors who had anything to do with slavery. No matter that no black Bermudians in modern history has ever been a slave or the son/daughter of a slave. Doesn't matter — the Perpetual Grievance trumps all. And it excuses all. And it explains all.
News from the Ministry of Buffoonery:
 Whitney Institute forced to shut down,from lack of gov't support
 Whitney Institute was left with no choice but to announce plans to close because Government failed to produce a substantive plan for renovating the school. "We've just never received any sort of support. It's been management by crisis. A couple of years ago, there was a major leak in the building and the ceiling fell in. All of a sudden people would come swarming down and it would get done. We've never had a formal programme for major maintenance."

Pay-to-Play Tourism politics:
Music festival,Love fest, Faith based tourism events, a crock,and hugh burden to taxpayers,Department of Tourism is being used by E rat Brown, to get kick backs,and pander to his ego and attract local voters,nothing to do with drawing tourists

They are looting the treasury and traveling the world, while over 500 homeless are living in caves,containers and in the rough.
$500,000 Taxpayers money spent on Bermuda night at Shea Stadium, which was actually shared with Asian Heritage night.DOT had a luxury box with some 70 Bermudians attending the game. Included in the list of attendees was E rat's half brother,HSBC Bank of Bermuda president Philip Butterfield

the E rat Rubber Tree clowns pose for propaganda photo op under  the rubber tree

E rats embarrassing pose under the rubber tree, crowing this open air market as an  example of
"Black Economic Empowerment"  is Nothing to crow about
selling rags at garage sale stalls  under the rubber tree is nothing compared to the multi-million dollar Pay-to-Play contracts given  to Dennis Correa, Zane Desilva,  Arab and  rich white developers

The record shows E rats contracts are not given to empower blacks,but to his cousins,friends in USA,and a handful of PLP cronies,ex pats and rich white businessmen

yet the PLP's Thuggish shakedown of business ,work permit incompetence,greatly increased taxes and reporting burdens business more every day.

Crime & Corruption epidemic
The third PLP politician's son charged with importing and dealing drugs:
the sons of George Scott M.P, Glenn Blakeney M.P,and Nelson Bascome M.P,Health Minister,who is also currently on bail facing theft and fraud charges

Political cronyism and intimidation threatens civil service,Voters Rights Association claim to have uncovered fresh evidence on intimidation of civil servants amid a climate of cronyism within Government.

Bermuda's regulatory regime was branded "appalling" by the head of the UK's Committee of Public Accounts, Edward Leigh MP.

Government's axing of Gazette advertising draws criticism from Caribbean and USA

Breaking News: Police search for suspected armed man
Burglaries and robberies are plaguing the island, new official figures show
 "groups of up to six young men have been targeting individuals walking alone late at night, often to steal expensive jewellery."
Violent crime at eight year high 135 break-ins in April after 110 in March. Worst Ive ever seen says crime prevention expert Detectives struggling to contain Bermuda's burglary epidemic have been shocked by yet another spike in offences over the past two months. Seasoned officers say April was among the worst months they can remember, with more than 135 homes, schools and offices broken into

Dept. of Tax & Spend

Govt. travel budget triples in a decade
 $7,436,000 MILLION for

Burch warned not to 'kill golden goose' with fee structure for work permits, David Ezekiel warned a graduated fee structure for work permits, if handled incorrectly, could lead to accusations of "killing the golden goose(The goose was not killed,they MURDERED it along with Tourism,labour relations and now International Business!)

yet another sissy fit from handbag burch"

Angry Immigration Minister Sen. David Burch believes Chamber of Commerce president Phil Barnett has seriously damaged a "good working relationship"

Dictator For Life,E rat Brown,uses Taxpayer's millions to create his own BULLSHITE & propaganda machine: E rat TV,E Rat newspaper,Newspeak, Doublethink, Big Brother, the Thought Police – George Orwell's world-famous novel comes to life in PLP Bermuda

plainclothes cops,concealed pistols,tailed by armed Policemen for public appearances.
What's E rat  afraid of..getting bitch slapped by some of the poor,unwashed and homeless?
too bad the following victims,who were brutally ambushed and assassinated by E rat Brown's black beret cadre pals did not have the same security.
"We're on a mission to get the man on the Hill. We're going to get all of those white devils"
REPORT dated December 5, 1974 was submitted in preparation for the Coroner's Inquest proceedings into the deaths of the following persons:
a). Mr. George Duckett, the late Commissioner of Police for Bermuda, who was shot at his private residence, Bleak House, Devonshire on December 9, 1972.

b). Sir Richard Sharples, the late Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Bermuda and his Aide-de-Camp, Captain Hugh Sayers, who were shot whilst in the grounds of Government House, Pembroke on March 10, 1973.

c). Mr. Victor Rego and Mr. Mark Doe, who were shot at the Shopping Centre Supermarket, Victoria Street, Hamilton on April 6, 1973.

Minister of Con Jobs & Tourism
BEIJING (Reuters) - Thousands of children in southwest China have been sold into slavery like "cabbages", to work as labourers
Will Bermudas Tourism Minister E rat brown  tour any Chinese Slave Labour Camps when he sets up the new Bermuda -Chinese  tourism office ?
he would never have visited apartheid south Africa - but these are Chinese slaves, not black, so this visit is ok!
Communist China has an active slave labour camp system. How about celebrating the Tiananmen Square massacre on the upcoming June 4th anniversary?

Pay to play !  

$200,000 to the pockets of E rat's pals in Pittsburgh as consultant to Govt TV
$1 million/yr budget and media room purpose built to brainwash and BullSHITE!
$500,000  Mets promotion .
Tourism spent $62.97 per visitor
That means that Brown's taxpayers $500,000 sponsorship at Shea Stadium needs to attract more than 8,000 new visitors to be considered a success.

Pay to Pray:  Preachers unpaid by Faith Based tourism
"Pastor Bryant is upset that he has not received payment from Andre Curtis and faith-based tourism. It's pretty much the same as Bishop Francis.
hiding behind religion, deals with the Devil
Andre Curtis profits from pay to play, $400,000 fee for being E warts campaign manager,as he rips off black preachers,the same as he ripped off workers and taxpayers of
 former chairman of the Tourism Board, even though his company ;First Choice Construction ,went into liquidation owning nearly $500,000 in unpaid pension contributions and payroll tax.

How long must we all marinate in the hateful rhetoric of "SOME" black people?
"hate blog"website lashes out at The Gazette's 'Right to Know' campaign.
run by race pimp,vance chapman,a  professional racist writer,who  lives in Toronto,Canada, not his own country, Bermuda.

He is on  the PLP payroll,as his mother LaVerne "Moonbat" Furburt ,who spams talk radio shows  and daily letters to editor,as her son spams online forums with hate diatribes.
in his latest online war of hateful propaganda,he is  attacking white English journalists in Bermuda,calling them  "house nig***s" of  The Royal Gazette
The blog goes on to call for the Bermuda Government to order "a mass deportation of all the racist limeys at the rag (The Royal Gazette) without delay!"
"these filthy unemployable limeys to come to this country and lead the charge against the Bermuda government !
 Ever been next to one of those limeys? They smell like dead fish, they are use to getting no baths in the UK and are forced to do so once they arrive in Bermuda!"
"Send them home in chains and handcuffs! And this committee is calling on lawmakers to bring back public floggings for people like this!
"In the coming days, keep it right here because I will be further exposing this farce 'right to know' campaign. Have your say on this article. Be one of the first to comment on it in our public forum."


"where is birmooda Comrad? 
PLP partners with dictators and Marxist buffoons Chavez & Castro
Venezuela to take over top foreign cement units,
including partner in PLP's Zimbabwe cement's theft of Jim Butterfield's Bermuda Cement  corp :Mexico's Cemex
President Hugo Chavez announced the nationalization ,told state TV it could be handled like the nationalization of last year's oil projects:

How many more white businesses will be seized,forced out  ?
We are under siege by order of E-rats 'Mugabe plan'
harassed with verbal threats,“Re-education”  social engineering propaganda,psychological intimidation ,immigration roadblocks

Latest Shake-down victim is dentist Dr. James Fay
Dr. Fay, operates with a registered nurse, a medical director and other specialists out of the same building as his other practice the Paget Dental Group. Health Minister Nelson Bascome (himself under bail for criminal charges  that he defrauded the bank) has attacked Dr. Fay,in parliament,for allegedly not operating under correct regulations
How many more white businesses will be seized,forced out of E rat's Mugabe Bermuda ?
after stealing Jim Butterfield's Cement business and harassing Hotel Owners . "Work permit delays cause headaches for hoteliers "

The Big(otry) Conversation,also known as truth commissions in Orwell's 1984 , now it's E rat's  Black  berets inciting hatred against whites

 Mobocracy:Gong show for various race pimps and warlords screaming "racist."

where haters" (EX-CON missiong,vanzz chapman and his mother "Moonbat" Laverne),are free to spew hate,flooding blogs,print and talk radio media with invectives , that foster an atmosphere of intimidation and  bigotry that inevitably leads to discrimination and violence.Their racism is the same racism that they claim to be fighting against, they just use different words.

Race pimping is a cottage industry here,
that employs hundreds, from CURE MOONBATS,Rolf EX-CON-missiong to wandering wombat Jamahl Simmons , for 100 grand a year,free blackberry ,trips and perks
Letter to Editor April 10, 2008,"in response to Ms. Lynne Winfield's claims that black people simply cannot be racist....the increasingly visible hatred being demonstrated from some black Bermudians towards white Bermudians,"hate filled human being was screaming at the top of her lungs. It went something like this, "You white trash b****, I hate all white people, you better get the f*** out of my way, I wish all white people were dead, you better cross the f*****g street you white trash before I bust your stupid white a**!""

Minister of tourism and Con Jobs
 E-rat "Louis Farrakhan"brown .
 "It is a new day in tourism and it is exciting to know that we are delivering on the promise of turning tourism around for the people of Bermuda."

these are not hotels!
They are mainly vacation homes for rich foreigners or condos for business travelers,and will further stress and marginalize "the people of Bermuda."
since large numbers of expatriate construction/hospitality workers are required to do the menial /
skilled/ service jobs Bermudians cannot do.

The only benefactors of these fractional ownership and condos for foreigners, will be Govt taxes,landlords and ,car and bike importers from the massive increase in foreigners and assessment numbers.PLP insiders and E-rat's relatives will become multi-millionaires from paving acres of concrete after stealing Jim Butterfield's Cement business.

Taxpayers will pay for Morgan's Point cleanup of toxic chemicals ;estimated at $25 Million and take longer than the two years.taxpayer's will have to cover the Club Med cleanup also.

Julian Hall :  poster boy for the stench of PLP thievery and corruption,  still on the dole,i.e. PLP- Taxpayer's  gravy train The Supreme Court heard  the twice disbarred and Bankrupt lawyer  has failed to repay a cent of the $3.3 million he owes his creditors, but is currently on a $119,000 per year contract with the Department of Works and Engineering. plus the BIU pays for the school and university fees of his three daughters.

E rat's slick willies

why does E rat surround himself with girly men?

Instead of masculine men who thrive in an environment that values straightforward achievement rather than the darker political arts.

Because E rat's cult of personality demands constant war rooms,temper tantrums, personal attacks, spin,lies,deceit and daily damage control.

These girly men are nasty bitches, with no integrity ,useful idiots and shills for a fundamentally dishonest and corrupt regime.

yet another sissy fit from handbag burch" I don't think this government needs legislation. I am offended by a campaign that is considered in our right to know."

One step from totalitarianism:
Veteran journalist Bryan Darby yesterday warned any eroding of freedom of speech — amid a culture of hostility to the press by politicians — would lead to a gloomy future for Bermuda's children.The VSB reporter said repeated attacks on the media, particularly The Royal Gazette in press conferences, were an attempt to divide and conquer.
Manipulators: will lie and cheat to get what they want.
They will often lie by withholding a significant amount of truth or by distorting the truth; use subtle sarcasms and put downs as a means to expose the fear and self-doubt in others; will claim themselves as the innocent victim of circumstances or the victim of someone else's behavior in order to gain sympathy and evoke compassion from others; will conceal their self-servicing agenda through the appearance of providing a service to others. By pretending to be working hard for other people, the manipulator can hide their own ambition, desire for power, and quest for dominance over others; are always looking to shift the blame and are skilled at finding scapegoats; and will often declare that their questionable behavior is harmless and that it is not irresponsible as others may accuse them of.

Economic Armageddon is  unfolding.panic time as  U.S. Federal Reserve frantically studies the Dirty '30s in an attempt to prevent another Great Depression.
A perfect storm :  subprime shockwave  devastate global markets ,U.S. in recession ,oil peak,
"Worst Financial crisis since WW2 "says Greenspan: former chairman of the US Federal Reserve
Who is preparing Bda Inc for disaster ?
While E rat and his gang are partying ,gutting the island  and looting the treasury?

Brown's Gravy Train Love Fest
E-rat dances with Gladys Knight & the pimps ,as taxpayer's are hit with the bill

Cabinet  expenses increased by 33%
in this year's
$1.1 billion massive budget =  thats $3,000,000 per day
to support 1000 new civil servants, MPs 90% wage raise,massive benefits & pensions, and E-rats partying  electioneering,pay-to-play scams & world travel,while they enjoy the gravy train,their militant threats are
chasing out the only industry left,the PLP-BIU  who murdered tourism,now determined  to destroy   International Business
E-rat's Mugabe dictatorship will destroy whats left of Bda Inc.
 ex Labour Minister: "Jackass"Burgess,threating Media reporter:
"I just hope he (the writer) doesn't have a PRC or status because if he doesn't then we will certainly try to rouse up my young folks to have him out of this country. "

Relax gentlemen,i'm not going to rock de boat...

International business considering its options
World Insurance Forum (in Dubai)CEO's comment
"It's just not workable," he said bluntly. "If they enforce it, people will vote with their feet."
Basing recruitment on race and nationality was not practical for departments doing highly specialised work - hiring had to be based on merit and ability. Anything else would make the company less competitive in the global marketplace where it must battle for business.

"signs that this phenomenally financially successful island has peaked economically and will face a future of decline caused by rampant political corruption and the very real prospect of independence ."

"There are striking similarities between what is currently taking place in Bermuda and what took place in the Bahamas in the 1960s and 1970s, when corruption, independence, and a lack of concern for the needs of international businesses contributed to a wave of insurers moving to Bermuda and banks to the Cayman Islands."

"If Bermuda's corruption continues to worsen and the country goes independent, particularly if it is forced through by the government against the will of the people, as has been threatened, then it is only reasonable to expect an exodus of existing business and a slow-down of new business.

Doc Hollywood understood a crude rule of show business ;if you behave like a star, there are plenty of people who'll treat you like one. Lemmings will always make their way to the cliff led by the pied piper
 even Hitler had followers until the bitter end...

As Premier, "I haven't paid for lunch in 30 years." E-rat  now earns over $600,000 per year, plus perks .
more than the President of the United States !
His current MP's salary of over $50,000 per annum as a Member of Parliament and $162,000 per annum per Ministry as a full-time Minister of both Tourism and Transport, etc.
His government salaries are just the ice-cream.
Brown's making millions a year.
Not just from Taxpayer's but also in kickbacks and Pay-to-Play

the chickens are coming home to roost:
Question:    what do the latest crop of PLP buffoons have in common with South African leaders?
Answer:'   corrupt, arrogant,'
privileged, elitist, entitled,greedy, clueless out of touch with the people they govern
JOHANNESBURG — One of the most venerated people in South Africa launched a blistering attack on the country's current leaders yesterday, calling them corrupt, arrogant and deeply estranged from those they govern.

out of control  spending,lowers Bda Inc's credit rating
while crime, the  homeless,cost of living skyrocket
Crime overall has risen 8.1 percent in the last year and 52.6 percent since the millennium.
 Violent crime has risen by 44.5 percent in the last seven years
robbery has gone up 48.3 percent in the past year while wounding has gone up ten percent.
residential burglary has gone up 75.5 percent since 2006 -
 Theft also rose 21.6 percent while thefts from vehicles have gone up 43 percent in 12 months.
*attacks on visitors and locals in broad daylight,at bus stops, even on golf courses
*66-year-old taxi driver fought off five men – one armed with a knife — as they tried to rob him.
*Man robbed at ATM outside supermarket A 28-year-old man was assaulted and robbed on Wednesday night at the Devonshire Lindo's ATM.
The victim said that while using the machine, four suspects stole his IBM laptop, a black LG cellular phone, a black iPod, a dark blue helmet and a quantity of cash before getting away.

FutureCare  financing ,
what it will cost Bermuda to pay for PLP election promises ?
"income tax may be considered as a source of funds "
HIP Subsidy Claims (Government Subsidy for the aged, indigent and children under 16 years of age - $72,528,918.05
Administrative fees -$ 663,362.61
Overseas subsidy claims - approximately 4 million annually
HIP Subsidy Grand Total - $97,288,820.66


The PLP has been in Government for 10 years. In that time, Bermuda's government expenditures have more than doubled
During this same period the government collected hundreds of millions of dollars that, that could have been directed to help people most in need,the homeless,the 1/3  of all households who are poor ( 2000 census)
Bermuda's national debt has gone from $198 million in 2006 to an estimated $390 million

Government staffing devours the budget,  increased by nearly 25% (or over 1,000 additional civil servants looking to run your life for you). Today, the Government employs 5,600 people as well as a corps of hundreds of consultants.

Not him  again!?
political opportunist,party hopping> NLP > UBP> Ind > PLP.
Jamahl  "Judas" Simmons,appointed Brown's Chief of Staff
joins the PLP race gong show,$102,000-a-year jobs for unemployable ex-convicts,and race pimps,Rolf EX-Con missiong & Simmons to stir up the pot,in the PLP's Phoney racism industry He goes wherever the pickings are best and the wallets are fattest.

Obamaphenomenon is driving Jackass Jackson nuts

Hussein Obama not only marched in but helped ORGANIZE the so-called "Million Man March" with anti-Semite and America-hating racist Louis Farrakhan in 1995. (Actually, it was the 100,000 Man March if you use real, non-Ebonics math.) Farrakhan and a whole cornucopia of racist lunatics engaged in a torrent of anti-Semitic, anti-White, and anti-American speeches.His "father figure" and mentor Jeremiah Wright, a former Muslim and black nationalist, joined him.

Larry Elder hosts a top-rated radio show ,he voices the heresy that racism is no longer black people’s main problem.
“Blacks are more racist than Whites.”

- Larry Elder, “The Ten Things You Can’t Say In America”
Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card—and Lose, by Larry Elder

Race and politics,By Thomas Sowell

You can't be with someone for 20 years, call him your mentor, and not know about his racist and anti-American views.

Rev. Jesse Peterson
Mr. Obama: “White Racism Is Not To Blame For Your Pastor’s Hate Speech”

"So long, suckers!"
Politicians & ministers fleecing their flocks.

Victimology Black Liberation theology pastor Wright retires to $2,000,000 mansion in a gated community.As long as E-rat's gang of thieves,Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright can make money playing the race card, the Victimization-Entitlement industry will thrive.

PLP's cottage industry of Far Left
Victimization-Entitlement  :
a proven tactic of Divide & Conquer

When the sheep are perceived as being restless. tactical retreat will now begin so as to calm the victims eventually,when everybody has calmed down and forgotten the original assault,a new assault from the black beret's will proceed. to distract the sheep from the process of scamming, shearing their wool  i.e.the "The Big Conversation" 2008
the racism which is alive and well and actually run by the govt in Zimbabwe -PLP Bermuda

Race card politics:  setting gasoline to the flame of racial bitterness
the  only card the pimp gangstas can play to hide their guilt, accuse critics of being racists

The PLP uses the Race Card as part of its divide and rule strategy. It plays off various victim groups against each other, so none of them notices they're being screwed over.

We'll have a post-racial society the day the PLP race hustlers stop using race as a political weapon to bludgeon the Bermudian people into agreement with its agenda.

it's not just the cricket team thats a national embarrassment

Hail Hitler!

New Ministry of BullS**t and Propaganda

whats all the fuss about crime,the homeless,high taxes ,and corruption?

everything's wonderful ....pass the Kool Aid

Million dollar Media (Propaganda) room has the latest flat screen TV, a robotic camera, ceiling microphones, tele prompters, stage lighting and links directly to CITV.

quotes from Adolf:

"All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.

By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.

The art of leadership...

consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

Great liars are also great magicians.

How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.

Hate is more lasting than dislike."

Adolf Hitler

Bermuda is in serious trouble:

Wide spread Corruption,the growing homeless,rampant crime
and strikes:

UBP leader Kim Swan:"the cost of living is at a historic high. Rents and housing prices are prohibitive, groceries and utilities exorbitant..In May 2007, we were told that the public education system 'was on the brink of a meltdown'2000 Census had showed that 30 percent of all households were either poor or near poor.. during this same period the Government collected unprecedented levels of taxes hundreds of millions of dollars "

The Ombudsman has published her annual report, describing cases of incompetence affecting virtually every branch of the Bermuda Government.

Now ex-Club Med squatters get eviction notice from the Bermuda Housing Corporation

Ferry disruption over sacked pilot Commuters stranded  as ferry workers meet to discuss action over a colleague fired for crashing a passenger vessel while intoxicated.

TCD closed for union meeting The Bermuda Public Services Union (BPSU) has called the meeting for its staff this morning  30 minutes before today's Throne Speech.

Bermuda players fail drugs test:
Three of Bermuda's top cricketers are now facing lengthy suspensions for failing mandatory senior national team drugs scans,

Four Bermuda Blogs Shut Down - The Case For Anonymous Blogging.
Caribbean governments are behaving like gangsters.
Harassing people about freedom of speech.

Corruption-free Anguilla

Burch's TV comments labeled 'abuse of power'

UBP Senator Gina Spence-Farmer has labeled comments made by Labour, Immigration and Housing Minister, Senator David Burch about her husband
Burch threatened her husband, who works for correction, to be fired because the PLP Senator believed he was leaking information about the prisons to her.

Another whistle blower threatened,by the PLP black beret Gestapo

by the same gang who locked up the public watchdog
Larry Denis,Auditor General

Where are the Strong men
Police Officer and blogger Allan Palmer ,who revealed  the fake crime statistics,is under suspension

citizen journalist

PLP kleptocracy = rule by thieves!

Voters reject Chavez President for life bid:
one dictator down,one to go Dec 18

The Bahamas PLP   We Voted dem out!

Race  Pimpin' for Dummies: E-rats new book
Dear Jane, O Jane, Don't get so upset.
You are paying the Piper, that we can bet!
The time had come, the message made clear, Dr. Brown played his tune for you and Zane to hear!

Up to the wicked, did you both run
But you didn't know you weren't playing for fun!
Zane came with his pads, all safe and prepared Now you stand out there, all alone and scared!

Don't think for a minute, its the colour of your skin.
It's really not that, It's just the party your in.
Their policy is payback, now you are a part Things will get better, so don't hurt your heart!

Just look at the brightside, I'm sure there are many You can count them all, right down to the penny.
It's just like a farmer, you sew what you reap Now it's payback time and you're in DEEP!

It's a big game of chess, all the Pawns in their place, On your marks, get set, you're in the big race!
To the top, to the top, you push with such pace
But what fuels that fire? And just what rhymes with SPEED?
O my Gracious, really, Could that word be GREED???

Ethnic cleansing ?  Nationalization Comrade!

'The death of a white business' Government was last night accused of forcing the island's only bulk supplier of cement into a corner by ending its lease and then putting in an offer to buy it out at a discount price.

forcing out the owners of a natural monopoly because they can't profitably pay a higher price on their lease or agree to the expropriation terms offered by the government. Then it appears that some friends of the PLP leadership will come in and take over the plant in a transaction subsidized by the government.

Thanksgiving turkey award:

to sour grapes loser,and yet another PLP race pimp and ex-convict
Charles Richardson:whining for dollars,
after losing the vote,the jail-bird Lawyer yesterday accused Bermuda Cricket Board of conspiring to undermine his bid to become the Board's new secretary

we can expect the same whining and moaning from E-rat after the voters kick him and his gang of thugs out  on
Dec 18th

Apartheid & Ethnic Cleansing,PLP Style

"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me—
and there was no one left to speak out for me."


Burch's new Boy friend

Boy George arrested for falsely imprisoning a male Norwegian prostitute by chaining him to a wall

yet another sissy fit from the always smirking "Handbag " Bitch Burch, by slurring he Auditor General, and UBP Pat Pamplin,the same person he called a "HOUSE NIGGER" on his Hott radio talk  show

attempting to justify attacks on the Auditor General,the only impartial authority in gov't ,with the right to get access to BHC documents and audit the corrupt stench they are  trying to hide


Bermuda thrown into another  Constitutional and Construction crisis ,from Ewart Brown-Black beret Pay-to-Play corruption schemes:

Zimbabwe Cement  company

Wedco puts  a 45 year old Bermudian owned Bermuda Cement  company out of business,to line pockets of PLP clique who will now import  cement from Mexico and  Castro's Cuba, The only bulk cement supplier Bermuda Cement Company has been ordered to leave its premises at Dockyard on December 31

Zimbabwe Fascism in action: Police raid Auditor General's office again
Police raided the Auditor General's office for a second time this morning.Mr. Dennis said: "I think it's ridiculous. My staff have not been able to work, this has been so disruptive."
Mr. Dennis was arrested on June 18 on suspicion of handling stolen documents and refusing to reveal his source. He is currently on Police bail,Seven officers descended on Victoria Hall at 11 a.m.

 Public Safety Minister David "Handbag "Burch ,has another sissy fit

rejects UK prison inspection by Overseas Territories prison adviser - not be welcome at Bermuda's prisons, the Minister told a press conference: "He's not allowed into any of our prisons."

New PLP legislation will force firms to hire employees based on race, 
not ability.

PLP updating Animal Farm rules:
Supreme Court judge has refused an application by Premier Ewart Brown's lawyers for a temporary injunction
Alan Dunch, one of the lawyers representing Bermuda Press
"Enough is enough." He said the authorities had tried four times to gag the media and failed every time. If the Premier thinks he has a case against the press, he should go ahead and take it to trial, he said.

Dictatorship does not happen overnight,
 it is a slow and careful process that relies on the people's  apathy

PLP scandal list:
- Pay to Pray
- Pay to Play
-$82,OOO.OO spent on security for Ego-Warts private residence.

Taxpayers subsidize a campaign of racist vitriol:

1) Ashey history revisionism  teaches children to hate in gov't schools

2 ) race pimp EX-con missing paid $100,000yr  using gov't post to email " a "racist" and an "as***le""

3) $13 million, planned for train rides for tourists " to highlight the historical significance of  segregated Bermuda,guided tours of the graphic displays of the history of Bermuda's slave trade."

4)paid a fraud and incompetent fool "abdallah ahad "$80,000/year with no even a high school diploma pretending to be a PH D.

5) House Nigga " slur by Handbag Burch never punished by CURE ,HRC or Broadcasting Commission

6)Alex Scott's email to Tony Brannon

7)"Racist dog" speech/physical threats.
"Political eunuch" ranting

$250,000 painting  contractor personal friend Jennifer Smith

$ 1 million per MONTH spent on PLP travel junkets abroad.

$75,000 sponsoring the World Tourism Summit in China

$25,000 to $30,000  to fly entertainers to Bermuda on a private jet for Brown's love fest

$1 million to set up Govt TV propaganda channel

China tourism office, the hotel costs on some ministerial trips exceeded $6000/day per MP

$11 million wasted on a lazy cricket amateur team ,while 500 are homeless,and most Bermudians cannot find affordable rental housing.

$26 million spent over past  two years on sports yet ""60 percent of the Island's 16- to 25-year-olds do not have adequate literacy skills for a modern, knowledge-based society." "

pulling down obscene salaries ,with  retirement ,health benefits,while forcing seniors out of a free KEMH clinic

 Gave themselves up to 90% salary raise,when HIP health payments have more than doubled
No cruise ships for Hamilton
Building a pier over an historic wreck

cut funding for the Salvation Army
Abuse of the environment as a political weapon
turned away  billion dollar Gay  cruises

report into healthcare in Bermuda is potentially so embarrassing for Government it must be rewritten for the public, according to secret notes from a meeting between Premier Ewart Brown, Health Minister Michael Scott and health chiefs

"Bermuda Hospitals Board Hopkins report could not be made public,as would reveal
gross incompetence ,PLP political interference
 :poor clinical safety, shaky finances, lack of managerial process, wrong staff in the wrong places and no accountability

    * BHC - $8,000,000 stolen or wasted
    * Premier sues the media to keep them quiet.
    * Limo Importation - Law changed to allow government insider to start a Limo business.
    * Hummer H3 commercial vehicle - is this leased to the government?
    * Cederbridge Mold
    * Education Statistics
    * Firing of Hotel Chef
    * Work Permit of Curtis Mcleod (construction boss v. George Scott)
    * Southlands Tunnel
    * Southlands planning approval
    * Hospital location
    * Discrimination against non-Bermudian spouses
    * Equality act
    * Col. Burch "House ****" comment
    * Long-line fishing
    * Berkley over-budget
    * "we had to deceive you"
    * Robert Jensen
    * EX con misong's profane e-mail
    * Mount Saint Monica (dump fire)
    * Calling squatters "criminals"
encouraging the ignorance of the People for political expediency
artificial feud with the Press for political expediency

Faith Based Tourism
Tracking Chips for Vehicles
Emission Testing.. Buildings
Emission Testing... Contract
"settlement" with Pro-Active Construction
* Tourism statistics altered
* Club Med 1
* Club Med 2
* Club Med 3
* Rebeca Middleton murders never punished
* Indigent Clinic and firing of Doctor for writing a letter to the press.
* Kurron appointed run KEMH,personal pay-to -play friends Ego-Wart
* Stem Cell Clinic Scam
* Cedar Beams
* SDO's
* Removal of Stuart Hayward and Bermuda's #1 Eco Farmer from the round table.
* After closing the Clinic, Brown signed up as an "approved Dr" then refused to take any patients.
* Forcing GPS upon the taxi's
 ** Relationship with Tina Poitevien , Mark Lay and MDL Investments.
Brown's citizenship :
Donation to a US congressman even though he CLAIMS he renounced American citizenship
sitting in Bermuda's Parliament,as an American citizen
Construction trucks picking up materials from the Berkley site and delivering them to former Premier Scott's house.
Drug-sniffing dogs prohibited from the airport on 'certain' days.

PLP gross incompetence
Law firm forces   Pro-Active into liquidation
petition to force the company sacked by Government from the new Berkeley Institute site to go into compulsory liquidation
Pro-Active was awarded the $70-million Berkeley contract in 2001 — a decision which raised eyebrows as the company had only been registered for a year and had put in a bid $5 million more than that of more established construction firm Bermuda Tech.

The Pembroke senior school should have been built by September 2003 but after repeated delays and a spiraling budget, Pro-Active was sacked in August 2004. The firm sued Government for wrongful termination and the latter counter sued.

poor have been squeezed under the Progressive Labour Party.
Coalition for the Protection of Children (: "It is difficult to understand how a labour government could preside over the increasingly large gap between wages at the lower end of the economic scale and the massive increases in the cost of living.


Breaking News: Son of the Soil revealed

businessman Harold Darrell leaked the BHC report.

He should be awarded the Community Patriot Award

He says the public needs to know the details of the corruption,
theft,drug laundering schemes,Cuban connection
and homosexuality  contained  in the BHC report

Harold and Auditor General Larry Dennis are hero's and patriots

and don't think E-rat and his black beret thugs won't pull a martial law dictatorship as Musharraf  just did in Pakistan!

"It's a case of doing what's right because my people are being deceived by this present Government. I've been threatened. I was told by one Government MP that what I did was treason and that I should be shot. He said, 'We shoot people like you'....."They went and arrested me, locked me up and also locked up the Auditor General who was the person who initiated the complaint for corruption. And yet the police don't even interview one of the people identified as possibly having committed an offense because Mr. Ratneser says there's not enough evidence. That's hogwash.

"Ratneser even said that there was enough evidence for a civil case against Dr. Brown so what harm would it have done to interview the guy? Yet they had no problem coming to question me and the Auditor General and lock us up in the jailhouse and we didn't do anything other than to tell Joe Blow, 'Look what your politicians are doing'. I think it's important that I was one of the guys locked up along with my assistant and Larry Dennis. And the guys who the police believed to be the wrongdoers, they're the ones who got us locked up.....


Privy Council rules against Government

Five Law Lords from the Privy Council, sitting in London, said previous refusals by Chief Justice Richard Ground and the Court of Appeal to interfere with the freedom of the press were correct.

They also awarded the costs, which could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, against the Government.

the taxpayer is getting Triple whammied by Brown's corrupt thieves
1: The taxpayer has been paying for all the various players to date who have been involved in this.
2: The media and their lawyers have won awards therefore they must get re-embursed.
3: The taxpayer got ripped off in the BHC in the first place.

Oooooooooooo    Busted!!

Halloween  Twick o Tweet   from the Privy Council ?

Brown's inner circle ,made up of Ex convicts, foul mouthed racist thieves,and black power revolutionaries
Ex-con ,Rolfe Commissiong.
twice disbarred, bankrupt Julian Hall,

Ex-con Charles Richardson " held in a US Customs cell for almost 24 hours ,last week,when an aircraft he was flying on was diverted to New York, a place he is forbidden to enter. " Due to Firearms and drug convictions,""The way I was treated was f*****g horrible," he whines

 Bermuda's Dictator

Besides the Son of the Soil and a few bloggers,are there any patriots left among the sheep on this island?

Threatened With a Loss of Free Media,  and an emerging dictator,the people of  Venezuela Riot again,
May 29, 2007,Hugo Chavez closed one of the two remaining TV networks in his country critical of his regime.  This was a blow to freedom of the press the people of Venezuela were not prepared to accept.

Breaking News Oct 23-2007


E-Rat has appealed to the courts to further muzzle the press prior to election,he is expected to call next week

It is the absolute right of the state

to supervise the formation of public opinion."

Quote from Joseph Paul Goebbels

Lies, damned lies and statistics:

Since the Department of Statistics was moved under the Cabinet Office, statistics have been misused to hoodwink the public.

Taxpayers subsidize a campaign of racist vitriol:

consultant to the Premier, Rolfe Commissiong, will not be fired for sending an abusive and profanity strewn e-mail to a member of the public.The message branded a part-time researcher who provided him with a manuscript on 19th century slavery in Bermuda, a "racist" and an "as* **le" for uncovering evidence that some black Bermudians were allegedly slave owners

Commissiong was appointed as a consultant to the Premier last November on a six-month contract which came with a reported $8,000-a-month salary.

Auditor General continues to be harassed, about missing Police documents relating to the Bermuda Housing Corporation corruption investigation.
Mr. Dennis, who has not been charged, had his Police bail extended and will return to Hamilton Police Station on December 4. Mr. Dennis was arrested in June for alleged possession of stolen documents and not revealing his source but was released uncharged after officers had raided both his home and office.

Sources later claimed Mr. Dennis had been authorised by former Police Commissioner Jonathan Smith to hold those documents and that a member of the Auditor General's staff worked side-by-side with Police for most of the inquiry in what was labelled as the largest ever investigation into the disappearance of public funds.

Two other men were also arrested in the early stages of the Police probe into the missing BHC documents but neither were charged


Steal all the cash they can

before they run Bermuda into the ground

charges of cronyism after David Durham,a friend of the Premier, payment for organizing his gala award banquets .
Sen. Richards  pointed out that Government introduced tax breaks on import duty for the new limousines just days before Mr. Durham's vehicles arrived on the island , saving him hundreds of thousands of dollars in duty ,and New limo regulations were 'tailor-made' for Executive Limousines chauffeur service two weeks ago after Durham shipping in two top-of-the-range Lexus sedan cars

Wonder what Lisping Senators,Walter Roban and Handbag Burch will wear on Halloween?

Twick o Tweet

UK to probe legality of proposed stem cell research facility

THE UK Government plans to investigate the legality of a controversial stem cell research clinic being set up on the island by Premier Ewart Brown and his wife

stem cell therapy is an ethical hot potato,as shown in the BBC's Horizon documentary series and BBC radio "The Stem Cell Swindle"
there a lot of people out there playing on the hopes of the desperate.

Bermudians Against Independence and Government Corruption in Bermuda

Overseas Territories in a 1999 White Paper – Partnership for Progress and Prosperity (available through

People are invited to comment on these priorities at this email address -

28 September, is International Right to Know Day. It was established to support global Freedom of Information legislation. The aim of Right to Know Day is to raise awareness of every individual’s right of access to government held information: the right to know how elected officials are exercising power and how taxpayers’ money is being spent. Freedom of information advocates have used the day to share ideas, strategies and success stories about the development of freedom of information laws and the goals of open government.

It is celebrated from Argentina to Venezuela, from Uganda to the Ukraine, and even in the United Kingdom. In these countries, it is secrecy that must be justified, not openness.

In Bermuda and other places with repressive regimes, no celebration will be required.

Lawyer: Hiring change will be illegal
Bermuda's Constitution would be violated by a proposed new law forcing companies to hire and promote blacks, according to lawyer Tim Marshall.
"Government is placing the emphasis on businesses," he said. "The real emphasis is on Government to strengthen its education policies. You can't have 50 percent of public education failing and then say they have to employ more people of one race.

E-Wart's Black Beret gang propose new  "ethnic cleansing"  Race Quota law,blacks alone must be promoted. This is the last nail in the IB coffin,just as the BIU killed tourism by shutting down hotels,the PLP shuts down International Business

they didn't just kill the golden goose, they murdered it.

Employers greet draft report

with mixture of caution and outrage

Fed-up reinsurers prepare to take flight

the article, which is titled 'Bermuda's Slippery Slope'  states."Political turmoil following allegations of corruption at the highest level.. things have never been this bad.."

International businesses in Bermuda are re-examining their exit strategies from the Island because of increasing unhappiness with the present political climate and problems associated with work permit term limits,

40 Thieves join the Black Beret Thieves:

Edgar Wilkinson,former UBP chairman,joins the PLP

They don't call Alex Scott "P"  for nothing:

seizing the political advantage to self promote himself  and maintain his seat on the MP gravy train, gets his knife into E-wart:

announces he has Southlands investors agreed to move the development to Morgan's Point

Squatters return to Club Med

In May, Dr. Brown pledged at a PLP rally that construction on the new luxury hotel would begin this year.
Since then nothing has been said on the matter.

 people had been living there for several months because they could not afford Bermuda's high rents,
 despite having a job.

"People are complaining because the conditions are not healthy and they are not safe. I understand there is garbage everywhere and faeces. People should not be living there because it is condemned

Move them to E-Warts seaside mansion,he has plenty of room

PLP  crow about a booming economy..but  not for Bermudians
Few jobs are being created for Bermudians.
Last year out of just under 800 new jobs 75 percent went to non-Bermudians while only six percent went to Bermudians
Over the next three years the number of new jobs in Bermuda is expected to average at 1,000 per year, hitting 43,866 in 2010.

Govt. pays $200,000 for new study into black males.
The last thing we need is another study to waste more time and more money.  We need focus on education, positive role models and providing hope.  Many of those in the older generations just don't get it

17-year-old student Mikkail, said a lot of them felt they had no opportunities or real future.

He said :"What's the point in staying in school? As a young black guy if I finish school I still don't have anywhere to go other than to sit on the wall."

Bermuda Emissions Control, BEC, contract won by David Burt,chairman of the PLP, and Donal Smith,cousin of Premier
Correia Construction becomes a part owner of BEC

Correia receives the $8 million contract to build a testing facility

Correia Construction  wins the Mega million contract for Dockyard

Correia's wife declared as first white woman PLP candidate

EX-CON missiong makes $100,000 a year from taxpayer's pockets in a job created by E-wart as a rabid hate monger "race consultant",a tactic to distract from  probe of the Auditor  and Police of his criminal dealings
EX-CON Comissiong will be remembered for his criminal behavior as a bank robbing racist and pompous buffoon.

 E-Wart surrounds himself with sycophants,fellow black beret race pimps, gangsters and thieves like himself:

a long list of ex cons,drug dealers,bankrupts,and con artists


Hustle truck to restart after it was suspended due to anti-social behaviour from its workers.

 Sen. Burch inspecting the troops,a “new and improved” Hustle truck

Crime  and Homelessness get worse  :

but  all we hear from Handbag Burch is sissy fit attacks on the Governor

'Back-of-town' woman who had to barricade home against drug deals scoffs at crackdown claims

"I went to (Government Ombudsman) Arlene Brock about the problem a year ago," the woman complained. "She accepted the BHC's word, that they would relocate me. 'Til now, nothing has been done. Their promise was evidently just a knee jerk reaction and now the situation is worse."

The woman said thieves had broken into her house in the past few months and stolen her jewellery, a bottle was thrown at her through her window, her car was damaged and there had been at least three attempts to set the property on fire.
"It's gone from being a social problem to a personal problem," she said, speculating that she is being targeted for speaking to the press and voicing her dissatisfaction with those on her porch.

"Government, the BHC and the owner are not doing anything about it.

"I'm tired of it. I'm fed up. I've had enough. I hope this Government doesn't get back in power. I'm mad as hell and I hope lots of people are like me, that they're mad as hell and they go to the polls and vote UBP."

Experts this week claimed an increase in heroin and cocaine use on the island, citing a recent survey of new prisoners as their source. According to their findings, heroin use has risen to 30 per cent and cocaine use to 57 per cent.

Homeless man Conrad Rogers was found dead on King Street ,the second man sleeping rough to die on the streets this year fears are that he wont be the last.

 Sept26-2007 :  woman murdered at Camp Hill Road Southampton,  25-years-old.

Cruise ship workers beaten and robbed female tourists robbed ,murders unsolved

40 officers resign in first 7 months of 2007,police 33 members understaffed,Reserve Police,of 100 officers operations suspended.

• Violent crime rates are the highest since 1999.
• The last quarter of 2006 was the most violent since records began
• Robbery rates are the highest in more than 10 years.
• Burglary rates appear to be at the highest levels ever recorded.

what else do you expect with a black beret PLP

and pompous buffoon in charge of" public safety"

What Crime,what Housing,traffic,environmental crisis?

E-Wart's Gangsta's paradise 

Police uncovered a stash of Molotov cocktails, swords, machetes and metal pipes,gang and drug turf war, brutal killing of  football star ,37 firearms incidents since 2003

all aboard the Taxpayers  Gravy Train

new Propaganda PLP TV station:five full-time staff

$840,000 setup costs  plus $690,000 in this year's budget 

3 communications "PROPAGANDA" officers,cost Taxpayers $250,000

Former Premier's press secretary Scott Simmons is the latest addition to a burgeoning media team

the new combination of three roles could cost the tax-payer between $225,000 and $250,000 per year.

El James was implicated in BHC scandal,and also known to be opposed to the Register of Interests which lists MPs financial assets .

The seat is currently held by George Scott who has been moved by party bosses to the neighbouring virtually no-hope UBP seat of Warwick West.El James confirmed he hopes to return to politics,he won a seat in the 1998 election but stepped down for "personal reasons".

Minister of Public safety,Housing and Hustle Trucks & PLP Hate radio host


says  the governor,not MOI is responsible for crime

The Canadian Government warns it's citizens to avoid St Georges ,a world heritage site, and the U.S Government web site warns it's citizens about crime,gangs and violence , even locals are afraid to walk at night.


BIU Buffoon Burgess,former hotel doorman,not content with destroying tourism and the construction business,is now chasing out International  business

 David Ezikiel,chairman of the Association of Bermuda International Companies, says that the train has already left the station ..

"Once you allow that outsourcing train to leave the station it will be difficult to get it back. The changes will start with the outsourcing of the work permit jobs, but once that pipeline is in place, the cashier jobs and processing jobs will go too,"..

Financial Times "Corruption claims taint island tax haven"

update Sept 21-07

Mid Ocean News reports the  IMF has made 150 recommendations for Bermuda and has failed the Island in eight out of nine regulatory areas. The newspaper also said Bermuda was in danger of being "black-listed" by the IMF and was now rated below the likes of Panama for regulation compliance.

They can't steal our money fast enough!

kleptocracy (root: rule by thieves) is a government that extends the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats) at the expense of the population.

Kleptocracies are often only way-stations on the road to fascism

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing

Brown booed at Collie Buddz's show

when the Premier took to the stage to introduce Collie Buddz, the crowd reacted with boos, yelling and car horns to the point where he could barely be heard.


ugly attack by one of the greedy investors,Nelson Hunt attacks Southland's protesters:

a woman who intervenes has not been identified, but is believed to live on land bordering Southlands, appears to tell Mr. Hunt that he forced her out of her home one night after lighting a bonfire near her property. She says: “I had to evacuate my house at 10 p.m. He didn’t care”. She then accuses Mr. Hunt of “laughing in my face”, to which he replies: “Of course I laughed and I’ll laugh again in your face.”

Mr. Hunt calling one local resident a “stupid bitch” ..
Mr. Hunt was heard to say: “You want to be an asshole too? You people are completely out of order.....You’re like a bunch of beggars”.

"he showed up next to the camera as I was being interviewed and was revving his motorbike engine, muzzling the sound."BEST committee member Milton Raposo as he was being interviewed by VSB TV.
sign the petition BHC and Southlands

Pimp Daddy E-Wart's latest scam:   Stem Cell  treatment

Pay to Pray: hiding behind religion,his  deals with  the  Devil
Andre Curtis profiting from pay to play, $400,000 fee for being E warts campaign manager  hiding behind religion,was former chairman of the Tourism Board, even though his company First Choice Construction went into liquidation owning nearly $500,000 in unpaid pension contributions and payroll tax.

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citizen journalist

Ewart's Bermuda:to the next level- an emerging dictatorship

  • E-wart is God

Herr Brown's front man,accuses the media of 'polarizing' Bermuda,to cause a "major riot ".Double talk from the same race baiting black beret cadre who are using taxpayers money to sponsor race hate speakers,PLP radio's Comedy show and Disinformation TV

The main man

driving Bermuda down de road to destruction

Brown's war on Democracy and free speech

Paranoid "Mugabe" Brown, threatens   a free democracy,the  justice system,attempts to gag auditor general,free speech and the  media

Like so many dictators before him, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been reduced to living in terror and now trusts no-one, not even his closest colleagues. His private mansion has been turned into a bombproof shelter and even visiting politburo members have to obey strict security measures.


 We can see the "big brother' hand of an emerging dictatorship everywhere in the "new Bermuda": 

Hitler,Mugabe and Chavez were   elected in an open election

before they crushed the opposition,free speech and democracy

if we do not learn from history: we are doomed to repeat it

Auditor General Larry Dennis arrested and detained overnight at Prospect.

He is the only Watch dog for the voting public,and is protected by the constitution

New PLP Bermuda: Gangster Gulag

dictatorship by thugs and bully buffoons  .

Bermuda today is plagued by a lack of respect for law and

human life and a lack of understanding of democracy.

the Stalinist leadership of "Huey Newton"Brown think they have the right to gag the Auditor General ,the media ,control the press and freedom of speech.

Now they have raided the independent office of the Auditor General ,they arrested Larry Dennis and detained him overnight at Prospect.

This isn't the end of the horror or the system of repression

If they get elected, Bermuda will become a Black Beret Gangster Gulag with thugs and bully buffoons destroying a  sweaky clean reputation that took generations to build.

The regime's goal is to stamp out all opposition ,to control and repress the people "by any means necessary",from their terrorist Black Beret ideology.

 The way to do that is to generate denunciations, just as during the Spanish Inquisition. Did anyone say a disloyal word, tell a joke ?

Freedom of the Press and scrutiny of public officials :" a democratic society public officials should not receive such special protection but rather be exposed to a higher degree of scrutiny so as to foster public debate and democratic oversight of their conduct,"

Not all the mechanisms of repression in unfree societies are violent. People can be conditioned to obey, and once the proper conditions have been put in place, the influence of mass conformity renders people powerless to resist even what they know intuitively is a false political ideology and a false interpretation of reality.

police raided ZBM last evening,after they kicked out camera & news crews, searched files & computers ,but found nothing.

police attempted to take documents from auditor General,but he showed them the door.

PLP control of media:

Walton,Brown's cousin, owns as well as a research innovations.As a PLP candidate, that regularly  comments in the media,uses these media outlets for  his own partisan electioneering and  to control public opinion .

govt. tv station opens next month at a studio built on the old Berkley school (staff of 6 hired at over a million dollars per year to taxpayers)

they already blast propaganda on two stations owned by PLP,MP Blakney.

CURE,CURB,HRC are staffed by biased propagandists.

With an army of PR & security men, an entourage of police guards surrounding Brown,we have our own home grown Papa Doc dictatorship that would make Fidel,Mugabe and Stalin proud.

Government House that the Governor have no plans to hand over his responsibilities for the Police to Public Safety Minister David Burch .

with Handbag Burch in charge...I wonder why?

Public Safety Minister Sen. David Burch

Update June 2:

Brown threatens the Governor,and threatens a constitutional crisis, to divert attention from being caught, again,with his hands in the taxpayer's pocket.

Mid-Ocean News

exposes secret files on BHC corruption scandal,implicating Brown & his Black Beret gang of thieves ,who looted the BHC for millions of taxpayer's dollars.

MP Bascome charged with stealing

PLP Member of Parliament Nelson Bascome enters Magistrates' Court yesterday to face two counts of stealing and one count of "corruption in a position of public office".


They can't steal our money fast enough!

"What type of accommodations are we really paying for, averaging $1,000 per day? What real benefit is the taxpayer getting from his tax dollar?" asked Mrs. Gordon-Pamplin.

Brown  and his entourage spent $280,000 overseas in 16 trips over ten months from July 2006.Neletha Butterfield spent almost $6000 on 6 days in a hotel

PLP Ministers racked up almost $225,000 on Government credit cards in a 15-month period

$4,000 a night hotel room,$8,000 on one return flight to the UK,  $19,000 on gifts during a tour of American colleges,16 trips from last July,$280,000 of taxpayers’ money on overseas trips in a ten-months

$90,000 on security fence at his private residence

Mrs. Jackson:
The PLP cut funding from $1,050,000 to $500,000 since 1998."It's absolutely disgraceful how this Government has treated the Salvation Army. Over six years they have lost $3 million." It's a disgrace. The Salvation Army is doing the job the Government isn't doing, which is taking care of the homeless and feeding the poor.

Brown's entourage enjoy a“lavish lifestyle fitting an Indian Raj Prince",while Bermudians struggle to survive

your last chance to prevent a dictatorship


Fascist Bermuda, in 9 easy steps

Brown and his gang are using time-tested tactics to close down an open society. From Hitler to Chavez, history shows there are steps any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms.
 The PLP and all three administrations are  taking them all ,to cover up 9 years of failure and dumbfounding incompetence.

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy:

Whites,ex-pats,International business,. Hitler's scapegoat was the Jews,in Rwanda,it was the Hutus.

2. Create a personality cult leader,with mythical, magical powers,Kim 'l Brown's revolutionary thuggish Black Beret history ,now covered up by posing as a visionary , is no different than "Papa Doc" in Haiti,North Korea's"Great Leader ",Hugo Chavez, Castro,Mugabe,Hitler,Stalin ,Mussolini,or any African dictator.

3. Develop a thug caste
Thuggish behavior, by MP's Rene Webb,Col.Burch,Derrick Burgess,debate in Parliament and Senate reduced to gutter racial slurs, against UBP blacks and whites:racial double standard

When leaders who seek a "fascist shift",they want to close down an open society, they send paramilitary groups of scary young men out to terrorize citizens. The Black shirts roamed the Italian countryside beating up communists; the Brown shirts staged violent rallies throughout Germany. This paramilitary force is especially important in a democracy: you need citizens to fear thug violence and so you need thugs who are free from prosecution.

Groups of angry young black men, dressed in identical shirts and trousers, menaced tourist and locals,starting gang fights in bars and Pubs, street events,beating guest workers.On Talk shows and blogs ,letters to editor Black Beret soldiers ,making threats and intimidating free speech.

Pondblogger and Limy in Bermuda blogs silenced.

4. Set up an internal surveillance system

CURE,HRC, CURB, various Black nationalist groups have one agenda: to stigmatize and shakedown whites to justify  entitlements .

import hardened Black separtist activists,to vilify whites.

How else can Burch and others use the "N' word with impunity

In closed societies, this surveillance is cast as being about "national security"; the true function is to keep citizens docile and inhibit their activism and dissent.

PLP operatives infiltrate UBP, then resign in dramatic display

5. Harass citizens' groups

From Southlands environmentalists,to KEMH clinic activists,to Auditor General.

So the definition of "terrorist" slowly expands to include the opposition.

6. Target key individuals

Threaten civil servants, artists and academics with job loss if they don't toe the line. Mussolini went after the rectors of state universities who did not conform to the fascist line; so did Joseph Goebbels, who purged academics who were not pro-Nazi; so did Chile's Augusto Pinochet; so does the Chinese communist Politburo in punishing pro-democracy students and professors.

Academe is a tinderbox of activism, so those seeking a fascist shift punish academics and students with professional loss if they do not "coordinate", in Goebbels' term, ideologically. Since civil servants are the sector of society most vulnerable to being fired by a given regime, they are also a group that fascists typically "coordinate" early on: the Reich Law for the Re-establishment of a Professional Civil Service was passed on April 7 1933.

PLP Target key individuals:

UBP Chairman Shawn Crockwell.

Tony Brannon forced to retire from Hawkins Island,after HOTTFM starts petition to shut the business down.

Bermuda Cement Co. forced to relocate,and beg for a yearly lease.

Auditor Larry Dennis, kicked out of his office at 430pm on a Friday.

Environmentalist Stuart Hayward,Tom Watson fired from boards.

Bermuda College Professor Dr.Sean O'Connell arbitrarily fired with no pension.

Dr. Catherine Wakely who was asked to resign by the Bermuda Hospitals Board after speaking out against the clinic closure.

Elbow Beach chef ,the Global Construction site manager ,now Jamaican Lawyer forced to leave from disputes with PLP "officials"

7. Control the press

Venezuelan Comrade, Hugo Chavez closed the oldest and most popular TV station purely because it opposes his ideological beliefs,riots and protests followed.

Italy in the 1920s, Germany in the 30s, East Germany in the 50s, Czechoslovakia in the 60s, the Latin American dictatorships in the 70s, China in the 80s and 90s - all dictatorships and would-be dictators target newspapers and journalists. They threaten and harass them in more open societies that they are seeking to close, and they arrest them and worse in societies that have been closed already.

Over time in closing societies, real news is supplanted by fake news and false documents."Propaganda must confine itself to very few points, and repeat them endlessly." Adolf Hitler,(1925)"War Propaganda" Mein Kampf

You won't have a shutdown of news in Bermuda yet, but the media is intimidated into silence and dominated by misinformation, a steady stream of propaganda from Big Brother on HottFM,Fresh TV now a new government TV propaganda channel.

But you can have, a steady stream of lies polluting the news well. What you already have is a PLP directing a stream of false information that is so relentless that it is increasingly hard to sort out truth from untruth. In a fascist system, it's not the lies that count but the muddying. When citizens can't tell real news from fake, they give up their demands for accountability bit by bit.
Attempt to control our thoughts in classrooms, on the radio, in other forms of media, and punish you for anything that challenges their agenda

8. Dissent equals treason

Cast dissent as "treason" and criticism as "espionage'. Every closing society does this, just as it elaborates laws that increasingly criminalize certain kinds of speech and expand the definition of "spy" and "traitor".

Col.Burch calls dump fire critics "un -Bermudian"

In Stalin's Soviet Union, dissidents were "enemies of the people". National Socialists called those who supported Weimar democracy "November traitors".

9.Suspend the rule of law

It is a mistake to think that early in a fascist shift you see the profile of barbed wire against the sky. In the early days, things look normal on the surface; peasants were celebrating harvest festivals in Calabria in 1922; people were shopping and going to the movies in Berlin in 1931. Early on, as WH Auden put it, the horror is always elsewhere - while someone is being tortured, children are skating, ships are sailing.

What if, in a year and a half, Brown decides to impose martial law.

What if the publisher of a major newspaper were charged with treason or espionage.

Auditor General's 230-page annual report made public on Friday.
Auditor: $520m unaccounted for More than $520 million in Government money is unaccounted for, according to the Auditor General and he has raised the possibility of fraud.
last May, the Ministry of Works and Engineering relocated the AG's Office in Hamilton with less than 24 hours notice The abrupt action rendered the Government watchdog virtually inoperable for almost three weeks.
Dennis called the move 'an attack' by a Government unhappy with his professional findings

Homeless numbers rise as more forced out due to high rents and living costs
more than a third of families’ spending in Bermuda is now going on housing , double that of the US. Household spending on housing increases 7 percent
Browns mansion could house desperate families,but he's hiding in his bunker,behind a security fence and  Police escort  Brown has added roughly $460,000 in salary costs alone to his entourage (Chief of Staff, $100,000; Press secretary $100,000, consultant $80,000; Cabinet Secretary $100,000-plus, Policeman $80,000).

tourism numbers : more blinding em with  "pop and sizzle"  BULLSHIT!

The real question is how many $$$ were spent in Bermuda.
"Let's see the true tourism numbers so that we can decide if things are as rosy as we're told.
I'll believe it's been a banner quarter when you can tell me in statistics that include non-bermudian, bermudian, resident, non-resident, business,"

Dear Comrades

After the recent spate of biased and mischievous reporting by the colonialist foreign press, I have ultimately decided to reveal to you, the new Southlands Resort, and my vision of  Ewart's Bermuda:to the next level.

I know you love your leader as much as you love your country. I know you deserve to see what kind of man I am.
Caucasians are my worst enemy.
 I require no understanding with them, i don't need their understanding either.
When i see my ace boys kicking caucasian pink butts off our island, my heart sings with joy.
Pure rage floods my being when i see them on Bermuda's streets.

El Duce Brown's Pay to Play scam 
citizen journalist

Brown's pompous pretentious Presidential motorcade

Is it an ambulance,or the Queen's limo
No, it's Brown's Black Beret

Flashing lights and Police urging motorists to pull over — it's normally a spectacle indicating the emergency services are in a life or death dash.
A motorist said he was forced to pull over while riding along South Shore last week after seeing what he thought were the flashing lights of an emergency vehicle."To my utter surprise, however, it was not. Instead, three police motorcycles came hurtling in my direction with the officers waving frantically at motorists on both sides of the road to move aside." Behind them followed Dr. Brown's limo
Brown's Black Beret road show:
Nothing but a PLP stunt

disrespecting our intelligence

Bravo to this student,clearly they can't fool them as easily as the blind sheep ,who are easily BLINDED BY BULL****!
9 years of Buffoonery ,from Champagne jenny to "P' and his Social Agenda rhetoric, are a totally sham.30% of Bermuda's population are still poor and below the poverty line ,and are worse off now than when the Black Beret's government took office in 1998.
letter from one of the students attending the event.
Dear Sir,

After reading today’s paper I felt that it would be better if the public heard from the point of view of someone who actually attended the Premier’s dinner in Halifax.

I am going to have to agree with Michael Dunkley that dinner and reception with the Premier was all about getting our votes.

I must applaud the Premier for his efforts, though they were very strategic. It’s quite difficult for a university student to pass up a “free dinner” and alcohol. Unfortunately the networking promised was disappointing.

There wasn’t enough career diversity and no one seemed able to assist me with my potential career choices. The mystery about this event was solved when the opening speech for the dinner was nothing more than a poorly disguised opening speech for the PLP.

Then the event started to take another turn. We were told that there were “important” people at our tables who we could talk to about our careers. However the Premier invited the “important” people to his table shortly after the dinner started.

The Premier ended the dinner by speaking to the audience about the accomplishment of the PLP and their plans for the future. By this time it was clear that this event had nothing to do with us, the students of Bermuda.

After his speech the Premier kindly allowed us to ask him questions. Strange how this night was supposed to be about OUR future careers, yet we were questioning his. However I must admit it was entertaining watching his ship sink as he twisted question after question.

My personal favorite was when he compared Bermuda not having a new hotel in 30 years to a woman having to wear the same dress for 30 years. Silly me, it is so clear now that the fashion industry and the tourism industry are EXACTLY the same.

Some questions he didn’t even answer. For example the question regarding the gay cruise, was actually “What was the Premier’s thoughts on it and the possible threat it has on the tourism industry if they choose not to come.”

Premier Brown was nice enough to change the question in his head to “Should gays be allowed in Bermuda?”, and then answered it. I wondered why he didn’t answer that question and then it became clear later on that he couldn’t answer it.

Dr. Brown stated that he wanted Bermudians to go into the hospitality industry because it’s booming. However had he answered the question correctly, he would’ve said the cruise not coming would no doubt be a large threat to the tourism industry.

Since 80% of tourists come from the USA, and Bermuda’s attitude towards homosexuals is not as liberal as the USA, he would have to acknowledge the fact that our #1 tourist source would be in jeopardy. This would kill the tourist “boom” and potentially doom a large portion of our population.

Even though I was an eye witness to the Premier’s train wreck of a question period in Halifax, I cannot express in words the joy of watching a “highly” educated individual’s political scheme backfire.

The night was clearly an eye opener, seeing ringmaster Brown touring with his PLP circus of deceptions. If the Premier is so concerned with the future careers of young Bermudians, then he should take his circus to the public education system.

He should talk to those Bermudians who need to understand the opportunities they can have if they graduate high school and go on to university. If he chooses to talk to us about our careers then by all means come, let’s talk. However if he wants to try and pull this stunt again, don’t disrespect our intelligence, you’ve wasted enough of our time and money PLP.



citizen journalist

"Huey Newton" Brown : Screw 'em all

Brown's Hip Hop  politics with attitude
 Screw 'em all

screw the taxpayers
screw the environmentalists
screw the seniors
screw the homeless
screw the expats

Bravo to Raymond Whitecross, with the guts to call Brown's  clique a dictatorship.

They seized power  by deceit and sabotage,use race hate rhetoric and bully tactics to divide and conquer,burning  taxpayers money to live a lifestyle of the rich & famous, while denying  seniors and homeless basic human rights of housing and health care.

his contempt for seniors is another nail in his coffin,Freddie Wade would never have show such contempt for the people.

citizen journalist

Southland's resort is doomed to failure

Look for another invasion of 1000's of indians and asian workers,with the further stress on traffic,housing and infrastructure.

The Southland's resort is doomed to failure,they will  hire only a handful of  Bermudians.

Sharp's Four Seasons Hotels cannot find 200 staff in in Mumbai, India's largest city: among millions in poverty,who live on as little as a dollar a day.

The Four Seasons Mumbai will charge American prices (an average of $400 [U.S.] a night), while paying Indian wages (about $200 [U.S.] per month

Ten months after Kraenzlin opened the office, and with six months to go before opening, the hotel's senior staff have gone to a dozen hotel schools, sorted through 10,500 resumés, conducted 4,200 interviews and found 214 suitable employees, about half of what they will need. In other words, for every 50 candidates who apply, Four Seasons hires one.


1)A potential corporate exodus from Bermuda due to work-permits and politics may help tackle Ireland's financial sector skills shortage
The political situation currently in Bermuda is a hot potato and the debate on whether or not the country votes for independence is creating disarray in the minds of top management of many financial service companies located there.

Industry sources say many financial services companies (mostly insurance companies) are considering relocating to other countries - including Ireland - with a view to having only a satellite office in Bermuda.
2)Rumors that St.Regis/Starwood hotel group is poised to take over Club Med are total rubbish and wild fantasy,part of "Huey Brown's PLP election campaign of Blind em with bullshit.

A former G.M. says no five star deluxe chain would manage a Bermuda hotel,or consider it without a firm contract to use and import whatever labor pool and real estate development it wished,despite immigration and environmental protection laws.

Southlands hotel development would be vulnerable to hurricanes, report warns
A team of overseas engineering experts hired by the Environment Ministry nearly four years ago warned against constructing a building on any South Shore beach that is backed by cliffs.
in 'Assessment of Coastal Damages Resulting from Hurricane Fabian', one of four reports carried out over the course of a year, also said structures that are protecting houses, roads and hotel developments must be able to withstand a major storm. said that Hurricane Fabian demonstrated the importance of appropriate setback distances between a building and the shoreline.
citizen journalist

Are you in the PLP elite?

Brown's  elitist culture of entitlement

Are you in the PLP elite?

March 23, 2007

Dear Sir,

Despite the rhetoric we hear every day, if you are a black person then chances are the PLP is not the party for you. (If you are white the PLP is probably not for you either, but that’s another story.)

What have the PLP really done for working class people? Is your life any better than it was five years ago?
The PLP have managed, with the help of the media, to frame the current state of politics in Bermuda as black vs. white. The PLP are the party of the black people, and black people who are against their views are, in the words of Senator Burch, "house n.....s." The UBP are the party for white people and Uncle Toms
This is a false choice they the PLP have been very successful in forcing upon working black people.
What many do not grasp is that the divisions of race are no longer as meaningful as the divisions between socio-economic groups. People with power and wealth want to keep their power and wealth. Why wouldn't they? It's in their own interest. Before supporting the PLP, what all people, especially black people, need to ask themselves is: Do I attend the same catered dinner parties that the PLP elite do? Do I golf at the same golf clubs as the PLP elite? Does my investment portfolio look like Dr. Brown's? Do I even get to play golf, attend dinner parties or have an investment portfolio? If the answer to these questions is "no" then the PLP is not looking out for your interests.

Many working Bermudians, rightly or wrongly, feel that expat workers take the good jobs, are partly responsible the soaring cost of living, and contribute little or nothing to Bermuda's culture. Recently, the Department of Immigration released a variety of escape clauses for ex-pat workers who are approaching their six year limit. Why is that, you might ask, after so boldly stating that long term expats would be a thing of the past and that Bermudians would be trained to take these positions. Quite simply, the PLP elite do not care who works in international business, as long as those businesses stay on the island and are profitable. The stronger these companies perform, the better the elite and wealthy class' personal investments boom, and the more influence and clout they have.

There are more examples of how the PLP elites' use their power for their own financial gain and for power. Why did an MP get a government subsidy to buy the rights to the cricket World Cup? The Premier's own medical clinic is in a position to take up the slack as a result of the closure of the indigent clinic. These are conflicts of interest that would never be allowed in other countries. How is the PLP "progressive?" Despite that being the other part of their name, the PLP has done nothing that is socially progressive and have been reactionary and conservative. Here are a few cases in point.

Renee Webb boldly put forward a bill that would outlaw discrimination against gay people. This would be seen as a mildly progressive position in most democratic countries. Ms Webb received no support from her party, despite the fact that several high ranking PLP members and supporters are gay. (This is according to Julian Hall, one of the only PLP members worthy of respect, who said so in your very newspaper.) I would like the media to directly ask elected members of the PLP (and the UBP while you're at it) what their sexual orientation is.

How ironic that black supporters of the UBP are painted as Uncle Toms, when the gay members of the PLP won't support Ms Webb's bill. The people living at the informal settlement at Club Med (commonly referred to by the derogatory term "squatters") have been labelled as criminals and are going to be ushered out of their accommodations, as are the people living at the Leopards Club. A socially progressive thing to do would be to give these people the support they need until suitable accommodations are found, and to recognise the right these people have to shelter themselves.

Finally, the poorest of the poor, those who need help the most, have been a target of the PLP. They shall no longer receive a "helping hand" from Government but rather have been the target of a campaign waged against them. The closure of the indigent medical clinic, the tirade against the Salvation Army, and the attitude that the best way to help people is to make them help themselves is not socially progressive. (Nor is it Christian,  something the PLP also claims to be.)

So I say once again, unless you happen to be one of the few black people that earn a salary in the upper six figures, and go to the same dinner parties as the PLP elite, their party is not for you. In the next election, which is coming soon, look to make a change.


Fed up with the BullShit

Visitor's View : Get control of crime

Update June 6:
couple Robbed at gunpoint and then beaten.

two masked men ,carrying firearms, attacked and robbed American tourists at gunpoint after breaking into their guesthouse.The man suffered broken ribs and his wife's face was left severely bruised in the attack

Local gang assaulted our crew, says cruise company:

it was not unusual for locals to act aggressively towards cruise ship visitors. "It's typical of the locals here. It's usually locals seeing foreigners with local women. They are easy targets: 'they're drunk, let's get them'. It's disgusting."

A cruise ship company yesterday claimed that five of its crew members were set upon by a gang at Dockyard — leaving one man recovering in hospital last night.

Dear Sir,

I read The Royal Gazette from my home in North Smithfield, Rhode Island on a daily basis and it truly disturbs me that the drug trade and proliferation within this tiny island appears to be growing in what was once a beautiful part of the world. I have visited Bermuda on many occasions and yet while I contemplate another visit, I read daily of unsuspecting visitors being mugged on the streets and in their hotels and guest houses. I know that this is not the Bermuda that the good citizens of the island want.

Today I read that there are numerous crack houses that are not being shut down due to technicalities. Let me ask the obvious, what technicalities allow the continuation of illegal behaviour? Certainly, some benefits must be derived from the illegal activity if in fact, it continues to prosper. And who benefits? Maybe if this question were honestly answered the proliferation would stop.

I have visited many islands in the Caribbean and have always loved Bermuda. However, if the drug traffic and trade on your island continues to the point that tourists are in jeopardy, rest assured that we will not go to Bermuda.

I always believed that the Bermudian standard of living was much better than that of so many of the other islands that I have visited. I am afraid that I may have been wrong.

Until Bermudians, their law enforcement units and the courts take control of these issues and meet just punishment for all offenders, tourists should be advised to either boycott or exercise "extreme caution" in Bermuda.


North Smithfield, Rhode Island

citizen journalist

Corruption and gangsterism are gripping Bermuda

is this the TWILIGHT ZONE or the Bermuda triangle of stupidity?

How come more of us are not speaking out about  the Black Beret Dictator Brown,and the unelected buffoon
Handbag Burch? Threats,intimidation,secrecy,illegal SD Orders,the  charade regarding Southlands,planning ,lack of accountability and breakdown of law & order.
the list is endless..this is not government ,it's  just a ego trip and  taxpayer ripoff

We won't be fooled again

When the Nazis came for the communists,

I remained silent; I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,

I remained silent; I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,

I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for me, There was no one left to speak out for me.

" You should be arrested"
"To call the people squatting in the former Club Med staff dormitories 'monsters'
 is absolutely cold-hearted, brutal and destructive."
"This Government more and more is showing itself to be about threats against those who oppose

Homeless & Club Med squatters: " let them eat cake"

Squatters in the Club Med dormitory say they are not going anywhere and say they want Government help to fix up the property.
Residents of Club Med say they have been living in the dormitory for months because they have nowhere to go. Around 40 people are squatting in the building.

 Pat tells these pussy's about themselves & gets thrown out
I’m like Dracula. I come alive at night!”
Shadow Finance Minister Pat Gordon-Pamplin ejected by Speaker

Year of the Pig signals conflicts
They can't steal our money fast enough!

Corruption and gangsterism are gripping Bermuda: 
dictatorship,decline, and chaos will follow.

Brown accused of conflict of interest .

Brown's Bermuda Healthcare has planning permission to convert the historic Winterhaven building, in South Shore Road, Smith's, into a healthcare facility.
 At the same time, the Premier has been fighting a backlash from scores of angry patients following his announcement to shut down King Edward VII Memorial Hospital's Medical Clinic

PLP television coverage ,big brother muffling of free speech ,newspapers are losing what influence they had had.

Growth is everything and damn the cost.
Propaganda has become more sophisticated and possibly more effective than it was during the Soviet years, when television was a tool used to sustain an ideology.
Next they will invite race pimps Jackson,Sharpton and ,Louis Farrakhan to stir up the electorate for the coming election